8 Best Dishwasher In India 2023- Reviews & Buying Guide

Don’t the Indian’s love their ‘Curry’? Well, the increase in the hunt for the Best Dishwasher in India has only testified to the culture’s elaborate cooking sense. Also, as the pandemic 2020 has managed to isolate the entire world into submission, the house workload has fallen upon the family members. This has led the lady of the house to go searching or dishwashers for the Indian kitchen. As the maids have been called-off, a dishwasher is nothing short of a ‘wonder-machines’. Imagine an electronic appliance that can take care of dishwashing for you? You no longer have to stand for hours at the kitchen sink post-dinner time scrubbing away at the dirty dishes.

One cannot deny that all good things come with a price tag. Likewise, getting a hold of utensils washing machine that is also easy on the pockets is a dream-come-true. One must also bear in mind that an Indian household is unlike the rest of the world. Here, cooking is celebrated. An average Indian meal comprises of anywhere between three to five different food items at a time. However, a special event is a different ball-game altogether. As the feast is enjoyed with great gusto, the pile of dishes post-mealtime is a major downer. This has led to the growing popularity of the top dishwasher in India. So, which is the best Dishwasher in India? Here is an elaborate buyer’s guide to help users bag the best suited as per their needs:







1. Voltas Beko

8 Place

8 Ltrs Per Cycle



2. Faber 14 Place

14 Place

10 Ltrs Per Cycle



3. Bosch 12 Place

12 Place

10 Ltrs Per Cycle



4. IFB Neptune

12 Place

9 Ltrs Per Cycle



5. LG 14 Place

14 Place

8 Ltrs Per Cycle



6. Siemens 12 Place

12 Place

9.5 Ltrs Per cycle



7. Elica 12 Place

12 Place

10 Ltr Per Cycle



8. Amazon Basics

12 Place

11 Ltr Per Cycle

49 dB


This product is on the list for ‘the best dishwasher in India 2023’. This efficient and compact dishwasher is also much-trusted from the brand house of Voltas. Keeping in mind the user’s satisfaction, the machine has been designed with all the details. Let us examine some of the main features:


  • Colours Available: White
  • No. of Settings: 8 Place Setting
  • Water Consumption: 8 litres per cycle
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Control Console: Fully Integrated
  • Noise Level: n/a
  • Warranty: 2 Years(Poduct)+ 5 Years(Motor)

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  • Included Components: Dishwasher, Inlet Hose, Drain Hose, User Manual, Power Cable.
  • Can fit 96 vessels at a time and has a Compact size. The design is meant to complement any sized kitchen without crowding over the place.
  • Features a 6 Wash Program to be able to wash dishes of all types. This includes Intensive, Normal, Eco, Glass Care, Clean and Shine, and the Mini 30 program.
  • Includes 70 C intensive temperature for heavy-duty washing. This includes high-speed jets of water spray to offer a Hygienic wash at high temperatures.
  • Also consists of the ‘Clean and Shine’ feature that allows washing of slightly dirty dishes along with drying at the end.
  • This dishwasher also features 2 Spray arms that enable the washing of dishes both on the top and bottom of the rack.


  • Can be used for cleaning heavy Kadhai
  • The product is eco-friendly
  • Being one of the best dishwasher company, the design is compact, making it easy to fit into Indian homes.
  • Suitable for all utensil types.
  • Cannot load all big utensils at the same time
  • Certain huge utensil type might not fit at all

Featured on the list for the ‘ best dishwasher in India’, the Faber 14 settings dishwasher is all things fabulous. This home appliance is a good investment as it comprises all the features expected from an efficient dishwasher. Also, it is easy to assess that this product is well suited for the elaborate Indian home.


