How To Use A Room Heater Effectively And Safely?

Ever wondered about how to use room heater while keeping safety a priority? Well, when it comes to home appliances, one can never be too sure. Especially something that involves heat. Nevertheless, the room heater is one such appliance that can offer great comfort while being dangerous too. However, one does not need to worry too much; you are not dealing with a rocket launcher after all! With simple yet important handling methods, one can easily learn the safety measure for a room heater. So, let’s get started with methods to deal with the room heater:


Like always, you must keep the heat-oriented electronic away from anything inflammable. Items such as beds, linen, blankets, wooden furniture should be placed at least 3 feet away from the room heater. Also, train the kinds, if any, to maintain a safe distance from the appliance.

Maintain Cleanliness

Yes, just like humans, machines need cleaning too. For starters, be sure to clean the room heater thoroughly. This will avoid any burn-outs of dirt and debris once the machine heats up, leading to rather an unpleasant experience.


It is best if you found a nice separate place exclusively for the ‘hot guy.’ This will ensure safety and also ease of use from highly cluttered spaces. For this, find a nice, solid space that is also heatproof. Also, it is best to keep the home appliance away from the caret or a flammable area.

Not For Drying

As for most of us (specially Indians), a room heater how to use can extend to more than just keeping you warm. Some homes use the room heater to dry out wet clothes also! Well, do not do this, as this is highly dangerous. Your clothes can dry out. Nevertheless, they can also catch fire. There are cases where students have resorted to cooking meals atop the room heaters, especially in the dorms! This is strictly a no-no, as the device is best suited only to keep you warm.

Overload, Overboard

Check out the electric socket where you have plugged in your room heater. It is better not to be too crowded; rather best if it is exclusive only for your heater. An overloaded socket with the electric heater on it can be a major red alert. This can lead to complete disaster, with issues like short-circuit arising sooner or later.

Not Alone

This might sound cheesy, but do not leave your room heater unattended. It is best advised to switch off the unplug the device once you need to call it a night. This is mainly to avoid Carbon Monoxide poisoning that can lead to various health issues and more. Some of the major symptoms of Carbon monoxide poisoning include headaches, dizziness, vomiting, Nausea, weakness, among others.

Replace As Required

While we might have mastered the art of  how to use a heater in the room nevertheless, you should know when to bid goodbye. It is, after all, a machine and does wear out with time. Now nothing seconds the safety of your home and family, so be sure to know when to get rid of your room heater. This is especially necessary as a worn-out appliance can do more harm than good. This is especially a norm as the heater turns old and starts to ‘burn out’ from the inside.

How To Operate Room Heater

Now that we have discussed at length how to use a room heater, we might as well consider a few pointers on what to consider. While the actual operation of the room heaters is quite simple, the selection of the machine can make all the difference.

The Right Adjustment

The adjustable wattage knob is a convenient feature, which allows the user a first hand of the right amount of heat. A lower wattage when required, as in the case of a smaller room, or higher wattage in a large room can be achieved. With the right insulation as per requirement, one can stay comfortable as necessary.

The Thermostat

Worried about huge electricity bills? Well, get yourself a room heater with a thermostat in it. This is because the thermostat adjusts the power supply according to needs, thus, bringing down the bills greatly. This little feature kicks in once the temperature in the room tend to the dropdown. Therefore, your heater does not have to work all the time.

The Blower

Also known as the fan heater, the Blower feature Is great during cold Winters. This way, the heat is sure to reach out to the far ends of the room, thus keeping you comfortable. Also, this is a great feature to ensure you save on bills. This is achieved as insulation is maintained and the right amount of heat is sustained even at lower settings.

Tips on How to Cut Down the Bills When Using Room Heater

We all love to save big while maintaining comfort. So, how do we do this? Well, a few smart moves and you are all set:

 The Timer: Yes, getting a timer can help you save big. Get a time switch that can be attached to the Plug. You can get one from any basic hardware shop. 

A Thermostat: As mentioned before, the thermostat can keep you warm, comfortable and help save big. 

The Timing: Reality Check: You do not need the room heater switched On at all times. Set p a schedule, and you are good to go. Also, night storage heaters that charge at night are great options. 

How To Use Room Heater?: The Conclusion

So, there you have it, folks, all you need to know is about room heater safety measures and more. Room heaters are essential and much in demand for the very same reason. However, with a few tips in hand, one can easily save big and stay comfortable as well. Also, with the latest achievements in the field of technology, one can easily find the right model and make for themselves. Likewise, various factors need to be assessed while making the right choice. A heater can be a wonderful partner for those long, cold Winter nights; when you need to stay warm and cosy.