Horizontal Vs Vertical Geyser

Horizontal vs Vertical Geyser can offer users a better insight on what to choose and when. The geyser is a quintessential electronic appliance quite common in all homes worldwide. But, one often tends to end up with the wrong product simply because of the lack of knowledge. So, here we bring to you some of the facts and features about each of the two types of geysers and how they differ from each other; let us take a look:

Horizontal vs Vertical Geyser

This is the more common geyser type found in most homes. The vertical geyser is simple to install and use. The best part is that these can fit across all spaces and corners, well, almost. As per the experts, one only requires a two-feet of vertical space in the wall, making them the perfect choice for bathrooms with small low ceilings. Before we get into the vertical geyser vs horizontal geyser analysis, let us look at some of the advantages of the Vertical geyser. 

The Advantages of the Vertical Water Geyser

  • These are the more traditional forms of geysers that can be fitted in almost all homes and bathrooms sizes.
  • These are electricity operated and use the natural means of water heating.
  • In terms of efficiency, these beat the Horizontal types, as this help save a lot of electricity. This is mainly due to the efficient manner of stratification that undergoes this geyser type. Essentially, stratification is the method of mixing hot and cold water simply. Hot water requires very less density as compared to cold water. Hence, the hot water easily transfers to the top of the tank, and the cold water is deposited at the bottom.
  • As and when both the cold and hot water mix, there are chances of turbulence and friction. In the case of the vertical water heater, this turbulence is far less, hence making it one of the best choices to have.
  • The other major advantage of the vertical geyser is that the water gets dispersed all the more evenly.
  • Finally, the vertical geyser is very energy efficient, making it one of the most popular picks out there.
  • This geyser type is also quite budget-friendly, hence can fit into any pocket.

The Horizontal Water Geyser Type

To know about horizontal vs vertical water geysers, we first need to know the details about this geyser type. The Horizontal water geyser type is more compact and is a space-saving option for compact, limited dimensions. These also tend to look quite good and add to the aesthetics of the overall interior. Also, one needs to ensure that there remains some space on either side of the geyser to attend to the repairs. This can be a major issue when you might have to pull down the entire appliance to repair or fix it. 

The Advantages of the Horizontal Geyser

Great for your health: Did you know that some amount of smoke arises from the water heating in the geyser? Well, yes, but where does this smoke go off to? In the case of the Horizontal water geyser type, very little smoke arises, making it one of the best options for good health. 

Easy to Use: This water heater type is quite easy to use and does not require manual intervention. This saves a lot of time and effort, allowing you a quick shower as and when needed. 

Time-Saving: As mentioned in the previous point, this water geyser type is great for quick heating solutions, hence offering you time-saving options when you need one. 

Space Saving: These are the compact variety and are the perfect option for spaces with low ceilings. Now one does not have to deal with running out of options simply because your ceilings are too low. 

Installations: Which geyser is better vertical or horizontal? When it comes to installations, it is the latter being easy to install and use. 

Easy Auto-Off: These are relatively safe to use and are much preferred. The safety features are quite on-point, as it automatically shuts down when the water has heated enough, up to a said temperature. 

Quality: These water geyser types are known for their quality, making them the perfect option for investing in a nice product. 

Safety: When it comes to vertical vs horizontal water heaters, the horizontal water geyser is considered to be one of the safest options out there. One does not have to worry about the water overheating or the appliance suffering from severe damage. 

The Difference Between Horizontal and Vertical Geysers

Now let us take a look at some of the major differences between the two geyser types:





7 Liters 

Horizontal space


RO + UF + UV 



6 stage 


Energy Efficiency




Easy to install

Difficult to install

Horizontal vs Vertical Geyser: The Conclusion

So, Which type of geyser is best for the bathroom? The geyser is an essential part of our lives, and we need one no matter what. With technological advancement reaching new heights, it is only obvious that we have innumerable choices to select from. Being available in various brands, makes, sizes and also aesthetics. So, which geyser is the best for you? Well, that greatly depends upon your requirement types:

The Horizontal Type: If you are having a great deal of space crunch, then this is the perfect option for you. The Horizontal Geyser types are also good to look at, as they offer a pleasing look. Also, being easy to use, this type is perfect if you have usage and safety concerns to take care of. 

The Vertical Geyser Type: This is the best option when you are on a tight budget and require a good option to deal with. The vertical water geyser is also one of the best when it comes to some of the most common and popular options out there. 

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