Apple Watch 7 Review: Here Are The Things You Need To Know

The Apple Watch 7 Review is all about the exciting new aspect of the latest new offering from the Apple WatchOS. Unboxing the product for the first time unveils a fine-looking gadget that is futuristic and very much in sync with all ‘things Apple’ you might own currently. The tech giant has been quite enthusiastic about its latest offering. But the fact that Apple Watch Series 7 might just be marginally different from its predecessor is a striking possibility. Nevertheless, let us take a look at what makes this piece of technology worth a glance: 

Apple Watch 7 Review

The Look

The Apple Watch 7 is much like the ‘6-series’, except it features a huge display compared to the earlier model. The screen itself ‘tapers’ to a seamless blend at the edges, offering an illusion of ‘infinite,’ thus owing to the feeling of the largeness of the display. This bending screen blends into the thin Aluminum frame at the edge of the screen.

The Display

As mentioned earlier, the display is about 20% more than the existing models. Apple boasts of the innovative QWERTY keyboard that has caught the fancy of the users. This is a full-sized keyboard that allows the users to type in complete sentences and full replies. Punching in the desired messages is a breeze, along with the ‘Quick Tap’ feature. This allows the users to effortlessly glide between the letters without having to lift the point of contact. This is among the apple watch 7 new features and also one of its major selling points, as it makes it easier to move without your iPhone for a longer time. This new model has a screen size of 41 mm and 45 mm for the first time ever. 

The Battery Life

The apple watch 7 battery life is undoubtedly the ‘talk of the town.’ While the battery lasts just as long as the previous Apple model, the charging time taken has made it worth the attention. For it to charge from a ‘0’ to 80%, it takes about 45 minutes straight. Also, 8 minutes of charging makes it sufficient for 8 hours of sleep track time. This is a major breakthrough for Apple users, as it makes it easier to charge your device through the day without the compulsion of the overnight-charging requirement. 

The Build

The overall 7 apple watch build is sure what makes it such a ‘sport.’ With the revolutionary Exercise tracking feature, this device is perfectly suitable for the outdoors. This new model comprises the IP6X dust resistance and the all-new Crystal cover, which is 50% thicker than the previous versions. The ‘Fall Detection’ is the all-cool feature that allows the user to understand the reason ranging from a fall from the bicycle or hitting the ground. Apple puts forward confident claims that this watch can easily accompany you for rock climbing and other aggressive outdoor activities. Also, the watch is WR50 water-resistant, thus making the apple watch 7 waterproofs

The Price Tag

Shelling out a massive INR 41900 for this latest piece of technology is worth a thought. After all, are the details and the features worth the hype? The new apple watch 7 price can go a notch higher with the 45mm model, as against the basic 41mm version of the same series. This further increases to INR 50,900 or even INR 53900 if you wish to get your hands on the GPS and the Cellular Apple Watch series. You can expect the tag to go even higher up in case you wish for a Titanium or a Stainless Steel frame for extra sturdiness. 

The Interface

The interface of this latest Apple watch is intuitive at best. Some of the specs worth talking about are the ‘swipe down’ to access the pending notification and a ‘swipe-up’ for the ‘Control Center.’ The faces of the watch can also be changed as desired by swiping left and right. You can also customize the interface via your iPhoneThe best part is that you need not let go of ‘Siri’ on your watch, as she comes along with you wherever you are. You simply need to ‘long press the ‘Digital Crown,’ and Siri is available. 

The Add-Ons: Apple Series Watch 7, Extras

The brand cannot stop boasting about the detailing and the unique specifications that make this particular design such a ‘grab.’ 

  • The band itself is made of Fluoroelastomer along with a pin and tuck design. The best part is that you can affix your favourite band from the previous series onto this latest one as well.
  • The LTPO OLED display has a 396 X 484-pixel resolution and a 1.9 inches display. 
  • The brightness is up to 1000 nits and 500 nits when it is in a state of ‘always-On.’
  • The front Crystal is crack-resistance, as claimed by the brand, and has an IP6X rating for being dust-resistant
  • The watch is water-resistant for up to a depth of 50 m.
  • This device also supports dual-band Wi-Fi and Apple’s U1 chip along with wideband Antennas. 
  • Also, sensors for Blood Oxygen, heart rate tracking, and ECG recording is featured, making it popular among health fanatics.
  • The best part is that the device seamlessly pairs up with your iPhone and automatically installs the apps already available on your phone. 
  • The users can set up the LTE in a quick and simple manner. This allows the user to be able to leave out the phone as and when you are working out or indulging in an activity at a distance. 
  • The device also features the ‘Sleep Tracker,’ which allows the user to know aspects like ‘Sleep trends,’ ‘Sleep phases,’ and Sleep time. 
  • The all-new ‘Respiratory rate’ is the exclusive feature in the Apple Watch 7 series that allows the user to identify the number of breaths per minute. 

Apple Watch 7 Review: The Conclusion

So, is the Apple Watch 7 Series worth the purchase? Well, if you have an existing model, you can skip this one. As most of the features and specs are the same, you will hardly be missing out on anything extravagant. However, if you are long overdue for a new watch in hand and are ready for the much-needed splurge, the super-cool Apple Watch 7 Series is just your thing.

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