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How to deep clean Baffle Filters? Well, the task is rather boring yet important for the overall maintenance of the Ventilation system or the exhaust. To start with, the Baffle filters are responsible for the most important task of ‘trapping’ the grease from the smoke as the cooking process occurs. Over time (and obviously), the Baffle filter is covered with grease and grime that must be cleaned. However, the catch of the matter is that the Baffle filter is not just any other piece of ‘metal junk’ you need to scrub-clean. It has a function-specific construction that needs to be considered as and when we proceed to clean it. So, what do we do? Well, here are a few tried and tested methods to ensure the proper cleaning of the Baffle filter to make sure it functions properly:


Most times, it is a smart choice to get our hands dirty to clean up a task. But, as mentioned earlier, it is necessary to do it right so that you can ensure proper results. For this, you will have to:

  • Gently remove the Baffle filter from the hood above. These can be either lightweight or heavy weighted; hence it is important to be careful as and when you do it.
  • Now, fill up your kitchen sink with soap and water up to the level you think would be enough to submerge the Filters properly and completely.
  • Next, submerge the filters into the Sink and let sit for about 30 minutes.
  • Next, you need to get hold of some non-abrasive cleaning tool (sponge) to gently slug off the grime from the surface of the Filters.
  • It is advised to not use any Bleaching agents or harsh soaps to soak and clean the Baffle filters, as they can permanently damage the construction of the Filters.
  • After removing the grime and grease, you need to gently wipe dry the Filters with a clean cloth.
  • Let air dry completely before you fix them back into the hood to be used the next time.

The Dish-Wash Process

Some people wish to allow their machines to perform most chores for them. This also includes getting the grease off the Baffle filters. The best part is that the Baffle filters can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. This is how:

  • Place the filter on the right kind of slot within the dishwasher and set up to high-temperature wash program.
  • Use the gentle liquid soap and fill it up in the soap compartment of the dishwasher. As mentioned earlier, you need to make sure to avoid the use of any harsh cleaning agents.
  • Power ON and allow the wash cycle to complete the washing process.
  • Once done, it is important to check if the grime is off the Filters as required.
  • If not, it is recommended to run the next round of wash cycle.
  • Finally, allow the Baffle filter to dry completely before you replace them on the hood to be used.

The Soak Method

Some people neither have a dishwasher at home nor the time and energy to scrub clean the Baffle filters. So, for those (like me), there is the ever-efficient ‘soak-method.’ Generally, this comprises soaking and allowing the Filters to sit in a solution of cleaning agents and water. You simply need to allow the filters to soak in the solution for an hour or two, maximum, and then scrub them clean:

The Dish Wash Liquid

For this method, you need to let soak the filters in a solution of warm water and some dish wash soap. After an hour or so, simply clean gently with a soft sponge to get rid of the grease. Dry using a soft cloth and re-install the back.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Take a tub and fill it up with warm water and 2-3 tbs of Baking Soda, Salt, and Vinegar. Let sit for about an hour before you gently slug off the grease using a soft cloth.

The Caustic Soda Solution

You must make a fine solution of warm water and some Caustic soda. Now, gently place the dirty filters in the tub, submerging them completely. Allow to sit for an hour or two and repeat the scrub-clean-dry method as above.

While cleaning the filters is an important task, it is also necessary to clean the hood of the Chimney. This can be done by simply using some basic detergent and water for the process of wiping clean the exterior surface and repeating till you get the required results.

What is a Baffle Filter?

The Baffle filters are an important part of the kitchen chimney that function to ‘hold back’ or trap the grease and grime as the cooking process takes place. The Baffle filters are made from 430 Stainless Steel, Aluminum, or even Steel. These are constructed in a Mesh-like network design with careful spacing in between the gaps. It is here that the grease and the grime are trapped as and when the suction starts. The grease condenses on the blades and is filtered onto a tray-like arrangement. This way, no build-up can hinder the normal functioning of the filters and the Chimney.

How To Deep Clean Baffle Filters?: The Conclusion

How to clean greasy baffle filters? Well, now you know exactly how. The filters are one of the most important parts of the working of the Chimney. Hence their maintenance and cleaning are important aspects to be considered. The baffle filters are important because:

  • The Baffle filters block the flames from spreading in the event of a fire outbreak.
  • These function to ensure that air is pulled-in in a uniform manner to ensure efficiency.
  • The Baffle filters are easy to clean and maintain.
  • They can be cleaned in the dishwasher as well
  • These are generally quite durable.
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