10 Interesting Facts About Smartwatches You Didn’t Even Know

Facts About Smartwatches seem to intrigue the world even today. These are the current wonder gadgets that have caught the fancy of people, both young and old. Our gadgets are more than just pieces of electronics, and these are an extension of us and go beyond the basic purpose they represent. The smartwatch, for instance, offers more than just showing the right time. As the name suggests, the ‘Smart watch’ is smart, and it is more interactive than you can think of. The current designs are ever-evolving, with the SmartWatch growing more interactive than ever. But what are the unique aspects of the Smartwatches that you do not know of? Well, let us take a look at some of the interesting facts about smartwatches you didn’t even know:


Did you know that your smartwatch can let you know about the speed you are at? It is a wonderful asset to the athletes and the health fanatics, who need to know how well they are going. It comprises an app known as the ‘Speed Wear’ that allows the wearer to know about the current speed, Top Speed, and average speed. The best part is selecting the unit you wish for the data to be displayed in either KM/H, MPH, or even Knots. This can be set by swiping the screen to the right.

2. The Spycam

Feel like playing detective? Well, you can now with the LookBehind app. This is a feature that allows the device to be able to view what your phone or tablet is recording. This works ‘James Bond Style’ with immediate access to the current streaming going on by launching the camera even if it is switched OFF. Also, you can take a view of what is going on behind you, at the corner, or under. What’s more, you can even zoom in and out for a better look.

3. Find Your Phone

One of the most remarkable features, especially in this time and age when we are always in a rush. Often we forget where we have placed our smartphones and do not know how to track them. Not anymore. With the ‘Wear aware’ app, one can easily locate their lost smartphone from their SmartWatch. This acts much like a ‘leash’ to your phone and starts to buzz when you walk away from it. What’s more, once the smartwatch detects that you have lost your phone, it automatically signals you to download the app and locate the phone. Being free and efficient, this is one of the most loved features of a smartphone.

4. The Recorder

A super-cool feature that allows you to act like a super-spy from a Hollywood flick. I bet you didn’t know that you could also record entire conversations with the simple lift of your wrist. With the ‘Wear Audio Recorder app, you can access the built-in mic within the watch and record a sound byte. What’s more, one can easily suppress the echo and filter the noise for a better recording experience.

5. The Toggle Art

The ‘Toggle Wear app’ is one of the most understated features that allows the user to be able to switch OFF more than one feature at home. Much like getting home and turning ON the Wi-fi, Bluetooth, adjust the volume and the LED that can work as a flashlight on your smartphone. The best part about this app is that it allows the user to immediately connect with the Wi-fi connection in a public place with a phone.

6. Answering a Call

One of the most relevant features when it comes to being able to answer a call. Well, not exactly, but the ‘Wear Speaker’ app allows the user to be able to turn ON the speaker of the phone lying nearby and hence be able to ‘talk’ as you would normally. What’s more, you can also access the settings by ‘asking for your permission, connecting automatically, and also controlling the volume as you do so. Genius, isn’t it?

7. YouTube

Too much too soon? Well, now you can take a look at your favourite YouTube videos if you need to. Can it be done on a 1.5-inch screen? Well, with the technology on your side, the sky is the limit. This way, you can sync with YouTube, scroll, and select what you wish to view. Sound fun, doesn’t it?

8. Flip and Play

This one is too cool to ignore. Need to play a game or bet on something with a friend? But no coin nearby is it. Well, you sure do have a coin in your smartphone and dint even know about it. The Coin Flipper app is just what it says it will do. You need to command ‘OK Google start coin flipper’, and there you have it. Now, you simply have to decide what to choose: heads or tails, and you can get going with your game, bet, or whatever you are vouching for.

9. The Inspiration

While the Smartwatches appear futuristic, it has been inspired by a sci-fi movie. Do you remember Dan Dare and Captain Kirk sporting the ‘cool device’ on their wrists that could do anything you wanted them to? Well, this is where your smartphone got its first beginnings from. With the designs, the technology, and the inspiration coming together, it emerged to offer you the smartwatch.

10. The High Fashion High Demand

These are not just for the nerds and the geeks. Smartwatches have grown into being a fashion statement in the current times. With the HERMES and Apple collaboration getting together, one can expect some of the most awesome designs that can be worn like a ‘fashion statement’ by themselves. These are high-end luxurious wearables that are not cheap but are worth investment nevertheless.

Facts About Smartwatches : Conclusion

So, there you have it, people. Some great smartwatch facts that can certainly leave you surprised. Now, you know that your smartwatch is ‘smart’ for a reason, and it can do a lot more than just check your Oxygen levels or your BP. Un-tap the true potential of your smartwatch and be the ‘coolest kid’ in your group.

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