  • Colours Available: Silver
  • No. of Settings: 14 Place Setting
  • Water Consumption: n/a
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Control Console: Fully Electronic
  • Noise Level: 48 dB
  • Warranty: 1 year

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  • The product weighs 14 kg.
  • The machine features 3D technology that can get rid of stubborn stains of oil and masala. This includes three spray arms to ensure a proper wash throughout the lot. This helps save 15% of the time consumed washing.
  • This includes eight wash programs which are Intensive, Normal, Eco, 90 min, Glass, Rapid, Prewash, and auto-wash.
  • Offers Energy saving options by reducing electricity consumption. It saves energy while washing and drying.
  • The auto-wash feature allows the machine to determine the load and estimate the water and time required automatically.
  • Also includes Child Lock, which is initiated by pressing together Zone wash and Delay Start. This way, the program once set, cannot be changed by naughty children.
  • Includes ‘Delay Start’ technology that allows you to operate as and when you want them to. Now you do not have to worry about rushing to load the dishes on time.
  • This utensils washing machine also has ‘Dual Zone Wash’. This way, you no longer have to wait for the entire machine to load to capacity. You can wash a specific zone as required.
  • The Extra Drying feature allows you to adjust the temperature as required according to the Dish-type. This gives you clean and dry dishes in no time.
  • The Power Wash Degree allows for the water to heat up to 69C. This ensures the complete removal of tough stains.
  • The Silent Operation ensures you 44 Decibels of operation. This way, you can easily have the machine run along with putting the baby to sleep.


  • Comprises of child-lock, thus making it the best selling dishwasher in India
  • Is an Eco-friendly machine
  • Also includes the 3D wash technology, thus making it best for Indian homes
  • Saves 15% of time
  • Silent operation
  • Not suitable for Iron utensils
  • The bottom unit is not ideal for Indian Thalis
  • Alexa and Google home not supported
  • Takes a long time to start an operation

Do you wish to buy a dishwasher online but are sceptical about the quality? Bosch is the answer to all your worries as it comprises of some of the most detailed features. This machine has generated some great reviews and continues to be the top dishwasher in India.


  • Colours Available: Silver
  • No. of Settings: 12 Place Setting
  • Water Consumption: 10 litres per cycle
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Control Console: Fully electronic
  • Noise Level: 52 dB
  • Warranty: 2 years

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  • Included in the box: 1 Dishwasher, Inlet pipe, outlet pipe, User Manual, detergent sample
  • Also features Aqua Sensor and Load sensor.
  • This is perfect for Indian utensils. Now, you do not need to worry about the Indian Kadhaai, cookers, and Patilas.
  • This design ensures you do not suffer frequent breakages of the delicate items.
  • The machine is designed for convenience with easy to operate features. The cleaning is effortless as no pre-rinsing is required.
  • You can save time with the Bosch dishwasher as the entire process can be covered in under 60 minutes.
  • Now, you can save water through this machine as it utilizes only 9.5 litres of water against the 60 litres in the manual wash.
  • The product includes a DosageAssist basket.
  • You can enjoy a Hygienic wash with water temperatures up to 70C. This kills about 99.9% of germs and bacteria, offering you a healthy option.
  • The Dishwasher is designed in a manner to provide you with more space and flexibility to arrange the dishes as required.
  • One of the best dishwasher brands, as the operation is a simple task that can be performed by even a child.


  • The product features the ‘half load’ option making it the best selling dishwasher in India.
  • Comprises of the Eco-silence drive thus, bringing down the energy consumption.
  • Quick cleaning in only 59 minutes
  • Offers the extra dry option
  • No pre-rinsing required
  • Also prevents frequent breakage.
  • The washing is not very efficient with time, as reported by some users.
  • Slightly bulky in weight and design

This is an ‘eco-friendly’ machine making it among the best dishwashers in India. The brand itself is a well-reputed one as it offers the ease and efficiency expected from a good dishwasher. Let us take a closer look at some of the prominent features of the IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher.


  • Colours Available: Dark Silver
  • No. of Settings: 12 Place Setting
  • Water Consumption: 9 litres per cycle
  • Material: Vinyl Coated Galvanised Iron
  • Control Console: Fully Electronic
  • Noise Level: 49 dB
  • Warranty: 2 Years

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  • The energy consumption is 0.9 kWh
  • The maximum power consumption is 2.2 kW
  • The Smart Design allows hi-tech controls panel, making dishwashing an easy task.
  • Now, you can enjoy ‘streak-free’ cleaning through the Steam Drying feature. This way, no marks are left behind after the wash.
  • The adjustable racks allow you to have a flexible option. This way now you can arrange the dishes as you want without having to suffer breakage.
  • Also features two wash arms for better cleaning results.
  • All sized pans, utensils, tall grasses, and various other dishes can be easily accommodated into the machine. This is due to the perfect space utilization design.
  • Features quick wash option for small load size. The entire process is done in 40 minutes.
  • The Auto-Intensive 60-70 is a great option to remove stubborn stains through the three-stage rinsing process.
  • Is A ++ energy certified, thus offering you a Super Energy efficient mechanism. Along with electricity bills, the water bills are also reduced with only 9 litres of water used per wash.


