Books Vs Internet: Which is Better?

Books Vs Internet? Debate sounds familiar? Well, it’s real, too, as the challenge of ‘controlled’ entertainment is a real one. This essentially implies the fact that now most of us have access to unlimited Internet at our fingertips. While one can argue that the Internet is a ‘necessary evil,’ nevertheless, it has raised its concerns. The fact that the Internet has grown accessible and affordable has also contributed to its ‘ease.’ The Gen-Z knows a lot more about the widgets than you ever did as a parent. They have surpassed us in their knowledge of the technology. But amid the ‘tech-maze,’ you do have your sanity to guard. Books, for one, are a tradition we are most unlikely to let go of any time soon. However, with everything available ‘on a gadget,’ having them read from a traditional book is a chore. Most argue that we must ‘flow with the times; on the other hand, ‘some things are best left untouched. So, Reading on the Internet vs reading books or the Internet, which is better? Let’s explore further


We all know the charms of the physical books. This is a compilation or a collection of pages bound together to impart certain information, knowledge, or story. The pages are arranged chronologically by the occurrences of the theme or topic the book is about. One can browse forward or backwards and refer to or read the book at their own pace, time and space. So, are books better than Internet? Let us take a look at the pros and cons:

The Advantages of the Books

Let us take a look at some of the advantages of the books:

  • These are quite cheap and affordable as compared to the other means of information.
  • The books can be stored at home without the need for any external means to have them ‘working.’
  • One can share a book, give and take as and when required.
  • The manuscript in a book cannot be changed or altered by anyone.
  • A collection of books arranged or aligned at home makes for the right impression.

The Disadvantages of the Books

Now, let us take a look at some of the disadvantages of the books:

  • The books or a collection of books take up space in your home, room, or corner.
  • The books do suffer a great deal of ‘weathering-away.’ This leads to the books losing some of their ‘writing,’ hence can get useless after some time.
  • The books are heavy, and these do carry a good amount of weight and can get a ‘hand-full’ when you need to move around.

The Internet

Simply put, the Internet is an expanse of a widely connected network that interlink all the computers together. The main purpose of the Internet is to provide information, communication channel, entertainment, and more. The full form of the Internet is an Interconnected Network. The internet protocol suite or the TCP/IP is used for the process of communication. So, is the Internet better than books? Well, let us take a look at that one:

The Advantages of the Internet

Let us take a look at some of the advantages of the Internet:

  • It is fast and quick. Essentially, you do not have to wait and search for long hours to retrieve a certain piece of information you are trying to locate.
  • Much like the previous point, the Internet helps save time. You can easily acquire innumerable results and suggestions for the same topic at a click of a button. Hence, you do not have to spend long hours trying to ‘discover something.’
  • The Internet does more than just offer information. It also connects the people. Now, the Internet has grown to become a major part of our lives. You need it practically for everything around you. Be it communication, connecting, transactions, business, or anything else.
  • It helps you stay updated and the latest news. Not just that, you can also acquire news from various E-paper, publications, and news.
  • Most times, the Internet is used not just for reading. But you can also watch movies, live stream, create videos, and a lot more.

The Disadvantages of the Internet

The major disadvantages of the Internet are:

  • It is hugely addictive. You simply cannot let go once you are out and about browsing. This can lead to a serious loss of time and productivity.
  • Access to the Internet in the wrong hands can lead to the children going astray. There are chances that your kid can end up viewing something they must not. This can lead to various forms of cybercrime issues.
  • As gorging on the Internet can get unhealthy, it can lead to several health issues as well. The feeling of constant fatigue, tired eyes, and irritable mood are some of the symptoms of Internet overload.
  • The Internet is a vast expanse of innumerable resources, material, topics, content, and more. Hence can get very distractive. The immense drive to reply to a certain notification or alert message can lead to loss of ‘real life, where you are not aware of what is going on around you in complete awareness
  • Finally, there appears to be no ‘cap’ on how far you can go with your browsing habits.

Books Vs Internet: The Conclusion

So, what is better, books or Internet? This is a matter of choice and needs. One cannot deny the importance of books in our lives. Nonetheless, the Internet is the ‘basic necessity for the times we are living in. Hence, we must strike a balance between what we use and where we draw the limits. Despite being chewed in by the technology today, it is essential that we take care of certain traditions regarding books and reading as well. Especially as our gadgets are getting smarter and our minds are getting dumber. Hence we must embrace and hold on to what is required to ensure our sanity and overall ‘human health’ remains intact.