How to Reduce Vibration Of Washing Machines?

How to Reduce Vibration Of Washing Machines? And you thought the manufacturers had cheated on you? The vibration of the washing machine is a very normal phenomenon. Most times, we all have observed our washing machines shaking in an un-natural manner at times. But what should you do if it continues to ‘misbehave’ this way? What are you doing wrong? How can you eliminate this effect? But first things first.

 Let us take a look at why your washing machine ‘breaks into a dance’ every once in a while:

1. Helping Yourself

how to stop vibration of washing machine

Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and try and accomplish various tasks ourselves. It is an exciting moment as our washing machine arrives at our home. Often, we believe that installing the washing machine is a simple task and can be done by self. But things can go wrong. A washing machine also requires expertise as a good deal of plumbing is involved in the installation process. After all, you have to fix the machine into a water inlet and also arrange a safe water drainage method. For this, you do require a professional. To be on the safer side, get your regular plumber to help you with the fixtures as you have bought home the ‘machine of your dreams. Why jeopardize a good piece of work simply for the sake of ‘saving’ a bit on installation.

2. It’s The Bolts

washing machine bolt

Yes, there are a few hidden bolts within the washing machine that you did not know about. As you know, the washing machine comprises an inner drum ‘fixed’ within the outer drum in a manner it spins as required. However, during the process of shipping, the drums can collide and make unnecessary noises. To eliminate this, the manufacturers fix a few temporary bolts, also known as ‘safety bolts’. These are four located at the backside and one below the body of the machine. This helps in stabilizing the movement of the drums and avoiding them from ‘shaking’ in transit. So, if your washing machine has just arrived, be sure to check for the ‘secret bolts’. If these are left as they are, it restricts and movement of the drums as it spins, thus, causing the main machine body to ‘vibrate’ as a result.

3. Level It Up

Washing machine bolt

Your washing machine is a high-speed spinning device with 500-1000 RPM. It might sound trivial, but even the slightest bit of ‘unleveled floor surface can lead the machine to vibrate unnecessarily. For this, make sure to check that the footpads of the machine are securely touching the floor at all times. This is all the more important in case you have installed the machine atop a stand or a pedestal.

4. Overworked And Tired

overworked washing machine

Sometimes, we tend to burden our washing machines without realizing it. Overload is a serious problem when it comes to the proper functioning of the washing machine. Be sure to pop-in one piece of clothing at a time to check the level of load. When overloaded, the machine will wobble and vibrate unnecessarily. Be sure to even-up the clothes well and place them in a manner that the weight is well-distributed.

5. Get On The Floor

technical repair washing machine

In rare conditions, it is not even the machines that are at fault. It could be the surface of your flooring and its type. While your model is just fine, the problem lies in the construction of your floors. Check if your floors are strong and sturdy enough to withhold the heavy-load work of the washing machine. Shaky floors cannot stay stable or withhold heavyweight functions on top of it.

6. The Stacking Kit

repair washing machine

Sometimes, the washer and the dryer are placed atop each other. These are fixed with the help of a Stacking kit which stops it from shaking when under operation. Sometimes the stacking kit is not well-placed. This can cause the machine to spin-uncontrollably and get noisy. So, check the kit before you run to a conclusion.

Stop The Washing Machine's Vibrations Now: Here’s How

A vibrating machine is not a pretty sight. But, there is a lot you can do about it. Here are a few tips on how to eliminate the vibrations on a washing machine:

1. The Art Of Balancing

As mentioned earlier, un-uniformly placed clothes in a washing machine can cause them to wobble uncontrollably. So be sure to place the clothes one at a time in a well-distributed manner.

2. Vibration Pads

These are a reality and are easily available as well. You can get hold of Vibration pads from any hardware store. These need to be positioned in case your floors need levelling up, and you have no place to shift. These are nothing but Rubber pads that absorb the vibrations from the machine.

3. Get Professional, Help

If nothing else works, get some professional help. It is better than trying to ‘fix things up yourself. Get hold of a professional and get things working the right way. This is the best when it comes to dealing with a problem you cannot comprehend. After all, you did spend a bomb on the machine; why ruin it?

The Conclusion

Washing machines are pieces of electronics that need every bit of care and love as well. As they get about cleaning your clothes for you, you must ensure it is in a working condition. While running a washing machine, a few tips go a long way in offering you good results. Some of these are:

    • Leaving the door of the machine opens for a while to let-out the odours.
    • Cleaning the detergent dispensers. Yes, these need cleaning too. Cleaning once or twice is recommended to avoid ‘toxic build-up.
    • Use the detergent which is specified for your particular model or design. Sometimes, the wrongly used detergent ‘choke up the system.
    • Likewise, the outlets and inlets need to be checked-upon as well. There are times when simple things like the inlet no being turned-0n or the outlet is clogged can be a reason for your machine not working.