  • Adjustable height on the upper basket
  • Offers eco-wash
  • Is a water softening device
  • Also features the ‘half-load’ option making it among the best quality dishwasher.
  • Not suitable for wooden spoons and non-stick utensils
  • The utensils need to be well-placed for efficiency
  • Utilizes more water as compared to the other brands

LG is one of the leading brands when it comes to quality in-home appliances. This is among the list of ‘ best dishwasher in India 2023’ and is efficient in its operation. Let us explore more about the exclusive features included in this machine.


  • Colours Available: Platinum Silver
  • No. of Settings: 14 Place Setting
  • Water Consumption: 8 litres per cycle
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Control Console: Fully Integrated
  • Noise Level: n/a
  • Warranty: 2 Years

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  • Included components​: 1 Unit of Refrigerator & 1 Unit of User of Manual.
  • Features the ‘True Steam’ technology that allows for spotless washing.
  • The ‘QuadWash’ allows cleaning from every angle.
  • Also features the ‘SmartThinQ’ technology that allows for a smart-operation.
  • Now, you can enjoy super clean dishes through TruClean operation. This is achieved by utilizing the boiling water, thus allowing the steam to do the cleaning.
  • The QuadWash operation allows cleaning from every single angle. This is done with the help of the multi-motion spray arms.
  • Fitting all the dishes irrespective of their size is an easy task through the EasyRack Plus.
  • The 14 place settings allow you to be able to clean all dish types at the single go. You no longer have to worry about ‘grouping’ a specific dish type at a time.
  • The Inverter Direct Drive allows silent operation. This ensures a reliable performance while maintaining sound levels low.


  • The racks are flexible, allowing better loading
  • Also includes the Inverter Direct Drive, thus, is efficient, quiet, and reliable
  • Easy connectivity through Smart-technology
  • This is the best dishwasher for Indian cooking
  • The product is expensive as compared to the other brands
  • The washing is not as per expectations, as reported by some users.

Siemens has always been a brand that is known for its innovative products. The Siemens 12 Place Settings Dishwasher is one of the best selling dishwashers in India and has been well-received by the users. Let us examine what features make this particular model so popular:


  • Colours Available: Silver Inox, White
  • No. of Settings: 12 Place Setting
  • Water Consumption: n/a
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Control Console: Fully Electronic
  • Noise Level: n/a
  • Warranty: 2 Years

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  • Included components: 1 Dishwasher, Inlet pipe, outlet pipe, User Manual, detergent sample
  • Features the HygienePlus function which is required for a better cleaning of vessels. This is done by eliminating 99.99% of the virus and bacteria.
  •  The final wash cycle maintains the temperature at 70C for 10 minutes. This causes 99.9% elimination of bacteria.
  • Also features the iQdrive motor that allows for a silent operation. This is also efficient and long-lasting, thus offering you great results in the end.
  • The varioFlex rack offers adjusting options to fit-in all the dishes within the load. This ensures safe to wash and no breakages.
  • The HydroSensors is capable of monitoring the amount of time and water to be consumed. It also controls the temperature of the water during the wash.
  • This is a compact dishwasher as it comprises of foldable racks. The material is also durable with stainless steel interiors.


  • This utensil washing machine is perfect for Indian cookwares
  • Plastic vessels can also be cleaned
  • The Hydrosensor controls the amount of water and time used during washing.
  • Not suitable for Aluminium vessels
  • Pre-cleaning is required for various utensils with stubborn residues
  • Some users have complained about the machine not working after a few days

This brand is among the best dishwashers for Indian kitchen. The model includes some of the most well-thought features that help enhance the overall performance. Here are some of the details about this dishwasher and what makes it unique.


