How to Improve Home Theatre Sound Quality? Step By Step Guide

How to improve home theatre sound quality? This is the common question that will ruminate in your mind once you have your home theatre installedAfter all, we all love a great movie night. It is wonderful to have your family together to catch a movie together or your pals over for the live ball game. But, as you settle in with the drinks and popcorn, you realize that the sound is not as great as it should be. After all the money you put into getting the perfect home theatre for yourself, this can be quite a downer. So what could have gone wrong? Can you set it right before the next blockbuster or the game night? You sure can, and we at ATB are here to help you do that. So, let us take a look at the Ways to Improve Home Theatre Sound quality:

How to Improve Home Theatre Sound Quality

After all, it is the speaker that is the main source of the audio, finally making it to your ears. One of the biggest ‘crimes’ we commit is to take this particular accessory for granted. Just how many times have we simply plugged in ‘any speaker’ laying about the house in a brand new theatre? It does not even cross our minds that this could damage a perfectly fine home theatre for no fault of its own. For this, be sure to get yourself ‘matching speakers.’ Yes, just like the fact that you cannot be caught dead in mismatched pair of shoes, your speaker needs to be applied in pairs as well. For this, your Center Channel and Surround Speaker need to match your front left and right speakers. This is because each speaker from a certain brand has an ‘execution’ of its own. This essentially implies the fact that sound changes as it travels from one speaker to another. Hence, it can greatly deter how you finally receive the overall effect. So, to ensure a great experience, make sure ALL your speakers match with one another and are from the same brand.

2. The Subwoofer: Upgrade Now

Have you noticed the fine sound effect in a movie from the background as it crawls ‘silently’ and gives you the jump? Well, the subwoofer is responsible for this, as it impacts the depth of the Soundtrack. This particular feature is a must for the ultimate home theatre experience. Also, the subwoofer allows you the thrill of the massive explosion or crash taking place on the screen, thus offering you the ‘out of this world experience’ you expect. However, do not misread, ‘bigger is better in this case. A quality woofer is responsible for the ultimate sound effect you need. So, instead of selecting between a 10″ or a 12″ woofer, better select based on the quality it offers.

3. The Center Channel: Upgrade

The Center Channel is the home theatre feature responsible for the life-like dialogues and explosive sound effects during screening. One must know that the Center Channel is responsible for 85% of the movie track information. In this case, the bigger is better, as a larger centre channel is responsible for the capacity to handle more Bass and stunning effect. So, it is vital to ensure you spend on a nice Center Channel, to Improve Home Theatre Sound Quality. 

4. The Receiver and the Amplifier

For the ultimate in-home movie theatre experience, it is necessary to invest in a good set of Receivers and amplifiers. For this, ensure that the amplifier is well-powered, as this goes a long way in excelling in the sound quality. However, you must understand that the wattage ratings are going to help you analyze the power needs of our receiver and amplifiers. So, there is a fat chance that a 60watts per channel belonging from a premium audio manufacturer can be a lot better as compared to the 100 watts per channel of a ‘regular brand.’ Also, be sure to test it out before you buy it at the nearest Electronics store.

5. The Placements

One of the major tips to Improve Home Theatre Sound is to ensure that the speakers are placed properly. This could mean that you remove the speakers snugged at the corners, inside of cabinets, in the ceiling, and in other such crazy places. There are a few guidelines that ensure a proper listening ability when the speakers are well placed. This is necessary as the human ear needs to sense that the source of sound is nearby and comfortable.

6. An Electrical Circuit

Today, we live in a technical jungle and are usually lost knee-deep within the endless wires and cable. Of course, we require today’s tech needs, like the AC, refrigerator, oven, TV, music system, and innumerable others. Not many of us realize that when multiple electronic appliances are ‘jammed’ into the common circuit, it only leads to the ‘electronic noise.’ Usually, this electronic noise translates into the noise that leaks into the home theatre system channels. The trick is to ensure you have a dedicated circuit for your home theatre. After all, you have spent quite a bomb in ensuring you have all the elements of your ultimate home theatre in place; go an extra mile and get yourself an ‘exclusive’ circuit for your Home theatre.

7. Replace, Replace and Repeat

One of the best tips to improve the Sound Quality of HomeTheatre is to invest in good-quality speaker wire and cables. This is because most home theatre systems and speakers comprise their own set of cable wires. These might work initially, only to diminish a while later and eventually ruin your system along with it. It is recommended not to trust the manufacturers when they claim that a certain ‘cable or wire’ is excellent for the system; instead, be sure to do your research and buy yourself good-quality wires. However, be sure to understand that any and every cable does diminish after regular use, so you need to replace and repeat time and again.

8. The Seat of All Problems

Remember the ‘relaxing TV chair’ that belonged to Joey and Chandler in the iconic ‘Friends’? Well, you sure need to get your seat right, too, if you want to experience the ultimate in-home theatre experience. While you have your screen just right, the Speakers are well placed and expensive too, your wires are just right; why are you slumming in that ‘duffle-bag’ of a seat for the movie night? So, get going and get yourself some fine home theatre seats that can offer you comfortable space, surround sound experience, and the ultimate Movie experience.

How to Improve Home Theatre Sound Quality: The Conclusion

So, dear people here is all that you need to know to improve the ‘sound around your house. In case you are planning a movie night out with your family and friends, be sure to set the elements right. It goes a long way in ensuring the ultimate in fun, and of course, the popcorn tastes excellent too.

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