Benefits of Playing Video Games-Is it Good For Your Brain?

The benefits of Playing Video Games have a strange ring to them. Mainly because the idea of sitting in front of a ‘screen’ of any sort is not a supported idea, but one cannot ignore the fact that, currently, the Gaming industry is worth almost $ 1 billion, with a growth rate of 41% per year! The current Covid-19 situation has a lot to contribute to the current status of the Gaming arena. Even in a country like India, the rapid shift from outdoor sport to indoor sport has greatly contributed to the rise of the Gaming sector. Moreover, the increase in interest for the Gaming sector has also attracted investors on a large scale. Currently, there are present 400 gaming companies and 300 million gamers. Which brings us to the question: are gaming a preferred sport? Let us explore further. 

benefits of playing video games

Well, Science likes to game around. Research shows that playing video games is good for the Grey matter. Let us explore how:

1. Prefrontal Cortex

Prefrontal Cortex

This is the part of the brain responsible for decision-making, personality development, social behaviour, and cognitive planning. Research shows that this brain area develops its power for contemplation, interaction, and planning through gaming.

2. The Right Hippocampus


This brain area is responsible for retaining long-term and short-term memories, consolidation, and processing of information. It has been observed that gaming proves to improve the Right Hippocampus in ensuring it experiences growth.

3. Cerebellum


This is the part of the brain that is responsible for the development of Motor Skills and Muscular activity. Due to frequent assessment during the process of gaming, the Cerebellum also appeared to experience ‘growth.’

Apart from the above, the Scientist have discovered various benefits of online games that include improvement of Hand-eye coordination. Another study has also shown an improvement in disabled persons as gaming proved to serve as a ‘digital therapy.’ Likewise, the Logic or the Brain games have also proved to be beneficial for the mental development of the players. These have shown enhancement of mental stimulation and are also recommended for the elderly to keep their ‘mind young.’ 

The 'Virtual' Real World

Are there other  Benefits of Playing Video Games in the real world as well? Yes, the good news is that research shows substantial benefits that gaming has on the real world as well. A study has clearly demonstrated that regular gamers have developed a sense of real-world problem-solving skills. These include better strategy-making and problem-solving skills, thus, making them a valuable tool for developing teens and adults. The gamers also learn resource management skills and basic-level planning. These are known to be valuable skills for application in real life. The other major benefit observed is that the young minds get to develop a better understanding about the ‘world as can be.’ This increases the horizons of their imagination and also makes future possibilities a reality. 

Positive Effects Of Video Games

1. Mind Body Soul

body mind soul

The latest versions of Video games are designed to stimulate both the mind and the body. These are the new genre of ‘exergames’ that have caught the fancy of the new-age gamers. These include games like ‘Dance Dance Revolution or ‘Wii Fit.’ These allow the users a nice workout session without actually going to the gym. Also, adults in the current scene of frequent lockdowns will surely find solace in a quick ‘physical’ session.
Not just that. The new-age exergames are also known to ‘help develop the eyesight.’ Now that is simply brilliant. Research from the University of Rochester has shown that Video games enhance the eyesight as the gamers grow more responsive to the various shades of colours. Also, the gamers have shown an enhanced perception of colour contrast, as per reports from a study done at the National Eye Institute and Office of Naval Research. Furthermore, the study also showed that with enhanced development of ‘fine-motor skills, young gamers could grow to become good Surgeons.

2. The Team Player

team player

Why You Should Play Video Games? Because it makes a team player out of you. Large-scale gaming consoles and arenas are great places to meet new people. Here, you get to play with gamers from all around the world. This offers a window of new opportunities where learning new cultures, people, and places is a possibility. With the rapid exchange of ideas, techniques, and tricks, one can easily understand the ‘gaming cultures’ across the globe. 

Negative Effects Of Video Games

Of course, video games have forever been under the ‘radar’ as these are known to increase violence and aggression in young users. With active participation, acts of violence, and the points one earns after winning a violent session, there are chances that the user might find ‘violence attractive.’ Also, repeated action sequences tend to get imbibed into the personality of young gamers. Of course, you might want to try out the cool-new back-kick you just saw in the latest video game. Repeated exposure to the ‘same theme’ of blood and fights can ‘set the mood for most users. This can result in aggressive behaviour in the long run.
Moreover, Video games can get addictive. This can lead to missing out on homework and spending too much time engrossed in Video games. Other than that, kids tend to prefer ‘virtual friends’ over real friends. This can grow into a matter of concern, leading to social leading and lack of social skills. Not to forget that too much indulgence in Video games can make a ‘couch potato out of a person; obesity is a real-world problem.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Video Games

After much discussion, let take a closer look at the ‘good’ and the bad about Video games:



Helps with the development of the Motor skills.

Video game are addictive

Helps promote togetherness and the spirit of team work.

Too much of screen time can lead to sleep irregularities.

Have proved to relax emotional, physical pain and depression.

Too much video games cause excessive exposure to harmful radiations.

Have shown to enhance vision, especially accelerated images

Excessive video games lead to lack of patience in users.

Enhance decision making skills in young players

Have shown traits of aggression, lack of concentration, memory loss and increase in violence.


Are there any Benefits of Playing Video Games? Yes and No. Too much of everything is never good news. As responsible adults, one must understand the pros and cons as we indulge in gaming sessions. Furthermore, one must also overlook and supervise when young kids are involved. Of course, every era has its own ‘ game,’ and we must walk with time. So, it is a great idea to get a grab of the latest video game for yourself, your kid, or also your parent. But, be sure to make the most of it positively without having it overpower the way your brain works. 

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