  • Colours Available: White
  • No. of Settings: 12 Place Setting
  • Water Consumption: 10 litres per cycle
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Control Console: n/a
  • Noise Level: n/a
  • Warranty: 5 Years

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  • Included components: Spray Arms, Filter Assembly, Inlet Pipe connector, Drain Pipe, Cutlery Basket, Cup Shelf, Upper Basket, Inner Pipe, Lower Basket, Slat Container, Dispenser
  • The five wash cycle is a 1-hour program that includes Intensive, Eco, Quick and Soak.
  • The product also features a wire grid that prevents leakages
  • Offers a hygienic wash by using water at 70 C to kill bacteria and viruses. This allows about 99.9% of the microbes to be eliminated.
  • The half-load and Full Efficiency provides for a small load wash by saving 20% water. This also allows for the easy stacking of the dishes as required.
  • 12 place setting enables the user to wash an entire full load without any hassles. The interior is spacious and can accommodate various cutlery at the same time.
  • This product also features 2 LED displays for easy reading and has a Soft-touch control for easy monitoring.
  • Also includes a separate cutlery tray which allows better safety during the wash. This prevents breakages and also makes sure that the dishes are not scratched.
  • The Heating Element is concealed at the very bottom of the machine. Thus, the dishes dry entirely after the wash.
  • The Leak Proof design offers absolutely no leakages. This is through the wire grid covered in insulation that safeguards from leakages.
  • The dishwasher saves water and time, using 10 litres of water consumption in 1 hour. This is far less as compared to the quantity used during the manual wash.


  • The dishwasher cost for this model is easy on the pockets
  • The model is easy to use
  • One can save both water and electricity by using this machine.
  • The settings display is not well-placed
  • The results were not efficient enough, as reported by some users

This is the best selling dishwasher in India and comes with some fantastic features. The ease of use and the convenience it offers have made it a popular choice among the users. While not a popular brand like the bosch dishwasher in India, but the machine is efficient in its functions and results.


  • Colours Available: Silver
  • No. of Settings: 12 Place Setting
  • Water Consumption: 11 litres per cycle
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Control Console: n/a
  • Noise Level: 49 dB
  • Warranty: 2 Years

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  • Included components: 1 Dishwasher, inlet pipe, outlet pipe, and user manual.
  • Features the soak option that allows you to load dishes that can be washed later in the day.
  • One of the best dishwashers for Indian kitchen which includes a Water softener slot to control the intake of water.
  • The LED display offers warning indicators, thus, allowing you a better picture of the operation.
  • The Child Lock feature is a convenient option that ensures safety as your machine does the washing for you.
  • It makes heavily soiled dishes easy to wash through the Intensive wash program. This ensures the removal of dried food and burnt remains. 
  • The Eco Wash program helps in energy and water-saving options. This reduces electricity and water bills. 
  • Includes a one-stop solution for all dish types. You can wash steel, Ceramic, and various items at a single go.
  • The extra drying feature is quite helpful in preventing water stains.
  • Can run when the machine is half-loaded as well. This way, you can wash small batches of dishes at a time as required.
  • The Easy Button Control offers a convenient selection option for wash cycles as required.


  • The utensils washing machine is easy to install
  • The extra drying feature is quite helpful in preventing water stains.
  • Is suitable for glasswares
  • Hot wash option included
  • No memory back up included
  • Does not support Alexa or Google smart
  • Tap fitting not included

Best Dishwashers in India-Buying Guide

Dishwashers have been gaining popularity in recent times. While the machine was perceived to be a ‘bulky’ waste of space, time and money have undergone some serious innovations. The latest models are more user-friendly and compile features that are designed to bring out the desired results. However, one must be aware of the required features, workings, and what works best for you when making a choice. So, here is a buyer’s guide to help you make the right choice when shopping for the best dishwasher brand.

