What Is Air Wash In A Samsung Washing Machine?

Air Wash in a Samsung Washing Machine is the hottest new trend to rock the cleaning technology. Perhaps this is what we have been waiting for all along. After all, the ‘air wash’ is the answer to a major water crisis that has been a concern forever. Also, this can be the ultimate solution for the ‘water crisis’ that rages in various areas across the world. Not just that; this brand new technology is going to be quite popular with people who desire crisp, clean clothes that smell heavenly as well. So, what is air wash in the washing machine, and how has it changed the way we clean our clothes? Let us take a closer look:


As the name suggests, this cleaning system comprises using the power of air compared to water. Quite a revolution, one might say, as you no longer have to depend upon water or the lack of it for cleaning your clothes. This does not stop just here. The entire process also eliminates bad odours, microbes, germs, allergens, and more. This is mainly because the dirty clothes are treated to a ‘gush’ of high-speed hot air that rids the fabric off all dirt. The best part is that you also no longer have to send the clothes for dry wash anymore! How is that for the latest technology? So, when wondering about what is air turbo is on Samsung washing machine? It is a revolutionary new system that allows you ‘detergent-free cleaning of the clothes.

What is Air Turbo in Samsung Washing Machine: How It Works?

To start with, the process is quite simple. This all-new washing machine comprises a heater coil that generates the required amount of heat. A ‘Strong Blower’ is the next important feature of the machine that works by distributing the heat all over the fabric in a precise manner. The speed is high enough to cause the heat to fully penetrate every fibre of the cloth. Thus, it eliminates the dirt in this process. As we are dealing with high-speed hot air, microbes, germs, and allergens are also completely killed in the process. Thus, you are left with cleaner than clean clothes that are next-level hygienic and also smell great. In the current world of deep sanitization required, the air wash technology does just that for your fabric. The joy does not stop just here. You save not only water but also time, energy, and detergent all the same. Imagine the kind of savings you will be doing at the end of the month with this ‘angle’ of a machine. As for now, Samsung is the only brand to offer this breakthrough in cleaning technology.

What is Air Wash in Samsung Washing Machine: How To Use It?

The Air-wash system is quite simple to use. Here are the steps that need to be followed to get some serious washing done:

  • At first, the user needs to ensure that there is no water in the machine’s drum.
  • To make sure you get the machine all-dry, it is safe to run an empty cycle.
  • Now place your clothes that require cleaning in the washing machine.
  • Switch ON by pressing the Power Button.
  • You can also select from the Air wash option located on the panel.
  • Now, simply press Start.
  • There are available two separate options in the Air Wash system:
    – Deodorizer
    – Sanitization

As for the cycle time, both the cycles have different cycle times. It is 29 minutes for the ‘Deodorizer’ and 59 minutes for the ‘Sanitization’. As for the latter, the user can include the use of required chemicals as well. If you need the cycle to extend for a longer duration, you also have the ‘Delay End Time’ option. This will offer you an extended wash time ranging from 3 hours to 19 hours, as required.

Caution Before You Start:

There are few limits to using this technology. Here are a few important pointers that you cannot compromise on when dealing with this machine:

  • No water should be present within the drums of the machine.
  • Delicates like; leather, Silk, Mink, Fur are not to be cleaned by this method.
  • Laced garments, Doll cushions with glued-on buttons are a big No-No.
  • Fabric with trimmed buttons.
  • Starchy clothes.
  • Woolen pillows, electric blankets, bulky bedding, furry blankets, blankest with plastics are to be avoided at all costs.
  • Strongly avoid Latex pillows.

Air Wash in a Samsung Washing Machine: The Conclusion

Air Wash in a Samsung Washing Machine is a breakthrough in the cleaning technology of the modern world. Perhaps the best part about this technology is the fact that you get completely dry, ready to wear clothes after the wash cycle. So, on a rainy day, you can very well enjoy a nice warm shirt within 30 minutes. Also, the drum of this washing machine is self-maintained as it stays dry throughout; hence no bio-film is developed within the inner surface. This is a great piece of tech for those of you who have the money to get adventurous. Despite the ‘bomb Price tag’, this home appliance promises the very function it is designed for.