AskTheBests Ratings

The most important things in our lives are usually very simple. While luxury is an added feature, comfort is the more reliable companion. The modern world of today comprises machines, electronics, and gadgets. It is safe to say that we are living in the ‘gadget-era’ where we have a machine for almost all our needs. Except, access to it is the driving question. 

We at AskTheBests believe is offering a better insight into the ‘minds of the machines’. Our team works relentlessly in ensuring that the users are provided with an unbiased review about the top brands ruling today. We understand the needs of the user and their requirement for a reliable brand that stands true to its promise. However, as the ‘perfect world’ rarely exists, we are here to help you make a better judgment when it comes to your home appliances, gadgets, electronics, and various other products.

The AskTheBests Ratings are unbiased and honest. Our rulings and reviews are purely based on elaborate research and amalgamation of various attributes. The ATB Ratings (AskTheBest) comprises of the following parameters:

Value For Money: 

It may or may not be a huge brand, but is it worth your money? Our Value for Money rating helps you analyze exactly where you are placing your hard-earned money. There are ‘silent superstars’ of lesser-known brands that offer some of the best results. On the other hand, Brand Value is a very real thing, and a certain established brand knows what its customers are paying for.


Customer Service: 

A company is defined by just how much it cares for its customers. Some of the best-known names in the industry leave no stone unturned when it comes to offering the best in Customer service. This includes, promptly respond to complaints, the required assistance, attending to a certain problem constructively, and the much-required follow-ups. Some go a step ahead to take your feed-backs for the entire experience, to serve you better next time. The ATB Ratings allows you a better knowledge about the efficiency of the Customer Service of a certain company/brand.  


Customer Review: 

Customer is the King, and the King needs to be heard loud. The Customer Review is your direct connection with the other users and their experiences so-far. This allows the future-users an idea about what to expect from their purchase and how good a certain brand/product is in the current market.


Overall Ratings: 

This is the ATB ratings which is the convergence of all the above ratings. It is the general review/opinion about a certain product and allows you an overall opinion. The ATB team takes pride in offering ‘judged-to-the best’ possible aspects of a certain product. This is neutral and does not concern any outside sources.



What do the ratings tell? Well, they translate into the exact ‘parameters’ that define our analysis. With a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 5, our star-ratings offer a closer look into the accomplishment of the product at each ‘Parameter’. 

1 STAR- Didn’t like it

2 STARS- Could be Better

3 STARS- It was good

4 STARS – We Liked It

5 STARS – We loved it

As you proceed to take a better look at the ATB ratings, we would like to inform you that we are in no way influenced by Amazon. Our ratings are a result of our research, reviews, and polls. This is to help you make a better choice as you go about your everyday purchases. We aim to be able to ‘connect to the users’ and win their trust.