How To Choose A Pressure Relief Mattress?[2022]

How to choose a pressure relief mattress? A major concern is if you have bed-ridden family members to take care of. Nevertheless, the ‘sleep technology’ is no longer about just lying there on a piece of fabric, foam, and cotton. This major Science inaction allows the users to understand the benefits and adverse effects of the products in question. After all, it is your Spine we are talking about. One of the most critical aspects of our body allows us a good posture and an overall appearance of a healthy lifestyle. A strong spine or back is an essential aspect of healthy living; hence, one must invest in proper bedding arrangements for a lifetime of care.


The need and necessity to Choose a pressure relief mattress comes to play when one is suffering from a medical condition that requires long hours of rest. It is also a game-changer in offering massive relief if a person cannot flip sides and change position on the bed by themselves. This can lead to the development of ‘sores’ in the body that inhibit blood flow onto a specific part, resulting in a lack of blood flow to the tissues and subsequent breakdown of the skin.

The Pressure Relief Mattress is designed in a manner to reduce the development of Bed sores or ulcers. Also known as Pressure ulcers, these can be reasons for major discomfort in the ailing and the old who are bed-ridden. For this, the all-exclusive Pressure Relief mattress is designed to offer uniform support from head to toe. This is done by even bodyweight redistribution throughout the mattress, hence immensely reducing or removing pressure on a certain part of the body alone. Also, an immense amount of friction and shearing is greatly reduced when the pressure relief mattress comes to play. The technology applied here applies the reactive therapy where the body’s weight is evenly distributed throughout the mattress. This causes the overall weight to be evenly distributed over the large contact area through ‘active therapy’, which causes the reduction of intensity and duration of pressure. Some of the more high-end mattress types can be inflated or deflated to adjust the pressure accordingly. So, let us take a look at how to find a pressure relief mattress the right way:

Tips To Choose Pressure Relief Mattress

The Pressure Relief mattresses are in various types and need to be selected accordingly:

The Gel-Type

These are the ‘non-powered’ type and take the shape of the user’s body hence offering a sinking feeling. This is one of the most sought-after types as it retains minimum heat of the body, hence offering a better temperature regulation. These are considered to be more relaxing and responsive and are known to provide a fulfilling sleeping experience. Most recommended for people who are suffering from Pressure Ulcers and Superficial bedsores.


  • Offers a contoured feeling of sinking into the mattress.
  • The surface temperature is well-regulated.
  • Offers even weight distribution.


  • Not exactly a great choice of active pressure relief.
  • Not the right option for people already suffering from bed sores or at the brink of developing the same.

The Foam Type

These are the low-tech static mattress type that can be cross-cut. This allows individual cells of the mattress to receive the user’s weight more. This is the reason for the feeling of partial immersion and envelopment as and when the user rests upon the surface of the mattress. Also known as the ‘Reactive Therapy’, less to no pressure is applied onto the tissue and skin of the user. These mattress types are most recommended for users with a low-level risk of sore development or superficial sores.


  • Contours the body of the user.
  • Shearing risk is highly reduced as and when any movement occurs.
  • Even weight distribution, hence relieves, pressure with time.
  • The Air pockets within the product, along with the cross-cutting design, adds to pressure reduction.


  • Not for the complete treatment of the Ulcer.
  • Can get hot with time, as it can retain heat.

The Hybrid Type

As the name suggests, this type is a combination of foam and air. This type can be either powered or non-powered type. Depending upon this, the former deals with ‘Active therapy’ despite not offering the same relief as the alternating pressure air mattress. Subsequently, the Non-powered type is more to do with ‘Reactive Therapy’ and is much like the foam mattress. The Hybrid type is a design that features ‘individual air cells’ that hold the foam. This is recommended for users at a high risk of developing Ulcers or with existing ones.


  • Is bouncier in comparison to the other type.
  • Offers the comfort of the body-contouring foam.
  • Is breathable.
  • Can be customized as per requirement.
  • Features’ reduced motion transfer.


  • Is expensive of the lot.
  • Is quite heavy.

The Alternating Pressure Type

These are the exclusive types that comprise special ‘air bladders’. The mechanism works by inflation and deflation of an air bladder and subsequent inflation and deflation of the adjacent type as well. This is a cycle that runs in alternation, which takes about 10 minutes for the entire surface of the bed to be covered. This is highly recommended for the prevention of skin breakdown.


  • Is perfect for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.
  • Offers relief from muscle aches.
  • Also effective is the prevention of skin breakdown.
  • Can be easily cleaned and used.


  • Comprises of high horsepower pumps, hence costlier.
  • Is noisy.

How To Choose A Pressure Relief Mattress?: The Conclusion

It is important to Find a pressure relief mattress the right way for the right purpose. Likewise, the perfect mattress can go a long way to offer the much-required ‘healing’ and prevention of deadly sores. Finally, the pressure relief mattress is a must-have if you have people suffering from serious Spine and Back issues. Also, an excellent mattress can go a long way in being able to serve and heal permanently bed-ridden patients.