Can You Cook Eggs in a Sandwich Maker?

Can You Cook Eggs in a Sandwich Maker? Yes, and it is delicious too. But before we get into the details of ‘how’ and ‘why,’ let us first understand the working of the Sand which maker first. To start with, the sandwich maker is one of the best things you can do for your kitchen and home. This is a versatile and easy-to-use electronic appliance and can be used in multiple ways. So, let us take a look at the working of the Sandwich maker and how it can be used to prepare your favourite eggs.

Can You Cook Eggs in a Sandwich Maker?

This is a countertop kitchen appliance that is used for various purposes. This is specifically meant to heat and grill the sandwiches. However, along with the innovation of technology, a lot has been done about how you can use a single appliance for various purposes. In the case of the Sandwich maker, the appliance is a ‘press’ like working and can be used to prepare two sets of bread sandwiches to up to 8, depending upon the model and the make. The appliance is slightly heavy; nevertheless, it is compact and travel-friendly in most cases.

How To Use The Sandwich Maker?

The basic use of the maker is rather simple. One simply has to plug in the appliance and wait for it to ‘heat up’ to the right temperature. You will know if it is the right time to pop in the toasts once the indicator light turns ‘Green.’ This indicates it is ready for use. Now, you need to place the bread slices on the base of the appliance, which are mild ‘casts’ within the maker. Place the fillings as per choice, and place another set of bread on top. Grease lightly with oil or butter and press the lid gently. This will automatically cause the indicator light to turn ‘ON.’ Once it turns ‘Green,’ you must remove the bread sandwiches using the spatula or the tongs. Once you are done with all the toasting, unplug the device one by one.

How to Fry Eggs in a Sandwich Maker?

The best part about the sandwich maker is that it can be used to prepare quite a lot of recipes. Apart from the bread sandwiches, one can also prepare the omelette of their choice. So, how do we do this? Let us find out:

Step 1: Whisking the Eggs

Take a bowl or a beaker and break in the eggs of your choice. The container needs to be easy to pour the eggs out from. Whisk the eggs with salt, pepper, and other garnish of your choice. However, it has been advised not to over-whisk the eggs in this case. Try not to over-break the yolk, which can cause the omelette to break and expand.
Now, heat the sandwich maker and allow it to attain the optimum temperature as required. Pour ½ a tablespoon of oil into the moulds of the sandwich maker. Now pour the egg blend gently into the casts. You will be surprised by the speed with which your eggs will fry as it gets heated both from above and below.
Now, remove the eggs once done from the Sandwich maker. You can plate up at this point by carefully extracting the egg fry from the Sandwich maker and enjoying it with your favourite cup of tea/coffee. Or get into the next step.

Step 2: Make a Toast

The fun does not stop here. Take another step forward by making a delicious toastie out of the omelette you just cooked up. Remove the egg fry and place a slice of bread in the cast as required.
Now place the egg fry on top of the bread and add the other condiments you desire for the delicious toast. Place another piece of bread on top, grease the cast, and shut the lid as required. Wait for the indicator to ‘tell’ you as and when the toasts are done. Carefully extract the egg toasts from the sandwich maker and plate them up. Now, all you need is your ‘cuppa’, some Sunshine, a tall glass of fresh juice, and the delicious egg toast you just created. Enjoy.

Step 3: Care and Maintenance

The sandwich maker is a ‘darling’ in the kitchen that helps you prepare the toasts of your liking, much like a professional, without too much effort. It is best to whip up a nice breakfast in minutes, even on a busy day. However, you are required to care for the appliance much like everything else. Here are a few tips on how to do so:

  • Avoid drenching the sandwich maker in running water, as it can spoil the machinery of the appliance. 
  • To clean, you must wipe out the grease and grime after every use, as this can lead to serious gunk development.
  • Use a simple kitchen towel or a damp cloth to wipe out the inner sides of the sandwich maker. 
  • The same can be used for cleaning above and around the sandwich maker. 
  • Be sure to unplug after every use, and never clean the appliance with the plug-ON.
  • Never scrub or get aggressive with the removal of grime from the base. Instead, use a grease remover and let it settle for a couple of minutes before gently wiping it away. 
  • Store your appliance in a safe, clean, and dry place.
  • Never shut the maker’s lid when ON and without the loaves of bread in between, as it can damage the coatings. 

Can You Cook Eggs in a Sandwich Maker?: The Conclusion

So, Can you put raw eggs in a toastie maker? Well, you sure can and do a lot with it too. Now that you know exactly how it is time to get some nice cooking done with your sandwich maker. The appliance is a wonderful piece of machinery yet simple to use. Once you get the ‘hang’ of it, you will learn new ways to cook in your sandwich maker.

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