Can an Air Conditioner(AC) Run on an Inverter?

Can an Air Conditioner Run on an Inverter? The good news is that, yes, it can. But the main concern is a better understanding of how an inverter supports the working of an Air Conditioner. Before that, let us understand what an inverter is and how it has shaped the electricity supply across the world. 


Simply put, an inverter is an electronic device that converts the DC voltage into the AC Voltage. This output Voltage value is either 120 Volts or 240 Volts. An inverter offers a continuous supply of electricity for running home appliances and other electronic devices. This is vital when it comes to enjoying an uninterrupted power supply for a better lifestyle. It has to be noted that an inverter is available in various configurations. It can also be a part of the UPS circuit, where the input DC is from the mains AC within the PSU or the rectified AC in the UPS itself. The inverter type’s main classification is based on the Switching technology, waveform, frequency, and switch from. 

The Working Of An Inverter

The power is generated from an inverter by converting the energy stored in the DC source into the AC voltage. The DC source is generally a battery or a rectifier output. This conversion process is usually done by utilizing the switching devices that can be switched on and off regularly. Generally, the output voltage is increased from a standard 12 volts to either 120 Volts or 240 Volts. The most basic structure of an inverter comprises a simple ‘push-pull’ along with a centre tap transformer. The Push-pull can be ‘full bridge’ or ‘half-bridge.’ In this simple mechanism, a heavy transformer is used, which yields low efficiency.

How Can An Air Conditioner Work Using An Inverter?

can an ac run on an inverter

Can an Air Conditioner Run on an Inverter? Here is how. 

An air conditioner is no longer a luxury. It has grown to be a necessity in today’s time and age. However, as we know that a major part of India still suffers from power shortages. A solution is much required to help ‘gap’ this frequent interruption. As we deck-up our homes with some of the most advanced electronics, a power-cut can be quite dampening. So, an inverter is one of the finest and reliable solutions. This helps in ensuring we enjoying an uninterrupted power-supply throughout in areas where power-shortages are common. Likewise, we need a solution for continuous solution for the smooth running of an Air Conditioner as well. Here as well, an inverter comes to play. But it is slightly different in this case. Before that, let us understand a few interesting Inverter facts:

    • An inverter is a 12-Volt DC circuit system
    • An electronic appliance that runs on 1-Amp AC requires 11 Amps of DC power supply. So, to run a basic 5-Amp Windows AC, we require 55 Amp of DC power.
    • It has to be noted that most electrical units require a starting surge that is required for the motor to keep running. 
    • This implies that five times more continuous electrical load is required in such a case. For this, 275 Amps of additional power is required to start a 5-Amp Air Conditioner along with a further 55 amps for a continuous run. 

To Run An Air Conditioner On An Inverter

Air Conditioner(AC)
    •  The most basic Air Conditioner is of the small size of a range of 5000 BTU. For this, the operating power of 4 to 5 Amps is utilized.
    • So, for this basic Air Conditioner, a small-sized inverter is sufficient. 
    • The inverter works by allowing a continuous transfer of the specified power required for the smooth operation of any appliance. 
    • Generally, inverters themselves are powered by Batteries, Hydropower, Solar panels, or Wind Mills.
    • However, one needs to bear in mind that a ‘surge power’ is also required from these power sources. This ensures a continuous supply of energy to keep ‘heavy loads like an Ari conditioner as well.

When An Air Conditioner Runs On An Inverter

    • The best way to ensure a smooth run through an inverter is by charging the batteries continuously. Also, a regular and timely change of batteries is recommended.
    • Oher sources for charging the inverter also includes Solar Panels, windmills, etc
    • So, to run an air conditioner on an inverter, you must get a battery size much bigger than the one you already own. Remember that the capacity of the battery must be able to successfully sustain the smooth running of the Air Conditioner.

The Conclusion

If you need a smooth run of your air conditioner via an inverter, you need to do simple maths. Remember that a 12 Volt battery can run a 120 Volt load via an inverter. For this, the inverter should be able to successfully be able to extract 10 to 11 times extra power from the battery. To operate a ‘mid-size’ air conditioner that draws a 10 Amp on the run, an extra ‘amp’ is also required for operating the water pump. So, to provide this 11-amp of load with the required power supply, 120 amps from the batteries are required. So, to run a 600-amp-hour bank can provide 400 amps of power supply. At the rate of 120 amps, a single charge can last for up to three hours of power supply. 

SIDE NOTE: The Inverter Air Conditioners are the latest revolutionary technology around the block. This works more or less like an ‘accelerator in a car.’ So, if your compressor requires more power, this technology offers the required power. This way, the compressor is always running, and the power requirement is adjusted accordingly. This Air conditioner type runs constantly, but the power drawn for this is just sufficient to maintain a stable temperature, thus, adjusting its capacity accordingly. This way, less power is drawn, and less electricity is utilized. 

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