How to Clean An Air Cooler?[2022]

How to Clean An Air Cooler? You will have to soon enough, as the appliance starts to ‘work funny’ eventually. Subsequently, when you observe that the ‘cooling is not cool enough, it is time to give your Air cooler some ‘love, care, and cleaning up.’ So, do you need to rush to a service centre immediately? Or call-in your regular techie over for a thorough check-up? Well, you could save yourself a lot of trouble and money if you could just do some amount of cleaning up yourself. Sounds scary? It is a lot easier than it sounds. We at ATB are here to help you with the task and also to show you just how simple it is to take care of your appliances on the long way.

  • It is important to unplug your appliance from the main socket.
  • After this, gently remove the air filter and the Water Basin.
  • Take a tub or a sink full of warm water and mix it with 1 TBS of liquid soap/any soap.
  • Now, place the Water Basin inside the tub and clean by offering mild scrubbing actions.
  • Repeat until you are satisfied with the results, and dry the Water Basin using a common towel.
  • As for the air filter, repeat the same and allow air to dry out completely.

This is the basic manner on how to clean air cooler at home; something you need to do on a brief schedule for a more ‘superficial’ cleaning up. For a more deep-clean action, you might want to get beneath and within the appliance bit by bit. Here’s how:

How To Clean An Air Cooler Water Tank

Let us get into the stepwise method on how to clean the tank of the appliance:

1. The Cooling Pads and the Panels

Be sure to carefully extract all the cooling pads and the panels from within the tank to proceed. After this, be sure to plug off the device and shut down the water supply.

2. Empty the Old Water

This is a relatively simple step to follow. All you need to do is either manually remove the tank if it is of the detachable kind or simply remove the drain plug to remove all the standing water within the tank.

3. The Insides of the Cooler

To clean the insides of the cooler, one can use a clean cloth, towel, or sponge. This is a crucial step as debris usually gets accumulated within the inner walls of the cooler, causing it to malfunction at times. For this, wipe clean and repeat till satisfactory results are achieved. Be sure to give the tank a good amount of scrubbing for it to be eliminated from toxins.

How to Clean An Air Cooler: The Cooling Pads

Likewise, on how to clean an air cooler, the cooling pads need to be offered the right kind of importance as well. Also known as the heat exchangers, the cooling pads turn quite dirty with time and repeated usage. To get them clean, you will have to:

1. Submerge in a Mixture of Vinegar and Lemon Juice

For this, make a 50-50 solution of vinegar and water or Lemon juice and water. Completely submerge the cooling pads inside the container and allow them to sit for 30-60 seconds.

2. Air Dry

This is a crucial yet most overlooked step when cleaning the cooling pads. Be sure to completely air-dry the pads before you reinstall them back into the tank.

How To Clean An Air Cooler: The Main Body

Just like every other part, the external body of the air cooler needs just as much attention. Especially if you own a Swamp Air cooler, however, be sure to avoid any harsh detergents and chemicals to do the job as they might ruin the external paint and polish. Simply use a clean cloth and tap water to carefully clean the exterior of the Air cooler.

How To Clean An Air Cooler Filter

Usually, the air coolers comprise a couple of filters that are fixed at the back and sides of the fan in an Air cooler. The filters are placed either vertically or horizontally, vertically, and with time they tend to accumulate a large amount of dirt. It is recommended to clean the filters monthly. To clean the filters, you need to use some mild soap and water mixture. Clean away the debris using a clean cloth and gentle action. Rinse thoroughly and repeat as and when required. Be sure to air dry the filters well enough before finally fixing them back into the main body.

It is a no-brainer that the fan blades of the Air cooler also need to be cleared promptly. The fan blades are one of the most hard-working parts of the appliance and tend to get dirty eventually. For this, you will need to simply get hold of a nice washcloth that is damp enough to grab all the dirt away. Be sure not to pour any water directly on the blades as it can damage them. Usually, the blades are located next to the LED display; hence care must be taken to preserve both parts of the appliance.

How to Clean An Air Cooler: The Motors

Just like the other parts of the air cooler, the motor also needs as much attention. For this, be sure to take a nice deep check on it and also lubricate it with oil every once in a while.

The Conclusion

So, my dear folks, here are a few basic yet effective ways to clean the Air cooler by yourself. A few nips and tucks, and you are good to go without having to burn your pockets. Also, it is necessary to ensure no amount of water gets in the insides of the electronic appliance during cleaning. Winter is a great time to get your ‘Cooling Devices’ out to be cleaned, checked, oiled, and repaired as required. This will have you ready for the ‘killer Summers’ that are just around the corner.

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