1. Types Of Dishwasher

Unknown to many, but the dishwashers are also available in various types. It is essential to bear in mind your home space and dimensions when picking the best options. Let us examine some of the dishwasher types and what works the best for you:

a. Under Bench Dishwasher

This is the built-in under bench type dishwasher and as the name suggests, is to be fixed under the bench. This type does not include sides or tops and will have their internals exposed. Your benchtop and cabinetry do the covering. A perfect option if you have a kitchen cabinet that can be used for the dishwashing fittings.

b. The Freestanding Dishwasher Types

This is the more popular type and is often opted for by many users. It appears similar to your regular washing machine and can be placed as per your choice. The only requirement is a water connection and drainage point. It comprises of top and covering and can be set to fit as per your convenience.

c. DishDrawer Dishwashers

This is perhaps one of the most sensible options. The DIshdrawer functions like any other drawer in your home and is available as single or double. This type can be fixed into the dishwasher cut-out in your kitchen after the right dimensions have been measured.

d. Slimline Dishwashers

This type works best for small spaces and compact kitchens. The Slimline dishwashers are 45cm wide and are not of the usual standard capacity in a dishwasher. However, the efficiency and the results are the same.

e. Integrated Dishwashers

This dishwasher type needs to be built-in your kitchen according to the rest of your interior design. Usually, one needs to invest in extra carpentry works when fitting the integrated dishwasher type. However, these look sleek and polished after they have been well incorporated into the rest of your home.

f. Benchtop Dishwashers

The space-conscious and the renters will find this type more preferable. This is more of a compact dishwasher option that offers you efficiency in a limited space. It usually requires to be simply placed over your benchtop and can be connected directly to the kitchen tap.

2. Capacity

The capacity of the dishwasher needs to be considered when making the right choice. These are generally of two different types:

a. The 18-inch Type

This is perfect for two-three people and comprises of six or eight standard place settings. Go for this type if you are a couple with a small kitchen.

b. The 24-inch Type

This type has a capacity for 12 to 14 place settings and is perfect for a medium to large family. This is an excellent choice if you have a large space and can invest it for a dishwasher

3. Cleaning Power

The cleaning power of the dishwasher is one of the top features that attribute to its quality. Cleaning power essentially refers to how the machine utilizes technology to ‘wash’ the dishes. Some of the best dishwashers for Indian kitchen use a specific ‘wash sprayer’ for glasswares. The other types also feature the ‘Power-spraying’ cycles to help wash-out grease and stubborn food from the utensils. So, according to your cooking style, use of cutlery, be sure to understand the ‘cleaning power’ of the machine you wish to buy.

4. Noise Level

Let’s face it; we all hate noisy machines. The ‘silent operation’ is one of the top features that determine the best quality dishwasher. However, it is essential to understand the comfortable noise range required for healthy hearing. The noise range between 40dB to 65 dB is ideally a good one. Choose a machine that has noisy levels between this range for a more peaceful experience.

5. Speed

Speed of the entire operation is one of the main deciding factors in a dishwasher. After all, we all want our chores to be completed quickly. For this the machine generally comprises of the following speed modes:

  • Normal: This is the ‘default’ setting in a dishwasher. This is for complete load and ‘normal’ amount of soiling. It is this mode that decides the energy and the sound rating of the entire process.
  • Express: This is the best when you want to clean a small number of dishes in less time quickly. 
  • Auto: This utilizes the sensors and the ‘cycle’ time is adjusted according to the load and how dirty the dishes are. 
  • Rinse Only: This is used when you simply need a quick spin to spray-clean your dishes.

6. Washing Cycles

Various brands have different wash cycles. It is also essential to understand that more cycles do not mean better quality. It is necessary to invest in useful cycles rather than ‘numerous’ cycles. Here are a few popular wash cycles:

Normal Cycle: This utilizes the stainless steel tub for an energy-efficient drying technique. The walls allow condensation-based drying that helps remove moisture from the dishes.

Quick Cycle: This is also known as the 1-hour cycle or the Express cycle. Here, a higher temperature is required in the cleaning process. The entire washing is done within an hour or so.

Auto Cycle: This includes integrated soil sensors. This is a common feature among the best dishwasher brands and is gaining great reviews. This is perfect if you are confused about your washing type and cannot decide on the operation. The machine ‘senses’ the requirement and does the cleaning accordingly. Auto Cycle is also known as ‘Smart Wash’.

