What is DuraFin Condenser in Samsung AC? [2022]

DuraFin Condenser in Samsung AC is yet another innovative aspect designed to prolong the appliance’s lifespan as it has been noticed that the condenser of any Air Conditioner suffers the maximum amount of damage due to corrosion. Likewise, the exchanger pipe also undergoes massive wearing due to the weather conditions; hence, a technology that can take care of this problem is necessary. While the Blue Fin technology has been introduced in the past for the protection of the appliance from external conditions, however, it is the need to constantly improvise that has led to the development of the latest, ‘Durafin’ Condenser. So what does the working of the durafin condenser comprise? Let us take a look:

DuraFin Condenser in Samsung AC

This is essentially the latest in the series of ‘Protective technologies’ introduced by the brand that is focused on introducing lasting protection to the Air conditioner and improving the overall performance. This technology helps increase heat transfer by about five times per internal volume, thus enhancing the efficiency of the heat transfer. This is done by reducing the friction by 17% to increase the airflow. However, the fan’s speed is maintained at the same speed as that of the regular Air conditioners.
One of the main striking features of the Durafin Condenser is that the exchange ratio of the microchannel condenser in the Durafin technology is almost 22% higher. This is in comparison to the regular conventional fins and the Condenser tubes. Anti-corrosive and hydrophilic layers are also featured in this technology to offer protection from rust. Here, the Acrylic Resin acts as the Hydrophilic layer on the Microchannel condenser, and the Epoxy acrylic acts as the anti-corrosive layer. Hence, the overall resistance is highly increased.
The revolutionary ‘Salt Spray test has confirmed the high-efficiency corrosion resistance properties. Also, it has been confirmed by the Sea Water Acetic Acid test that no leakage was detected for about 90 days at 4.1 Mpa.

The Advantages Of Durafin Condenser

Let us take a look at some of the benefits of the Durafin condenser:

  • Compared to conventional Air Conditioners, the Durafin Condensers offer better corrosion resistance and enhanced heat transfers.
  • More airflow is offered in this technology as friction is greatly reduced. This goes a long way in enhancing the efficiency of cooling.
  • The Durafin parts are made from 36% more thick materials as compared to the conventional fins and tubes. Thus the corrosion resistance is once again increased.
  • With the optimized refrigerant flow, the condenser is capable of enduring higher external temperatures of up to 58 C.
  • Hence, the Samsung Air conditioners that feature the innovative Durafin technology are known to perform better and last longer as compared to other regular Air conditioners.

The Disadvantages Of Durafin Condenser

Let us take a look at some of the cons of the Durafin Condensers:

  • This is a relatively new technology; hence, its acceptance is going to take a while.
  • In case of repairs, replacements, and maintenance, one cannot refer to regular service stations; only Samsung exclusive services can be opted for.
  • Being relatively new, it is also expensive and requires one to ‘get to know the technology better before being able to decide upon the final purchase.

DuraFin Condenser in Samsung AC: The Conclusion

Wearing off the Air conditioners, especially in the coastal regions, is a major challenge. It has been estimated that the regular lifespan of an Air conditioner, on average, is about two years. Hence, this leads to extra expenses, Maintainance, and even replacement of the entire appliance. Hence, top brands are coming up with newer technologies to help combat the dangerous effects of corrosion and rust.
Samsung has been a leader when it comes to offering user-friendly features, technologies, and products. The Durafin Condenser is one such feature that has been able to help deal with the harmful effects of unavoidable weather conditions. Not just this, but the latest model is also known to help with enhanced performances, especially under high heat conditions.
This new technology also meets other aspects like energy savings, better performance, and designs. One can expect lowered electricity bills, better cooling, and comfort. The performance is enhanced by about 43% in the case of the Durafin technology, and far less energy is consumed in this case. Other revolutionary aspects of the brand include the all-new 8-pole motor in the Digital Inverter compressor.
Likewise, the built-in stabilizer allows the user to enjoy the undisrupted cool fresh air without worrying about the product’s damage. This feature can handle voltage fluctuation from 146V to 290V, making it one of the much sought-after brands and products in areas suffering from power supply.
The all-cool Triangular architecture of the latest model of Samsung Air conditioners is also one of the major attractions in the market. This is available in the 1 Ton range, which improves the cooling speed as compared to the regular Air Conditioners. Likewise, various designs and patterns in the latest range of Samsung Air conditioners are quite appealing to the regular public, as it appears to blend well into the interior of most homes.
The latest range of Samsung Air Conditioners fall in the Price bracket of INR 30,800 to INR 67000. Thus, one can expect great value for money in various ranges. Samsung is one of the best brands out there that offer a wide range of some of the most well-sought technologies. It is a pioneer in developing leading technologies and user-friendly features that make it all the easier for people to consider purchasing it.