How to take screenshot On a Laptop? 5 Quick and Easy Ways to Do It

How to take screenshot On a Laptop? Wait, is that even possible? Surely there is quite a sizeable chunk of a population (me included) who did not realize that you can use your laptop to take a screenshot for the longest time ever. As the laptop has ‘grown’ (or out-grown) from being regarded as the tool for the exclusives to a basic necessity in the current times, it is only obvious that it should be able to perform most functions. We have come to terms with the Pandemic and have accepted it as a part of our lives now. However, this has led to some major modifications occurring in our lifestyle, some being drastic enough to change course completely. The laptop is our window to the ‘virtual world’; well, we are not talking about the Metaverse as yet! But, as most and major of our everyday dealings occur online, we need the laptop to be able to perform various technical-related tasks for us. Work from home has become a norm in the current times, and this essentially requires us to learn how to print screens on a laptop. Handy know-how, especially if your job profile involves:

  • A lot of idea exchange
  • Presentations
  • Subsequent submissions of reports and facts

So, how do you do it? Well, here are the 5 best ways to successfully take a screenshot from your laptop instantly:

how to take screenshot on laotop

Bet you didn’t notice this till now! Well, this is a great tool you need to get your hands on to take a screenshot.

  • Go to the Windows Search box.
  • Search-in Snipping Tool.
  • Open and click ‘NEW.’
  • Navigate the cross-air all through the area you want to capture in the screenshot.
  • Drag the selected area
  • Click on the ‘Save Snip’ to save the Screenshot.

2. The Shortcut Keys

Before we get into the meat of the matter, let us understand why it is required to upgrade your existing GPU card at all:

Method 1

One of the easiest ways how to take SS on a laptop is by using the shortcut keysThis can be easily done by clicking simultaneously on the Windows keys and the ‘PrtScn’ together. The ‘PrntScn’ is the Print Screen key that is used to take a screenshot when working on a laptop.

  • Click Together Windows key + PrintScr.
  • Click on the Save icon that appears.
  • Name your file.
  • Save it at a location in your system as you wish to.

Method 2

The other way to take a screenshot in case you need to make a copy of the active window is:

  • Press ‘PrntScr’ + Alt key together.
  • Click on the Save that appears.
  • Save your file in a location of your choice and name it accordingly.

Method 3

In case you need to know how to take a screenshot on laptop windows, but just for a certain portion:

  • Click on ‘PrintScr’ + Windows key + S.
  • The screen will dim-down.
  • The Mouse Printer will undergo a change.
  • Now drag and select the portion you wish to save.
  • Once done, the section will be selected and copied onto the Clipboard.
  • Done.

Method 4

When you do not want to save the screenshot onto the Clipboard:

  • Click on the Windows Key + PrtScn.
  • Save the section as an Image file.
  • Your file will be saved into the Picture folder.

Method 5

How do you screenshot on a laptop when you are a gamer? Well, here are the steps:

  • Click on the Windows Key + G on the current game overlay.
  • You can click on the Camera icon.
  • Or you can press Windows key + Alt+ PrtScn.
  • Take the Screenshot and save it in a location of your choice.

3. The MacOS Laptop

For Mac users, there are a couple of ways how to do a screenshot on a laptop. Some of these are:

  • For Mac users, a screenshot can be captured by: Simultaneously pressing Command + Shift+ 3. This will capture the screenshot of the entire screen at once.
  • For a certain portion of the screen: Simultaneously press Command + Shift + 4.
  • The other simple method for a more freehand method of capturing the Screenshot is Command+Shift+5. This is followed by clicking on the Enter key or the ‘Capture selected portion’ from the panel below.
  • But how do you take a screenshot on a laptop, which is a touch bar version? Well, this is how: Simultaneously press Command + Shift + 6.
  • One must remember that you need not have to decide upon the location and the name on which to save the Screenshot file. It is saved on the desktop by default.

4. How to Take SS on Laptop: The Lenovo laptop

In the case of a Lenovo laptop, you can take a screenshot in the following steps:

  • Press Simultaneously the Windows Key + PrtSc.
  • This leads to the screen fading for a while.
  • The image is then automatically saved onto the ‘Screenshots’ folder in the ‘Files.’

5. How to SS on a laptop: The Dell laptop

In the case of Dell laptop users, you will need to:

  • Simultaneously press the Windows Key + PrtnScr keys.
  • Save the file in the location and name you wish to.

How to Get a Screenshot in a Laptop: The Hp laptop

In case you are a Hp laptop user, you can get a screenshot by:

  • Simultaneously press the Windows key + Prt Sc.
  • This causes the screen to dim down, allowing you to save the image as and when required.

How to take Screenshot On a Laptop? : The Conclusion

Well, now you know how to take Screenshots on laptop of various types and brands. Capturing the screenshot is one of the prime features one must know of when working on a laptop. Screenshot capturing is essential for:

  • Sending in the current page/website you are working upon.
  • Being able to share a certain piece of information which is LIVE online.
  • Sharing your work which is graphic or fleeting, with a ‘team.’

So, there you have it, people, all that you need to know about is how to take a screenshot when on a laptop. Now you no longer have to shift on to your Smartphone every time you need to share an idea with a team, colleague, or another individual.