Rinse:  This is perfect if you have to load dishes throughout the day into the machine and wash it at the very end when it fills the capacity. The machine simply sprays the waster over the dishes, thus preventing bad smells.

Sanitization: Here, high temperatures are used to kill bacteria and germs.  Hot water at around 150F is used to kill 99.9% of bacteria.

Steam Pre-wash: A feature quite popular among the best dishwasher for Indian cooking. This helps soften the stubborn food stuck-on the dishes before the final wash.

7. Design

Depending upon the availability of space, you need to select the right design. This mainly includes:

Ergonomic Design: This allows more dishes into the same kind of space.

Foldable Lines: This is great if you have large dishes and pots to wash. It also allows customizing the arrangement of your dishes.

A Third Rack: This is an excellent option if you have silverware, large dishes, and flatter utensils.

Stainless Steel Interior: A stainless steel interior usually increases the dishwasher cost, but it is worth the investment. This also allows for the quick drying of the dishes by removing the moisture from the dishes.


8. Hard Water Compatibility

A dishwasher needs to include hard water compatibility for better efficiency. This is necessary to remove the ugly spots from the dishes. For this, be sure to choose a dishwasher that has a stainless steel tub. Also, ‘Hybrid tubs’ are good enough to resist the harshness of hard water.

9. Drying Performance

After a good wash, it is also essential that the dishes be set to dry. It is quite a task if the dishes are still wet, having you to spend time and energy drying them later on. To avoid this, invest in the best quality dishwasher that also has a drying option. For this, be sure to check out any of the following features:

Heating Elements: These are large metal pieces that can heat up to 170 F. However, while this might be great to get rid of the water, but it also ‘bakes-in’ the Calcium deposits and melt the plastics if any.  

Stainless Steel Tub: This helps in the condensation-based drying that does not melt plastics

Plastic Tubs: Quite good but not effective enough to efficiently dry-out the dishes.

10. Stacking And Racks

Arrangement of the dishes when loaded is one of the main deciding features for good results. This much depends upon the ‘rack types’ offered inside the machine. Select a model that has well-placed racks that can easily accommodate dishes of all kinds. It is also a good idea to go for ‘foldable racks’ that can fit-in big pots and pans. At a time when major washing needs to be done, a rack arrangement with options is always right.

11. Energy Efficiency

Some of the best dishwashers in India feature the energy efficiency of the machine. This essentially means that the appliance utilizes minimum energy while offering great outputs. To check this, you can take a look at the ‘EnergyStar ratings’. The factors that decide the energy efficiency of a machine are:

  • Soil sensing
  • Half-load options
  • Speed wash

12. Filter Type

All dishwashers comprise of two filter-types:

The Self-Cleaning Type: This type usually cleans themselves with noisy ‘grinders’.

The Manual Type: This type requires the user to remove the filters and carefully clean them.

13. Smart Features

Lately, ‘smart technology’ has taken the electronic world by storm. It has become the deciding factor when it comes to purchasing your appliance and gadgets. Likewise, some of the models among the ‘best dishwasher in India 2023’ are ‘smart’. This mainly includes features like ‘wi-fi’ enabled operation, virtual home assistance, and smartphone controls.

14. Price

Yes, Quality is expensive, and you better get used to the idea. However, a smart user knows what they are looking out for. If your requirement is a ‘slim dishwasher’ according to the small space you have, it is no point investing in a bulky, elaborate model. Likewise, if you have a small family, you need not go for the multi-cycle or setting model. Choose wisely and invest accordingly.

15. Warranty

This is the main catch when purchasing a dishwasher for yourself. Some of the best dishwasher brands include a warranty that ensures a long-time customer’s satisfaction. It allows the users the ease and assessability to replace or renew part or the entire machine. This creates a trust factor between the company and the user. However, you must clarify what does the warranty of your machine covers. Is it short-term (1-2) years, long term(5-10 years), and does it covers the entire dishwasher or just a specific part of it? This helps in reassuring the customer that any damages due to wear and tear can be taken care of. Especially if you are anew user, you might want to have an excellent warranty period that allows you to ‘make mistakes’ as you get to know your machine better.

How to use Dishwasher for Indian Cooking?

