How to Clean and Maintain Wet Grinder?

How to clean Wet Grinder? Well, it needs cleaning as well, just like the rest of the kitchen appliances. Your wet grinder is a hard-working machine that has an important role to play in your meal preparations. Being a motor-based machine, the wet-grinder deals with processing the ingredients into paste or ground-form. This leads to it having various foods lodged within the blades, the rubber seal, and the underside of the lid. Being one of the most important gadgets for the home-goddess, a deep-clean pampering session of the Grinder is a must. But how do we go about the task? What are its risks? What are the precautions? Let us take a look:

Wet Grinder

This is a wonder-machine for Indian cuisine. As the name suggests, this is a home gadget for fine-grinding of food grains into a fine batter or paste. The ‘wet’ of the wet grinder refers to the fact that the user can implement the use of liquids or water for the preparations. This fluid helps in the better lubrication of the process of fine grinding into the paste for food preparations. The Wet-Grinder is used for Dosa and idli preparations. These are available as four types:

    • Old Stone Wet grinders
    • Tabletop wet Grinders
    • Tilting Table Top wet grinder
    • Commercial wet grinders

Functions of a Wet Grinder

The Wet Grinder comprises granite stones that are ‘set-up’ to rotate inside a metal drum. An electric motor powers the entire machine. The machine works by crushing the food ingredients in between the metal blades and the metal walls of the machine. The machine is majorly used for:

    • Making batter out of food grains.
    • Used exclusively for South Indian cuisine preparation.
    • Is preferred as it also comprises the addition of water.
    • Offers a fine paste preparation in large quantities.
    • Can operate for a more extended period.
    • Is comparatively quicker and faster.
    • Helps retain the genuine flavours of the original ingredients.

Tips for Cleaning Wet Grinder

Regular cleaning of the Wet Grinder is an important aspect of its regular maintenance. As it is a kitchen appliance regularly used in most homes, a certain amount of tender, love, and care is much required. Let us take a look at how we can do this:

    • You must clean your machine before you use it. 
    • It is recommended that you keep your wet grinder as dry as possible most time. 
    • It is advised to remove all roller assembly before and clean it properly before you reassemble it back. 

What you’ll need

    • Some clean water, soap if preferred
    • Soft clean cloth
    • A gentle cleaning brush


    • Firstly, remove the grinding stones along with the holder stick and clean it by placing it under running tap water.
    • For cleaning all nooks and corners of the machine, make use of the gentle brush where ever required.
    • To clean the motor, be sure to wipe clean with a wet cloth and later wipe it dry.
    • It is necessary to keep the grinding drum upside down for it to dry out completely.
    • Dry the grinding stones after you clean them,
    • Ensure that all the parts have dried well before you reassemble them.

How Often Should You Clean Wet Grinder?

Cleaning of the wet grinder greatly depends upon the frequency of use.

  • If you use your wet grinder every day, be sure to clean it after every use.
  • If you use it sparingly, be sure to deep clean it at least twice a month.

What Not to Do When Cleaning a Wet Grinder?

Before you get cleaning, be sure to follow a few precautions:

    • Never leave the device plugged-in before you clean it.
    • Never use wet cloth when cleaning the motor and never .
    • Never use the machine without cleaning the drum.
    • Do not submerge the machine in water for cleaning purposes.
    • Never clean the rolling parts without carefully removing them from the main machine body.
    • Be sure to stay safe as you handle sharp parts.

Tips For Maintaining Wet Grinder

How to Maintain Grinder? This is necessary that you follow a few precautions for better results. Let us take a look at some of the important tips that can help you maintain your machine well:
Before every use, be sure to check the stones’ fittings and rollers well to ensure they are fixed properly.

    • Be sure never to run a wet grinder when it is empty.
    • It is recommended that you ‘feed-in’ small quantities of food ingredients into the machine as you get grinding. This tip goes a long way in making sure you get evenly fine batter throughout.
    • Be sure to place the wet grinder on an even platform to reduce vibration. This way, you will be able to maintain the overall lifespan of the machine.
    • Use enough water for grinding to reduce the lower belt tension. This can lead to some serious problems in the long run.
    • Read the user manual properly before you operate your machine. This will give a better idea about the do’s and don’t’s of the model before you operate it.
    • Never uses attachments and extra parts from unauthorized dealers, as this can greatly affect the performance of your machine.
    • Be sure to get professional assistance for any repair and damages to your machine. Sometimes, we tend to ‘spoil’ the machine instead of attending to it ourselves.
    • Be sure to unlock the arm when the machine is in operation.
    • Be sure to keep your arms away from the Drum when the machine is in operation
    • This machine is not fit for children. Keep them away from it.
    • Be sure to keep the position of the wiper facing the motor when under operation
    • Remove the drum when not in use and keep it upside down.
    • Likewise, for the maintenance of the stones, be sure to remove them from the body of the machine and keep them dry when not in use.
    • Fit the rollers well after very clean-up and ensure you fix them up properly before use.
    • Never run the Wet Grinder when empty. This leads to the damage of the stones and the motor.
    • You need to lubricate the belt every once in a while. If not every day, do it once in a while for best results.
    • When using water for your preparation, ensure that it does not get into the motor. This can lead to permanent damages.

The Conclusion

While cleaning can be a task, but it Is recommended to accomplish it nevertheless. For many, it can a chore best kept at a distance. But here are a few things within your household that you can utilize for better cleaning results:

Lemons: Has your Wert Grinder been stinking for a while now? Despite the best cleaning efforts, you have not been successful in eliminating the odours. Well, you have a fine solution within your kitchen itself. Grab some fresh-smelling Citrus Lemons from your fridge. Now, remove the peels from them and rub them on the insides of the machine. Be sure to use the Lemon peels generously by covering all the parts, blades, drums, and insides properly. Also, the insides of the lid need to be rubbed well-using Lemon peels, and this also helps remove the pungent smell. Lemons are also effective in removing any stubborn stains from the machine. 

Baking Powder: Do you have to deal with solid gunk that has been stuck on the rollers? For this, it is best to use Baking Powder. For this, make a paste of Baking powder and water and apply it to the rolling stones. Let stay for about twenty minutes for the chemical to do its work. Now, clean away the past and the stubborn junk using clean water. This way, you not only get rid of the junk but also odours.

Vinegar: Sometimes, the stains simply do not go away. Any amount of scrubbing and water does not seem to be doing its job. For this, use Vinegar. This can be done by mixing-in two tablespoons of vinegar and pour over the wet grinder parts. For best results, spin the grinder once for even distribution of Vinegar onto each corner of the machine. After this, remove the stones and the rollers from the machine and run tap water on them. For the insides, be sure to use a damp cloth to clean away all the junk. 

So, now that you know all that there is to maintain your Wet grinder get cleaning them well. You must keep them under proper working conditions for long-lasting results. A wet grinder is a machine at the end of the day, and it needs to be treated like one.