How to Find Perfect Bluetooth Speakers?[2022]

How to Find Perfect Bluetooth Speakers? It is high time we got talking about this. After all, when picking out the speakers, one hardly offers it the attention it so rightly needs. The main aspect of purchasing Bluetooth speakers is better sound clarity. Now, if you have managed to splurge on the speakers of your dreams, it better be able to offer you the sound bytes you expect. But, not everything is the device’s fault alone. Sometimes we simply need to ‘check-list’ on a few features to enjoy the perfect product. So, what are the Perfect Bluetooth Speaker specification, you need to watch out for? Let’s find out:


It is necessary to opt for a model that is somewhere around v4.2 or the latest. While version 5 might appear for most people to be ‘too latest,’ nevertheless, the difference is too big to ignore. This is because the wireless range of the v5 is almost four times better than the v4. This amounts to maxing out a whopping 120 meters in the case of the Bluetooth 5. The clock-up speed of the latest version is 2 Mbps and is also compatible with the Smart devices around the house. The best part about Bluetooth 5 is that you can pair more than one smart device to it, a perfect arrangement in case you have a joint family system.

2. Portable

The portability of a wireless device is among the Perfect Bluetooth features. Do you need to move about a lot? Have a party planned at the beach and need speakers for the Music? Well, you need to check out the portable feature of the Bluetooth speakers you are eyeing on. Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember that the bigger the size of the speakers, the better is the sound. But, as there might be a situation of travelling or moving about, you might want to consider the built-in battery feature for a Bluetooth speaker. Essentially this should be able to offer a minimum of 6-12 hours of run-time, while some can offer 24 hours of non-stop fun. However, the smaller the speaker more travel-friendly it is. If you are too busy with too many things, opt for a Bluetooth speaker with its charging station.

3. The 'Smart' factor

As we all have successfully ventured into the ‘Smart-era,’ our devices need to be updated accordingly. Make sure that your Bluetooth speaker is compatible with virtual assistance at your home. There are available various third-party Bluetooth speakers comprised of the microphone as well. This allows you to make a hands-free call and monitor voice-activated devices like ‘Siri,’ ‘Echo,’ and ‘Nest.’

4. The Waterproof Feature

When you decide to purchase the best Bluetooth speakers, the waterproof feature is a prime feature to watch out for. Water and Electronics cannot get along well. However, when it comes to Bluetooth Speakers, there are a few nice waterproof models available to watch out for. Take a look at the IP ratings. To be on the safe side, you can opt for an IP68 rating: it can tolerate a depth of 1.5m underwater for 30 minutes. Likewise, some specific models can actually ‘float.’ This way, the machinery inside remains intact, and you can simply pick it up and wash it off.

5. The Multi-Room Phenomenon

When you need to buy the best Find Perfect Bluetooth Speakers, be sure to notice if it comprises multi-room audio. This way, you can set up more than one compatible speaker around the house as and when required. This is a great feature, as your complete audio set-up will be able to operate even when the Internet snaps out—a perfect solution for a place where the Internet is weak and unreliable.

6. The Aux-Input and USB-C

Aux-in is also known as the line-in socket that is featured in some of the Bluetooth speakers. This way, you can connect any audio source via cable to your speakers. This might sound old-school where wires and cables were used; however, these are a great help when you need not rely on the Bluetooth wireless connection for it to work. Also, you can use your Bluetooth speaker with the previous versions of devices like the CD Player or the Record Player. This can also come in handy with your older yet hard-to-part smartphone that features a 3.5mm headphone socket. The best part is that you can also connect your TV to this latest Bluetooth speaker. This way, you can make the most of both worlds.
Likewise, with the launch of the latest USB-C charging port, the users can enjoy a quick charging time. Also, this port is uniform in shape; hence one does not have to worry about ‘the right side up.’

7. The AptX HD

How to choose the best Bluetooth speaker? Well, watch out for the aptX-HD feature. This is the audio codec that can support 24-bit audio streaming through Bluetooth by minimizing distortion. Some of the aptX-HD features comprise bi-directional Bluetooth, which allows the user to stream the Music ‘while’ listening to the Music simultaneously via headphones. In a nutshell, if you want a perfect audio experience, go for the aptX HD feature.

8. The Connectivity

It is, after all, it is about connectivity and how well the wireless feature of the device can work. For this, be sure to spot the ‘NFC’ on the Bluetooth speakers you are planning to buy. This feature enables the device to be compatible with other devices despite low speeds. As the entire point of purchasing the Bluetooth speaker is to enjoy the ‘wireless’ experience, be sure to check out the efficiency of the device’s connectivity. The built-in subwoofer is another feature to watch out for when selecting the right Bluetooth speaker, and this allows the user to also enjoy low-pitched audio frequencies with ease.

9. Cost Price

Usually, the Bluetooth speakers start at INR 30000 and can spike up to 1 lakhs. However, most people believe that a Bluetooth speaker on a budget might not serve to be good enough. But, this is not true. There are some fantastic deals available both online and in-stores. Be sure to watch out for these, and you will be surprised with how you can buy a device on a budget yet make the most of it.

How To Find Perfect Bluetooth Speakers?: The Conclusion

So you see choosing the best Bluetooth speakers no Rocket-Science. You simply have to take care of a few key features, and you are good to go. The current age is all about our devices growing compact, sleek, and wireless. Hence, staying updated is necessary; meanwhile, it is also essential to understand the art of making the right choice the right way.

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