How To Use Earphones Without Damaging Your Ears?[2022]

How to use earphones without damaging your ears? With the growing concerns about hearing loss, the gadgets we use need closer consideration. While the Covid-19 situation has forced users across the globe to resort to gadgets nevertheless, technology has its drawbacks. Prolonged use of earphones for various purposes has been a rising concern among users worldwide. As most of our communications required the use of earphones while online, it soon led to hearing impairment among the users. It has been predicted by WHO that approximately 2.5 million people across the world are going to suffer from hearing problems by the year 2050. Not surprisingly, around 50% of these are going to be because of improper usage of earphones alone. As most of us resort to simply plugging the device into our ears without a second thought, this carelessness can lead to long-term damages. So, what do we do? To start with, it is essential to develop a healthy ear care routine. Yes, just like other parts of our body, our ears also deserve a routine of their own.


As mentioned earlier, the ears are a significant part of our body and are among the five main senses. If one is too lenient about ear care, there are chances of temporary and permanent damages:

  • The inner ear of the individual can suffer from severe damages if exposed to loud decibels for a very long time.
  • One of the major causes of ear wax development is exposure to loud music.
  • Hearing impairment can be caused due to excessive headphones usage.
  • Also, permanent damages to the hearing nerves can occur due to high volumes.

How The Earphones Can Damage One's Hearing?

Before we discuss the way to use earphones without damaging your ears, let us take a look at how the device hurts our ears.

  • Hearing loss is one of the major results of prolonged exposure to earphones.
  • If left unchecked, it can lead to ear infections.
  • The inner ear can get sore due to improper usage of earphones.
  • This medical condition in the ears can also lead to dizziness.
  • Wax built-up is a major problem due to prolonged usage of earphones.
  • This can lead to a lack of focus and damage to the nerves responsible for hearing.
  • In extreme cases, exposure to improper use of earphones can lead to Vertigo.

Tips To Use Earphones Without Damaging Your Ears

So, what do you do? Well, to start with, there are a few specific ways to use the earphones ‘appropriately’ to ensure minimum damages:

1. Dry Ears

Sounds too simple? Well, it goes a long way in ensuring the safety of your ears. This starts with eliminating any moisture in and around your ears. Moisture can lead to harmful bacterial growth within our ears, and this can lead to ear infections and eventual hearing loss. So, after that relaxing shower, be sure to wipe out all moisture from within your ears and also around it.

2. Maintaining the Balance Volume

This is basic yet overlooked. Be sure to maintain the sound level of 80 Decibels when you are enjoying your favourite music. Any amount of sound level above 90 Decibels can be damaging for the ears. Even when talking among people, it is recommended to maintain 60 Decibels of the sound level around your range. One of the best ways to detect that you have developed a hearing problem is when you realize that you are raising your voice too often. The other diagnosis is when you cannot listen to what the other person is speaking, and it occurs too often. Also, when you feel that your ears hurt when you remove the earphones or have a ringing within the ears as you do so, it is time to take notice.

3. The Earphone Hygiene

This one is hardly considered at all. Nevertheless, it is essential to keep your earphones clean. After all, these are inserted into the deep canals of your ears! Imagine the dirt, grime, and wax that the earphones come in contact with as they do so. The worst part is that you re-insert the same dirty earphones once again back into your ears the next time you need to use them. When your ‘dirty’ earphones are shared among friends, the entire operation takes an unimaginable turn. Thus, bacterial infections and Pathogen-sharing is circulated among the ‘friend’s circle’. So, what do you do? To start with, try practising the habit of wiping the earphones with a clean, dry cloth before and after you use them. Also, minimize sharing it with others to minimize contaminations and infections.

4. Limited Usage

Among the most common tips to use earphones without damaging your ear is to minimize the usage altogether. While the volume you are used to is a major concern, so is the time you are exposed to the music as well. Dependency upon the earphones is never a good sign. If you find yourself uncomfortable without the device, you gave the situation serious consideration. According to experts, exposure to high music even for twenty minutes can cause irreversible damages to the ears over time. For the best results, it is recommended to follow the 60/60 rule, which states that a 60% volume for 60 minutes should be entertained. After this duration, it is time to disconnect the device.

5. The Noise Cancellation Technology

Ever since the emergence of Noise Cancellation technology, one can enjoy peace and tranquillity when using earphones. This comes into play when you are exposed to a loud external environment. Obviously, in such a situation, one is tempted to increase the volume they are listening to. The technology works on the principle of Passive Noise reduction, which works by encountering the external noise and limiting it with the high-density foam. This way, the user does not have to increase the device’s volume in case of exposure to external loudness.

6. Quality Matters

Aspects such as the right fit, size, and Sound Sensitivity contribute to ensuring that the overall hearing is preserved. Also, the latest technology like Noise Cancellation goes a long way in ensuring that your ears are safe from the harsh effects of loud volumes. For this, opt for good quality earphones that are designed in a manner to ensure your hearing does not suffers.

7. The Right Choice

Not all earphones are for everything you do. There are specific models and designs for dancing, exercising, jogging, working out, music, communicating, and more. There is a reason why we have so many innumerable choices for earphones. After all, each design has its purpose. Be sure to ask the dealer about the precise activity-oriented earphones you are looking out for. This will offer you the efficiency you are expecting and minimum damages due to such indulgence.

8. Routine Ear Check-Ups

As we live in a world surrounded by various noises and volumes, it is obvious that your ears will be affected. For this, it is recommended that you opt for routine ear checkups to ensure that any kind of infection or hearing loss is detected early on. Hence, the right kind of precaution can be taken up in such a case to prevent a major series of unwanted medical situations.

How To Use Earphones Without Damaging Your Ears?: The Conclusion

Our ears are perhaps the most neglected of the senses. We tend to go-rough on our ears; hence there can be dire consequences arising due to it. Nevertheless, one must take their health into their own hands to ensure a healthy life. As we are exposed to various external conditions, we need to take care of our ears by selecting the right earphones and a disciplined way of using them.

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