Aquaguard vs Pureit: Which Water Purifier is Best to Use?

Aquaguard vs Pureit? Water purifiers from different brands are available both online and offline. Hence, consumers can easily get confused about what brand to buy. Different aspects involve selecting the perfect Water cleaner for your home or office. So, for a better overview, let us take a look at the differences between the different brands:


HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver

Sure, From Aquaguard Delight


Hindustan Lever Limited

Eureka Forbes


Rs 13,999

Rs 8,999

Water Purification technology

RO + UV + MF

RO + UV + UF + Taste Adjuster (MTDS)

Ideal for

Purifying all types of water sources

Purifying all types of water sources

Can handle TDS levels

Up to 2000 ppm

Up to 2000 ppm

Purification stages

7-stage purification

8-stage purification

Storage Tank capacity

10 liters

6 liters

Special features

Patented Eco Recovery technology with a recovery rate of 60%

Superior technology saves up to 60% of water (as claimed by Eureka Forbes)

Mineral enrichment

Mineral enhancer cartridge

MTDS – inbuilt taste adjuster

LED indicators

Tank full-service dueGerm Kill Cartridge replacement

Tank full-service dueCartridge replacement


One-year product warranty

One-year comprehensive domestic warranty on all parts excluding consumables

The Aquaguard or pureit? Here is a closer look at the various features and factors that go into the comparison of the two brands: 

Aquaguard vs Pureit

1. Water Wastage

All RO water purifiers tend to waste plenty of Water, according to the TDS levels in the water source. For this, Pureit has come up with an innovative technology: the Eco Recovery Technology, which utilizes advanced mechanisms to reduce water wastage by 60%.
Similar to Aquaguard,  a similar technology has been introduced that helps reduce water wastage significantly.  However, the tests have shown that this water purifier wastes two litres of Water for every litre of Water purified. On the other hand, the HUL Eco Water Saver model is found to be better. So you see, a lot depends on the water source and the quality of the RO membrane used in the machine.

2. Change In the Taste of Water

Which is better, the Aquaguard or Pureit? Most of the time, all the RO water purifiers eliminate the TDS and provide pure Water that tastes bland. This is because the RO water purification process removes all the essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and others, along with TDS and heavy metal impurities.
On the other hand, the Pureit  Eco Water Saver machine uses a mineralizer cartridge within the appliance that adds the essential minerals to RO purified water and thus enhances the taste.
Likewise, Aquaguard Delight NXT utilizes a different mechanism, Taste Adjuster, to improve the taste of Water. This process allows raw Water from the water source to bypass the RO purification process and mix with the RO-purified Water to replenish lost minerals.
This feature, also known as MTDS, can be adjusted according to your demands. The technician tweaks the controls and sets the TDS levels according to the user’s needs.
It is the Taste Adjuster facility, like the TDS controller facility used by Kent RO. Nevertheless, as it involves mixing raw Water from the water source with RO-purified Water, there is a certain chance of re-contamination. Hence, people living in areas that have Water with high concentrations of heavy metal impurities are advised to be careful when setting TDS levels. Therefore, the HUL product is a better option.

3. Maintenance Costs

Aquaguard or Pureit: Which one is better? RO water purifiers are quite expensive to maintain. The maintenance activity comprises replacing RO membranes, UF membranes, sediment filters, and carbon filters.
Usually, they cost about Rs 4000 annually. Also, the HUL Eco Water Saver appliance has a mineralizer cartridge that needs replacement. The cartridge has a cost price of around Rs 500 to Rs 600. It also increases the maintenance costs to more than Rs 5000 on an annual basis.
The Aquaguard Delight NXT does not need mineralizer cartridge replacement. Hence, the Sure From Aquaguard Delight machine has a lower maintenance cost. The maintenance costs of the HUL model are between Rs 5000 and Rs 5500, compared to Rs 4000 per annum for the Aquaguard model.

4. Storage Tank Capacity

The HUL Eco Water Saver machine has a 10L storage tank and is suitable for medium—to large-sized Indian families. Likewise, the Aquaguard model is perfect for small—to medium-sized families because of its 6L capacity.

5. Installation Issues

In this case, Both Aquaguard and HUL offer free installation. Hence, installing these machines is not a problem.
However, most users might need to install an additional water pressure to enhance the pump if the input water pressure is less than five psi. On the other hand, most people living in high-rise apartments require a pressure-reducing valve as the water pressure can be more than 30 psi.

6. Budget

The Aquaguard is considerably less expensive than the HUL Eco Water Saver model. Hence, it is suitable for budget-conscious users.

Aquaguard Vs. Pureit: The Conclusion

The Pureit and Aquaguard water purifiers provide similar Water-purifying performances. Nevertheless, the Puriet model wastes much less Water, whereas the Aquaguard appliance wastes more Water.
Both these machines can handle TDS levels up to 2000 ppm. Hence, they are suitable for purifying all kinds of water sources. Budget-wise, the Aquaguard model is better, whereas the HUL appliance has the edge on water savings.

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