How Does a Hair Dryer Work?[2022]

How Does a Hair Dryer Work? Ever wondered? Surely not, after all, the poor thing does its duty after your every shower, and you cant care less. Well, a better understanding of the appliance will have you appreciate it more and take care of it better. Interestingly, the hairdryer is not a modern invention. The grooming device has been the ultimate glamour icon and has been showcased infinite times as a ‘beauty too .’But did you know that the hairdryer is as old as the Vacuum cleaner itself? Well, surprising yet true. But yet, it is quite different from the raging vacuum cleaner, or you would be left with a bald head every time you used it! So, how does a hairdryer works? This and more about the device as you read on:


Let us take a look at the working of the hairdryer and explanation about the engineering going on within:

The Principe: The appliance works by speeding up the evaporation process from the surface of your hair to ultimately dry it. The warm air containing more moisture content attracts the moisture from the hair’s surface, thus, drying it in the process.

Science Involved: The electric energy is transformed into convective energy for the required results.

Parts Involved: A motor-driven fan, Heating element, the outer body cast, Power input source, switch.

The Working

Once plugged into the main power source, the user needs to switch ON the power supply. The heating element gets activated with the flow of current. This is nothing but a simple heating coiled wire or a more sophisticated Tourmaline infused Ceramic coating.
The Electric motor starts to spin once the electricity is passed across, and in turn, starts the fan to spin. This creates the tiny whirlwind of airflow that rushes into the ‘barrel’ of the hairdryer. The airflow passes through the heating element on its way to the barrel, and this causes the airflow to warm up by the process of ‘forced convection. This is finally let out from the other end of the barrel and all over the surface of the application (the hair).

How Does The Diffuser On A Hair Dryer Work?

This is the extra attachment that is fixed onto the nozzle of the hairdryer to spread the airflow all over the hair’s surface. The airflow thus created is also more controlled and allows the user the freedom to style the hair as they desire. The diffuser works in the following way:
The nozzle is rotated in a manner to be able to adjust the airflow according to the hair type. This can be further done by rotating the nozzle to allow more or less airflow as required. The right way to dry hair when using a diffuser is by tilting the head slightly to assist the diffuser to function. Be sure to point the airflow upwards to stabilize the diffuser attached to the nozzle.

What Does A Diffuser Looks Like?

This is a round-shaped attachment with rod-like spikes emerging from the surface. The diffuser is mostly used in the case of Curly or wavy hair as these need special taming to be done. The best part about using the diffuser is that it is known to cut down the damaging effects of the hairdryer heat, hence allowing for a more healthy option. The diffuser essentially circulates the air around the curly hair instead of directly onto it. Hence, assisting it in being able to dry out this specially textured hair type. Also, one must bear in mind that using the diffuser takes a longer time to dry the hair as compared to the regular. But it is worth the wait, as it reduces the dreadful frizz occurrences and helps tame the hair better. Some stylists use the diffuser as it offers volume to the otherwise ‘flat, lifeless hair. This is done with the help of the multiple rod-like structures emerging from the surface of the diffuser that offers the required lift to the individual strands of hair. For the ‘Hollywood blow-out,’ one can flip their hair upside down and work their way from the roots to the tip using the diffuser, hence separating the roots for the added bounce.

Tips when Using the Diffuser

Now that you know how does a diffuser work, it is time to take into account a few pro tips: 

  • Be sure to detangle the hair as and when it is wet. This is to ensure the reduction of frizz in the hair. To further enhance the texture of your natural hair, you can comb while in the shower using a wide-toothed comb.
  • To avoid damage to your hair, avoid rubbing it with a towel. Instead, get hold of a nice old cotton T-shirt and wrap it around your hair like a shower turban. This carefully and gently extracts the moisture from the hair and hence, reduces the chances of frizz occurrence.
  • Now flip your hair upside down and start by directing the hairdryer nozzle at the ends of the hair. Work your way upwards and towards the roots to dry as you do so.
  • Continue as long as you achieve 80% dry hair and let it air dry the rest. This will allow the hair to be hydrated yet bouncy.

How Does a Hair Dryer Work? : The Conclusion

These were a few facts about the working and function of the basic hairdryer. The appliance has come a long way from being a heavy ‘weapon’ of a machine used for hair drying purposes. Also, the current models are safer to be able to cut down the accidents occurring due to their manhandling. Now, the hairdryer is a lightweight, simple to use, and stylish grooming tool. In fact, it is also favoured by the men as much as it is loved by the women.