Indian cooking is an elaborate routine. The cuisine is the pride of the nation and has found its way into the global maps due to sheer taste. It is no wonder that ‘Butter-Chicken’ is a top pick in New York or the Masalaa Dosa stands have successfully erupted alongside the Hotdog stands. However, after all that cooking, the dishes need to be done. Also, the method of preparation and the spices used in Indian cooking leads to utensils requiring a little extra ‘scrubbing’. The worst part is that Indians do not ‘believe’ in the concept of Dishwashers. Yes, aside from a marginal per cent of the urban population, the idea of a machine ‘doing your dishes’ simply does not sits into the Indian mind-set. However, with changing times, a large part of the Indian population has embraced this technology. So, how do you use the dishwasher for Indian Cooking? Let us find out:

  1. The Settings: This is the basic mode of operation in a dishwasher. However, the dishwashers for Indian kitchen have setting mode specified for Indian cutlery and food habits. 
  2. You simply need to remove the leftover food from the utensils properly.
  3. Now load the dishes neatly into the dishwasher within the racks provided accordingly. 
  4. It is best to keep loading the dishes as needed, as the gravy does not dry out this way.
  5. Finally, at the end of the day when you have finished your meals, you simply start the machine and wake up in the morning to clean dishes to use throughout the day. 

Best Dishwasher Brands

The best dishwasher brands offer customers satisfaction, quality, efficiency, and overall brand value. Let us take a look at some of the leading brands available for dishwashers:


Bosch Ltd is an Indian-based company and covers three business sectors. The company was started in the year 1954 and since then has grown to be known synonymous with quality. It has an ever-growing presence in the field of Automotive technology, Industrial technology, and Consumer goods and building technology.


LG Electronics Ltd is a South Korean company. This is a leading Electronics company with headquarters in Seoul. LG electronics ranks second largest in LCD Tv manufacturing. It is also one of the top manufacturers of home appliances. The brand is associated with ‘keeping the people first’ and was founded in the year 1958.


Established in the year 1970, and is an Italian joint-stock company. With changing times, the company soon established itself as a quality provider in some of the best appliances for domestic purposes.

Dishwasher vs Hand Washing

Hand washing of dishes is an age-old tradition. It is still widely practised at a majority of homes across the world. However, as times have changed, so has the mode of application. In the fast-paced world of today, machines have grown to be a vital aspect of our lives. It is not wrong to declare that machines do make our lives a lot easier. Let us examine the difference between hand washing and using a dishwasher:

Time Taken : 

 On average handwashing, utensils require a minimum of 30 minutes, depending upon the family size, and food cooked. On the other hand, Dishwasher uses half the time to do the same task. This also includes the drying up of the dishes that are ready to be used.


It is no brainer that a dishwasher offers a superior quality of cleaning. The best quality dishwasher utilizes 70 C as wash temperatures. This kills 99.9% of germs, thus, delivering more Hygenic results. Hand washing can only be done at room temperatures, and the results can also vary.

Hand Safety

Over time, you are sure to suffer from ‘rough hands’ due to prolonged exposure to water, detergent, and scrubbing. However, a dishwasher utilizes a stronger detergent and skillfully cleans the utensils without you worrying about your hands.


Much against the myth, dishwashers are big savers. A dishwasher in a single wash utilizes much less water as opposed to hand washing. With the tap on and the water flowing, hand wash leads to 75 litres of water wasted in just 15 minutes. Likewise, the detergent used in a dishwasher is also much less, i.e. 30 grams as compared to 90 grams in a hand wash.


The maid costs INR 1000 just for the dishes. In say about seven years, you will have to spend INR 84 000 on the house help. Meanwhile, a dishwasher is a one-time investment of INR 35000-50000 and can last up to 10 years. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dishwasher



1. Saves time with all dishes in one wash.

1. Occupies a large space in your home

2. More hygienic as it requires hot water.

2. Water consumption varies according to brands.

3. Saves electricity and water

3. Requires care and maintenance.

4. The amount of water and electricity consumed can be regulated.

5. The dishes suffer less damage.

Best Dishwasher in India-FAQs

Yes, the dishwasher is safe for health. It is known to protect your hands and offer you relief from over-stressing with housework.

