What is 6 Motion DD in LG Washing Machine?

6 Motion DD in LG Washing Machine is all about ‘silent yet powerful’ operations in the washing technology. As the brand has been a pioneer in various technologies so far, the Direct Drive was the next on the list. This innovative technology has grabbed enough eyeballs to sail it to the shores of success safely. But what is the Direct Drive technology, and what makes it so different from the regular washing machine that we are used to? Let us find out:


As we continue to dissolve the ‘walls’ within our homes, privacy has evolved to another level altogether. To cater to the new-age privacy demands, our technology has undergone massive changes as well. Direct-Drive technology is one such technology that has been bought together with the ‘silent technology’ and open space applications together. Now you could be washing your clothes at full-wing without the other person in the same room even realizing what is going on? So how is this feat achieved? Well, it is quite simple. The LG 6 motion DD washing machine comprises the Motor, Belt, and Pully converged into a single mechanism. This single unit mechanism is directly attached to the Drum of the machine. This way, a great amount of friction is eliminated along with next to no vibrations. The result is a smooth motion in the washing machine mechanism that offers maximum stability to the entire process of washing clothes.

Do you know the reason behind that annoying sound of the washing machine which we have grown so used to? Well, this is mainly because of the ‘revolving brush’ included in the mechanism. The good news is that the DD technology washes your dirty clothes without the aid of a revolving brush. Thus, the silent operation is the result of saving energy. But, this is still not its best feature yet; the product features an increased drum size (7kg-11kg) as compared to the regular one we normally have.

LG Inverter Direct Drive 7 Kg 6 Motion DD: The ‘6’ Motions Explained

Here are the 6-much hyped motions about the LG DD explained in detail:

Scrubbing: This motion comprises the combination of the Scrub motion and the wave filters to result in a figure-8 shaped wash. This is the ‘tough water’ wash that also helps in the better dissolving of the detergent with the water to offer a stronger wash cycle.

Rolling: This involves the rolling of the fabric below the water level. Thus, increased friction is created within the inner drum, which allows decreased damages to the clothes.

Stepping: This is the best bet for getting wrinkle-free clothes after the washing cycle. The process involves rotation of the drum and the clothes so that none of the clothes gets stuck in the bottom of the drum.

Swing: This is the best operation if you want your delicates to be washed without completely ruining themThe wash cycle comprises a unique ‘heart-shaped’ motion that ensures that the clothes are washed below the water level.

Tumble: This is the regular washing cycle for a normal wash.

Filtration: This motion is a combination of the Spinning and Spray from the water showers. This involves the soaking of the clothes quickly and evenly. The motion comprises of start and stops motion that ensures wrinkle-free clothes at the end of the wash cycle.

The Advantages of the LG DD Washing Machine

  • Reduced Damages to the Clothes: With the direct-drive motors, one can rest assured about the fabrics remaining in the best conditions even after the wash.
  • The Larger Drum Size: This is a perfect solution for large families with huge laundry needs. Now you can easily pile in all the dirty clothes in one go.
  • Improved Efficiency: This technology is huge on savings. Be it energy, detergent, water, you have it all cut down to the minimum.
  • Sturdy and Durable: Despite all the savings, the DD technology washing machine does not compromise on performance. It is tough and durable, thus offering you the clean wash as required.
  • Less Noise: As the motor is directly attached to the drum hence, the user can enjoy a more quiet operation.

Some of the Outstanding Features of the All-New LG DD Washing Machine

Despite the LG 6 motion dd washing machine price, there are a ton of features that makes this home appliance a star:

  • The DD Motors: As mentioned earlier, the DD technology comprises the direct motor, making it a silent choice.
  • The Steam Technology: This machine ensures that the microbes, germs, and bacteria are also effectively removed from the fabric’s surface with Steam Technology.
  • LG ThinQ and Wifi: Now you can ‘watch’ your machine from any place without the hassles of physically having to operate it.
  • Smart Diagnosis: This feature allows the users to access the troubleshoot any problem within minutes.
  • Full Touch Control Panel: Thus, offering maximum visibility and easy operation
  • The Advanced Design: This is a no-brainer that the LG DD machine is a more advanced design of all. The Sleek porthole design and sleek glass make this machine a bestseller.
  • TurboFresh Technology: This feature allows the self-wash and dry of the spinning drum within.
  • TurboWash Technology: This is perhaps the scene-stealer among all the washing machines so far. This allows you smaller wash cycles of 20 minutes each, thus, offering you a quick ‘spin-and-go’ for the clothes.
  • True Balance: No vibrations and no noise in this washing machine. Now you could be washing clothes all day without anyone getting disturbed.

6 Motion DD in LG Washing Machine: The Conclusion

The 6 Motion DD in LG Washing Machine is a wonderful machine we all have been waiting for. This home appliance is a perfect investment for cleaner and more hygienic clothes in less time. What’s more? The machine also offers to save you electricity, water, and detergent in the long run. Hence, his is a must-have for the Millennial crowd that loves to spend the least amount of time on chores.