Epilator Vs Shaver: Which is Better?

Epilator Vs Shaver is an age-old battle within the mind of a woman. Hair removal is one of the most important beauty rituals of all time. A smooth, silky skin surface is the ultimate symbol of feminine beauty. But, beauty is painful as well. Imagine having to remove hair from your skin and not having to feel the pain? It is certainly possible as the modern hair removal tools ensure maximum comfort and the best of results. But, the phenomenon of hair removal is an ancient one. Women, since forever, have been in the quest for the ultimate in beauty regimes and methods. Let us examine the various methods of hair removal through time:


With over 5000000 hair follicles to deal with, hair removal is nothing but a challenge. Much like the other animals, the Human body is also covered all over with hair, except it is of the more acceptable quality. Having Chimpanzees as our ancestors, it is not surprising that we have a ‘lot’ of unwanted hair to deal with. So, what is the deal with all the hair covering us after all? Why do we have hair in the first place? According to specific theories of evolution, body hair works as a protective barrier for animals. With time, the density of hair got sparse, and its quality turned fine. Human beings inherited the hair from their ancestors, but it hardly was needed anymore. Experts are still in a quest for the reasons for the existence of eyebrows and facial hair. What is its purpose, or why do we need them at all? Surely, only the secrets of time known the reasons, as yet.

Hair Removal Through History

Meanwhile, body hair was an issue and a major ‘hindrance’ in the ultimate feminine beauty. Records show that women in ancient Rome and Egypt took great measures to remove body hair. The earliest known ‘razors‘ were made from Copper and can be traced back to 3000 BCE. In fact, according to early scriptures, ancient women considered pubic hair to be impure and took great care to eliminate them. The shaved head was a feature, both in the men and the women.
Women from ancient Rome utilized the earliest known versions of ‘tweezers and Pumice stones to remove body hair. Even Depilators were used by ancient Roman women to achieve hairlessness from the required areas. The ‘ultimate beauty icon’, Cleopatra used a Sugar-mix to ‘pull-out hair from unwanted areas. This resembled the modern-day ‘waxing’. Eventually, the Elizabethan women carried along with the hair removal ritual, and it included acquiring defined eyebrows and eliminating facial hair.
The ‘ultimate’ push to hair removal as an important beauty ritual was during world war II. During this time, Nylon was in a shortage, which meant no stockings for the women. This led to exposing of limbs to a large scale. With the skin exposing, hair removal became vital. Thus, body hair removal was the ‘collateral effect of war times.
Interestingly, this was the time when the ‘bold feminine’ beauty was a rage. The era saw more and more women step outside their homes and comfort zones to explore their sexuality and beauty. This saw the introduction of hair removal tools like the ‘lady’s shaver’, trimmers and epilators.

What is an Epilator?


Epilators are electronic devices that comprise multiple mechanical tweezers. These are located on the head of the device and are designed to ‘get hold’ of the hairs and pull them off the skin surface.

How Epilator Works

An Epilator works by ‘plucking’ the hair from the roots of the different parts of the body. It is also used as an exfoliator, as it helps in the process of removal of dead cells and skin. For this, you need to:

    • Place the device at 90-degree to the surface of your skin.
    • Be sure not to press too hard
    • Handle the device loosely over the area that needs to be cleansed.
    • Now, you need to hold-tight your skin so that the hair removal is done smoothly.
    • Finally, move the device in the direction of the hair growth for the process to take place. 

 Caution: Never use the epilator by moving it against the hair growth, as you will cut the skin in the process. Also, even if you are successful in the process of hair removal, you will not be able to remove the roots. Be sure to moisturize your skin after you remove the hair using the epilator. 


    • The effects of hair removal through Epilators are much better and longer.
    • This electronic device is much easier to use and efficient as well.
    • Using an Epilator means complete hair removal from the ‘roots’.
    • There is no danger of skin cutting or slicing.
    • Ensures thinner quality of hair with time and usage.
    • This is a good option even for sensitive skin type.
    • No replacement of blades required.
    • This device is also waterproof and can be used in the shower.


    • Is relatively painful.
    • It is not exactly as fast as using the shaver.
    • Not for the thick hair variety.
    • Can lead to redness due to hair removal from the roots.
    • Is noisy.

What is Shaver?


They look like an Epilator but are quite different. The ‘Shavers’ or the ‘Lady’s Shavers’ have been around longer as compared to the Epilators. The mechanism includes a foil element fixed on the head of the machine. It is here that the hair enters through the tiny holes located on the foil and is chopped off by the rotating blades. The basic shavers comprise a single cutting foil, while the advanced models comprise multiple foils. Also, the machine is powered by a motor that rotates the cutting elements.


    • It is a painless hair removal option.
    • Shaving is perhaps the quickest hair removal option out there.
    • Is relatively hassle-free.
    • This method is economical and effective.
    • It can be used under both wet and dry conditions.


    • Does not remove the hair from the roots
    • Thicker hair growth is reported in some cases.
    • Is not entirely waterproof.

Difference between Epilator and Shaver

What is a better epilator and shaver? What is the difference between an epilator and a shaver? Let us evaluate:



Hair removal from the roots

Hair removal from the surface

Pulls the hair out from the follicles

Chops the hairs from the surface

Can be used on sensitive skin

Best avoided on sensitive skin

Leave a smooth silky finish for a longer time

Not exactly a smooth finish

The hair regrowth is much sparse and thinner

The hair regrowth is coarse

Is expensive

Is not expensive

Can last for a longer time

Needs replacement frequently, as it goes blunt

Utilizes the working of rotating tweezers for pulling hair out

Utilizes the working of the blades to cut the hair out

Is a safer option

Is not exactly safe

Powered by electricity

Is both electric and non-electric type

The Conclusion

So, when it comes to Epilator vs Shaver, what is it going to be? Let us find out:

In A Hurry, On A Budget: Are you the kind of girl who is always on the run? Have you no time to take care of yourself, let alone the unwanted forest you are growing? Well, simply use a shaver. This is quick and can be done anywhere within minutes. If you have an event to attend after office hours and need sleek legs to show-off, just grab a Shaver during the lunch break. Also, there is the other ‘girl type’ who simply does not believe in investing in beauty tools. So, an excellent, cheap Shaver from a reputed brand is the answer for you. 

The Glam Goddess: You love your bubble baths and can spend hours suspended in relaxing aromas. Your beauty routine is a ‘ritual’ where you indulge in elaborate ‘self-pampering. So, for a girl like you, Epilator, it is. The machine loves you just as much as you love yourself. It ensures safe hair removal from the roots. The Epilator is expensive, just as valuable as you are. Get yourself this tiny ‘beauty box’ from a reputed brand to take care of your skin for you. 

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