Yes, it is worth buying in India or any other part of the world. It helps bring down the money spent on domestic help in the long run. It also reduces dependency upon house help.

You need a dishwasher because it is a sensible choice to make. As mentioned earlier, it helps in reducing stress due to house chores, saves time, saves energy, saves bills, and also helps reduce our dependency on maids. You do need to check on other factors like space available and the price tag of the product before you buy.

The reason can be many. Primarily, we are deep-rooted in traditions. While this is a good aspect of a culture, however, there are times when we are ‘stuck-up’. Overall, Indians do not believe in investing in the ‘upgrading’ of lifestyle. Most of the time, it is sheer ignorance that prevents us from taking a step forward.

Yes, there are specific dishwashers for Indian kitchen that are designed for Indian cookwares.

The dishwasher should be loaded in the right manner to wash efficiently:

  • The Bottom Rack: This holds the plates, large bowls, pans, and pots. Be sure to keep the large pieces away from the sprayer.
  • Utensil Holder: The utensils should be placed on the utensil holder so that they face upwards. In the case of knives, be sure to place them pointing-down.
  • Place the flat pans away from the door as they can block the detergent from reaching the dishes.
  • The large utensils should be placed on their sides. This ensures that the water reaches every surface of the vessel.
  • Be sure to ‘face’ your dishes towards the spray as this allows the dishes to have complete access to the ‘water zest’.

There are various ways to maintain the overall working of a dishwasher:

  • Run an empty cycle once a month
  • Use White vinegar when doing so.
  • Check the food trap for scrapes of food deposited
  • Remove other debris from various nooks and corners of the machine.

Overloading is a major crime when it comes to dishwashers. You could cause the machine to leak from the door, as the water gets sprayed wrongly. Also, you will end up doing the dishes twice, if you overload.

There are a few ‘things’ that are not meant to go into a dishwasher: 

  • Wooden cookware
  • Cast Iron
  • Aluminum
  • Copper cookware
  • Silver, Bronze, Gold utensils
  • Non-Stick cookware
  • Plastics (specific items to be checked)
  • Kitchen Knives
  • Fine China

The flower pot of the pressure cooker can be washed. Be sure not to place the cover or any other parts of the cooker into the dishwasher. Also, there are a few brands of Pressure cookers that are simply not meant for the dishwasher. So, clarify before you go for it.

Best Dishwasher in India- The Conclusion

Buying a dishwasher is a serious business. The reviews and the buyer’s guide offer you a detailed insight into the functions of each machine. However, we recommend to you our top picks according to the various needs and requirements:

1. Smart and Efficient: LG 14 Place Settings Wi-Fi Dishwasher (DFB424FP, Silver, Silent Operation, Tough Stain Removal, Adjustable racks ) 

This dishwasher is perfect for the urban family that is tech-savvy. The machine is innovative in its technology and design with the Height Adjustable upper rack. This is a great choice if you desire to have a quiet operation with the least noise making. Also, you need not have to get up from your workplace to operate, as this can be easily done with the help of your smartphone. With the help of LG ThinQ connectivity, the machine can be operated and customized accordingly. 

2. Economic and For a Full-sized Family: Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher (DT8S, Silver, Inbuilt Heater, Adjustable Upper Shelf)

This is the best option when it comes to the typical Indian family that loves to cook. Also, the budget of this dishwasher is quite reasonable starting at INR 25 990. You can load 96 pieces of utensils at a time including the famous Indian ‘Kadhai’. Also, water consumption is 8 liters per cycle with the  ECO special program, thus, allowing energy and water-saving options as well. 

3. Luxurious and Good to Look at:  Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SMS66GI01I, Silver Inox)

If you have a good amount of money to spend on a dishwasher, why not go for something luxurious? Bosch brings to you a great looking machine which is efficient, good to look at and offers perfect results. What’s more? It also is perfect for big pots and pans that can fit due to adjustable racks. It also features Eco Silence drive and Aqua Sensors for a sparkling clean finish.

Now, it is time to give your hands some rest and have the machine do all the washing. Take a better look at the reviews and pick out a choice that suits your needs the best.

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