BLDC Fans Advantages And Disadvantages [2022]

BLDC Fans Advantages and Disadvantages can make us appreciate how the fans essentially work. The ceiling fan, or any fan, is one of the most important aspects of our lifestyles. These appliances work tirelessly to ensure that your home stays cool and well-ventilated at all times. It is safe to say that this is among the electronic appliances that serve the users at all seasons. The BLDC fans are one of the most efficient fans out there and are known to offer the users one of the most energy-efficient solutions. But what is a BLDC fan, and how does it works to function as effectively as it does? Here are a few facts, factors, and features about the BLDC fans.


Essentially the BLDC stands for Brushless Direct Current Motor and functions to offer direct electricity to the appliance. This is done with the help of continual magnets as opposed to the electromagnets that are used in the regular non-BLDC motors. With better stability and heat absorption tendencies, these continual magnets help save up to 65% of the electricity. This is a huge difference compared to the induction motor-based fans. As the name suggests, this motor does not comprise Carbon Brushes to initiate current. This is among the main advantages of BLDC Fans, as it offers ease of Maintainance due to damages. Also, high-resolution speed control and accuracy are effectively achieved.

What Are The Advantages Of BLDC Fans?

Let us take a look at some of the major advantages of the BDLC:

  • Due to the brushless motors, one does not have to worry about repairs, damages, and maintenance.
  • Due to the involvement of the electronic control enabling high-level control over the position and the speed, the efficiency of the brushless motors Is far more.
  • One does not have to encounter sparking issues when dealing with the brushless motor as there are far fewer chances of burnout caused due to sparking issues.
  • With the high torque to weight ratio, these are available in compact sizes. Hence, the brushless motors find widespread application in Robotic arms to conduct complicated medical surgery.
  • This motor type is also credited to create less noise as compared to regular motors. Hence, these find wide applications in places where noiseless applications are required.
  • With the low no-load current, this motor type can run at low or no load; hence no wear the tear also occurs.
  • The best part about the brushless motor is that the possibility of accurate speed and torque can be achieved as it allows the feedback control to monitor and control the two attributes.
  • Another great aspect of the brushless motor is that it solves the overheating problem. This is because the BLDC does not feature an electromagnet in its centre that is solely responsible for the problem of overheating.

The Disadvantages Of BLDC Fans

Now let us take a look at some of the disadvantages of the BLDC:

  • One of the major disadvantages of the brushless motor is that it is quite expensive. This is because the electronic controller increases the overall expenses of the appliance.
  • There have been cases where slight vibrations have been observed in the case of the BLDC when the motor works at low speeds. However, this has been found to decrease when the speed increases.
  • The phenomenon of resonance is observed in the case of the BLDC motors. This happens when the inherent natural vibration frequency of the motor matches or comes in sync with the vibration frequency of the body and the plastic parts featured within the appliance.
  • The Brushless motors are not easy to operate, as these comprise electronic control which is linked to all the electromagnets.

The Main Function Of The BLDC Motor Fan

Let us take a look at some of the main functions of the BLDC Motor fans:

  • The BLDC motors help save up to 70% of the electricity consumption.
  • Is quite a dependable option when it comes to reliability.
  • This is a noiseless machine, hence finding widespread application in areas where low noise or silence is required.
  • The best part about the BLDC motor is that it comprises of remote control which can be switched ON and Off as and when required.
  • The speed of the fan can be reduced after a set time. With less speed, one can enjoy lower electricity consumption.
  • These machines also comprise the Sleep mode and Timer to offer ease of comfort to the users.

The Parts of the BLDC Motor

Now that we know the pros and cons of BLDC fans, let us look at the machine’s various parts.

There are three major parts of the BLDC motor: Stator, Rotor, and Shaft.
Stator: this is the fixed part of the motor.
Rotor: This is the movable or the rotating part of the motor.
Shaft: This is the rod that is fixed to the motor.

The Principle of the BLDC Motor

The main function of the BLDC motor is that it effectively converts AC to DC supply. The microcontroller receives the input signal from the remote restrain, and this signal is further transferred to the inverter from the microcontroller, eventually resulting in the motor working. One needs to mention the Commutation method, which is the method by which the direction of the current flow is altered or changed. This results in the rotation movement of the motor.

Bldc Fans Advantages And Disadvantages: The Conclusion

So, there you have it, people; this is all that you need to know about the BLDC motor. This is one of the main features fixed into the ceiling fan. An electric motor is a device that converts electric energy into mechanical energy. The Brushless DC motor is one such type that has found massive takers in the electronic and appliances sector.