How Much Electricity Does a Washing Machine Use?

How much electricity does a washing machine use? Have you ever wondered when your machine spins and spins endlessly, day after day, about how much it contributes to the monthly bills? While the poor thing takes off the washing load from your hands, nevertheless, it is often blamed for excessive bill rates every single time. However, a little insight into its workings will help you ‘ration’ and rationalize the exact expenses and how to control them. So, how many watts is a washing machine? Let us find out. 

how much electricity does a washing machine use, how much electricity does

That it is important to understand which features of a machine affect overall power consumption:

  • The heating equipment- 70%
  • Motor, pump, and Display- 30%

So, you see, the major chunk of the bill is affected by the heating element, and the rest is due to the other components. On average, a 7 kg washing machine consumes 2000 Watts- 2500 Watts when under full power consumption along with the hot water mix. Usually, the heating element consumes 500 Watts of power, making this an additional (major) feature to your bills. 

So, when wondering about how many kWh does a washing machine use? Well, a two-hour wash with the heating element can amount the bill up to 2 kWh or 2 Units of electricity. On the other hand, washing clothes without heating can bill up to 0.5 kWh of electricity.

How Much Unit Of Electricity Consumed By Washing Machine: The Rated Power

The overall rated power of the washing machine and the electric motor are the basics that we need to know about. However, both these values are easily stated on the backside of the appliance itself. The rated power is measured in Watts (or W) and can be found on your brand’s official website as well. The other method is to visit Amazon and check out a similar model to know about the features. Overall, it is vital that we need to calculate the total power consumption of this appliance for a better understanding of its energy efficiency.

The Power Calculation: How Much Watts Does A Washing Machine Use?

As mentioned earlier, the heating component is the main culprit that contributes to the overall electric bills at the end of the month. The other features such as the display, control panel, pumps are only mildly responsible. 

Overall here are a few stats to help you out: 

A 7 Kg machine runs at full power and full load along with the heating element = 2000 W.

A 7 kg machine running at full power and full load without the heating element = 500 W

However, if you need to calculate the power consumption of an electronic device, here is a simple formula:

Power consumed (kWh) = Rated power (kW) x Operational hours (hours)


A 7 Kg washing machine operating for 1 hour at full power at full capacity with the heating element has: 

 Power consumption = 2 kWh X 1 hr = 2kWh or 2 Units of electricity

A 7 Kg washing machine operating for 1 hour at full power at full capacity without the heating element has:

Power consumption = 0.5 kWh X 1 hour = 0.5 kWh or 0.5 Units of Electricity

Hence when wondering about how many watts does a washing machine use per hour,

The Overall Electric Bills: 

To know how much electricity does a washer and dryer used on an overall basis, here is a little formula:

[Amount of electricity bill (Rs) = Power consumed (KWH) (units) x electricity tariff (Rs, / unit)]

For example, if your appliance utilizes two units of electricity for one hour for a tariff corresponding to INR 10/unit, your overall electric bill for that month is:

Amount of electric bill = 2 X 10 = INR 20

So, there you have it, now you can yourself calculate how much your washing machine contributes to your overall monthly bills. 

How Using Hot Water Effects, the Electric Bill due to Washing Machine

Most manufacturers specifically state the electric consumption of their respective models and designs. However, the large chunk of electric consumption comes from the motor of the machine. According to the experts, about 90% of the total power used by the machine is due to the motor. So, when wondering about how much washing machines consume electricity? Well, now you know what to do. 

Now, if you are wondering that you have no choice, well, you are wrong. There is a method to cut down on bills even if your machine includes the heating feature. Sometimes there is a hot water hook-up located in the washing machine (on the outside). In such a condition, you can simply connect the hose and the pump of hot water directly—this way, the load of actual heating the water heater does the water. Thus, when wondering in this case about how much washing machines consume electricity? Well, it sure is much less than the regular arrangement. 

The second setup comprises internal heaters, as in some washing machine models. These work up when you only have a cold water supply at home or laundry room. While the heaters themselves are not much of an issue here, the age and efficiency of the machine itself hamper the bills in the end in this case. 

Most worry about how much current does a washing machine use? But the best way to cut down on the bills effectively is to get yourself an energy-efficient model. Also, an upgrade won’t harm; a nice front-loading energy-efficient model is a great option. As in the case of the water-hook-up system of water heating, it is greatly recommended to ensure you have an energy-efficient water heating system to help you with the bills. 

How Much Electricity Does Washing Machine Consume: When To Upgrade

The fact remains that there are certain aspects of the washing machine that requires to be taken to account. When wondering if your washing machine has been draining your pockets along with the water with every wash, you need some advice. So, here are a few facts that will help you:

  • The newer models are more efficient than, the older ones
  • The front-loads are better at saving as compared to the top load.
  • Any machine bought before 2015 will need an upgrade.
  • The lifespan of a washing machine is 11 years, so if you have been hanging on longer than that, you might want to finally let go.
  • If your wattage falls in the 1000 watts range, you do need an upgrade ASAP.

How Much Electricity Does a Washing Machine Use?: FAQs

A regular 7 kg washing machine uses a hot wash to use 2000 W- 2500 W of power. 

On average, a regular washing machine utilizes 2 kWh or 2 Units of electricity. 

When worried about how many watts to run a washing machine? Well, there are ways to bring down the consumption:

  •  Wash using cool water.
  • Pre-soaking helps remove the stains.
  • Go for a full load.
  • Opt for the short cycle whenever you can.
  • Reduce the loads.
  • Be switch off the main power when not in use.