Books Vs Audio Books: Which is Better?

Books Vs Audio Books: Which is Better? Well, it is a matter of perspective and choice. In a time and age when there is little to no escaping technology, one has to embrace it at some point or the other. Likewise, audiobooks have seamlessly entered our lives, aka the ‘Kindle revolution.’ While this is more of a ‘digital book,’ but a major first step into being a part of our lives. The audiobooks ‘popped up’ and grew to be a part of our lives in no time. We had a machine that could ‘tell stories to us.’

But, this does not take away the charms of the physical books. There are loyal readers who still enjoy flipping the pages and ‘that’ special fragrance that only a new book has to offer when you open it for the first time. But, is the audiobook as beneficial as the physical book? Well, read on to find out more.


When it comes to audiobooks vs Books, one cannot escape the connection we have with the traditional physical books. The Physical books are pages that are bonded together into a compilation to make a continuous flow of theme, information, pattern, or story. Each page is set in an order according to the chronological aspect occurring in the book. This way, the ‘pages’ can be flipped forward and backwards as required.

The Benefits Of Reading Books Vs Audiobooks

Let us take a look at some of the major advantages of the Physical books:

  • These can be easily stored at the home or library and referred to whenever required.
  • The original version of the physical book remains unchanged; hence you do not have to endure the confusion of impromptu edits that have become a norm lately.
  • It is a great asset to be shared with other like-minded people or for idea exchange.
  • A book is of great inheritance value and can be passed on across generations; if maintained in that manner.
  • It helps in mind and eye focus and also helps enhance concentration. A study shows that the practice of reading via a physical book is known to enhance one’s focus.
  • It is a major part of our evolution and tradition. One cannot let go of the fact that our ancestors have spent a great deal of their culture and life trying to ‘develop’ the art of inscription on the surface.

The Disadvantages Of The Physical Books

Now let us take a look at some of the major disadvantages of the physical books:

  • These occupy space. And a good amount of that, for that matter. The physical books need their own ‘room.’ No matter how small or large, you need to ensure that there is a ‘living space’ for your collection.
  • These comprise luggage. In case and quite often when you need to move or shift, your books will contribute to the ‘weight’ of your entire load. No light matters in some cases.
  • Are audiobooks better than reading? Well, when it comes to being able to stay in a sustainable condition, the audiobooks take the cake. There are chances that your books might weather off sooner or later. And not all of us are equipped with the resources to ‘preserve’ the reassured collection.

The AudioBooks

Now, instead of taking the discussion further, the audiobooks are making a huge impact currently, especially on Gen-Z. But what is an Audiobook? Well, simply put, these are verbal recordings of the physical books that have been stored in a digital medium. Or one can also state that the audiobooks are simple ‘talk-tell’ kind of a version of the physical book. These are stored in the form of ‘files’ in the online library and can be retrieved or accessed accordingly. Audiobooks can be used on your phone, tablet, or PC.

The Advantages of the Audiobook

Let us take a look at the advantages of the Audiobooks:

  • These are as compact as compact can be. One does not have to ‘lug’ them around to access them.
  • The audiobooks are great to be able to multi-task with. One can be doing some other physical activity, like riding or exercising and still be able to catch up with the latest read.
  • A great option if you are not into books. This is a major asset for people who cannot complete a book or read a book regularly. You need to plug into your device and click on the audiobook. Now, you are on your way to having completed a book in no time.
  • Audiobooks have been a boon for many people with vision disabilities. It is a great channel to be able to complete both academic and leisure books with ease.
  • Does not occupy space. Now you can own an entire library of some of the greatest reads, filed neatly into your sleek tablet.

The Disadvantages of the Audiobooks

Let us take a look at the disadvantages of the audiobooks:

  • Let’s face it, these are not like traditional physical books. The charm of flipping the pages or holding the hardcover is not the same.
  • Since audiobooks require the use of electronics and gadgets, you need to charge them regularly. This implies the fact that you can be left stranded with a low battery situation.
  • Audiobooks are more expensive compared to regular physical books. Therefore, one needs to be able to afford a certain budget to be able to buy one.
  • There are chances that you might not like the narrator’s voice. This can reflect poorly on the book, despite being a good one.

Books Vs Audio Books: The Conclusion

So, Which is better, audiobook or reading? Well, this is a tough one. As mentioned earlier, this is a matter of personal choice altogether, and one can opt for either depending upon their requirement and taste. Whatever your reasons might be, audiobooks have surely increased the literary horizons even for the non-readers.