How To Use Immersion Water Heater?

How to use immersion water heater? Well, ask the importance of the same to any hostel-dweller, and they will swear by it. The appliance is your geyser in a pocket when all you have is a bucket for a hot shower during the Winters. The immersion rod has stayed relevant and essential for decades since its invention in the year 1924. It was by an inventor named Dr Theodor Stiebel from Berlin who made this remarkable device in his backyard. Today STIEBEL ELTRON is one of the leading names in green technology and water heating systems. While the glory of the inventor and invention continues to inspire us to this day, let us find out more about the appliance.

How to Use immersion water heater

Before we get into how to use a water heater rod, let us know a bit more about its working and principles. 

The actual working of the immersion heater is quite simple. It comprises an electrical resistant element that is encased within a Sheath or a covering/cast. This is what heats the liquid on immersion, and its efficiency greatly depends upon the conductivity of the ‘‘Sheath’’. The parts of the immersion rod comprise of:

The Sheath: This is perhaps the most important part of the device as it will be in direct contact with the liquid for heating. The Sheath material mustn’t corrode. 

Power Density: The accurate power density calculation is vital as excessive heat build-up can lead to accidents. For example, the water removes the power density from the heating material relatively quickly, hence have a high power density. On the other hand, Crude oil has a low power density, as it takes a longer time to do the same. 

Wattage: This is the capability of the heater to deliver the right amount of heat to achieve the required temperature. 

Enclosure: This part of the immersion rod houses the wiring of the entire mechanism. Aluminium continues to be a hot favourite, but Plastics have grown popular too in recent times. 

Temperature range: Maintaining the required temperature range is vital for the efficiency of the immersion rod. For example, for water, it needs to be 900 F or 482 C. This, in turn, directly depends upon the voltage and the resistance. 

Heating Element: Finally, the heating element is the main ‘‘working aspect’’ of the immersion rod. This is a combination of Nickel and Chrome, commonly called the ‘‘Nichrome’’. Also, Magnesium is used as the filler element between the heating element and the sheath.

How to Use Immersion Rod?

To start with, the process is quite simple. So here is what you need to do with the immersion rod:

  • Connect the rod via the cable to the main electric supply.
  • Fill the water as required into the container.
  • Now, immerse the heating rod into the water while maintaining the ‘‘level marked’’ on the device. These are the ‘‘safe levels’’ beyond which the water must not be allowed to reach.
  • Now switch-On the appliance and Switch on the main switch as well.
  • It takes a maximum of 15 minutes for the immersion rod to heat the water.
  • Be sure to Switch-OFF the appliance and the main switch before you check the temperature.
  • Now, simply remove your Immersion rod and unplug it.
  • Store at a safe and dry place.
  • Take your hot water bucket and enjoy your bath.

Benefits of Using an Immersion Water heater

Now that you know how to use a rod water heater, it is time to get to know about some of its benefits: 

It is Easy to Use: There is no denying the fact that the immersion rod is the perfect go-to solution for situations where hot water does not exist. It is ‘‘the’’ most uncomplicated device one can ask for. 

Within the Pockets: You do not have to shell out huge for buying an immersion rod. It is inexpensive and easily available anywhere. This makes it easy for people living on a budget to enjoy a nice warm bath without boiling off the bucks.

Is Easy to Carry About: The immersion rod can be easily carried about along where ever you desire. The device can be packed or placed in your travel luggage and be used wherever you want to use it. 

Durable: Of course, everything comes with an expiry date. But the natural durability of a device makes it an asset. An Immersion rod is your friend for a long time to come, making it possible to enjoy hot water baths when the weather turns cruel. 

Immersion Rods: Fact Check

Now that you know about how to use an electric immersion water heater, it is time to know a few facts about the device: 

  • It does not feature the ‘‘Auto-shut off’’. So, you better beware of overheating. Also, you will have to keep a check and switch it off yourself.
  • Be sure to be extra careful when using the Plastic water bucket. You must take the necessary precautions as Plastics do melt under extreme temperatures.
  • The right water levels are much necessary. If you have immersed the rod in less water level, there are chances that the coils will burn out.
  • Always, Always, switch-ON the device after it is safely immersed into the water level. 
  • Be sure to Switch OFF the rod in case you need to ‘‘test the waters.
  • Never use metal buckets, as being a good conductor of electricity, it can electrocute you. 

How To Use Immersion Water Heater?: The Conclusion

Immersion heater how to use is as simple as it sounds. However, you must ensure all the precautions are in place. Also, it is very important to read through the user manual before you use this heating device. Like all things electric, this appliance also needs to be taken care of while handling. Be sure to get from a reputed brand, as this will not only offer you safety but also give you repairs and servicing as required.