IFB Vs LG Vs Samsung Washing Machine: Which One Is Best?

IFB Vs LG Vs Samsung Washing Machine, what is it going to be? Washing machines are an integral part of our lifestyles. Of course, they are important, after all, they clean our clothes for us. But with the rapid advancement of the wash-technology, the users have plenty of choices to select from. This has further snowballed into the manufacturers and brands competing with each other to offer the best to the users. Latest in technology, innovative design, user-friendly options, energy efficiency aspects are all a major part of some of the newer models. So, how do you know which one is the right one? Let us find out.

To compare IFB vs. Samsung vs. LG washing machine, let us examine each of them individually. Formerly known as the Indian Fine Blanks Limited, IFB was founded in the year 1974. This is one of the most sought-after names when it comes to electronics and home appliances. IFB has grown to become a popular brand to watch out for when it comes to Dishwashers, Washing machines, Air Conditioners, Chimneys, and others. However, it is the IFB washing machine that is the true-show stealer, with its energy efficiency features. With its current demand rate, this Indian brand has successfully offered competition to any international brand. The IFB front loaders have a capacity of 6.5 – 8.5 kg, and the top loaders have a capacity of 6.5-10 kgs. The best part about IFB is the fact that it can offer great features on a budget; a pocket-friendly range of INR 18000 – INR 45000.

Exclusive Features of IFB Washing Machine

Ball Valve Technology

This is one of the more distinct features of the IFB washing machine that makes it energy saving and also conserves detergent loss. This feature comprises a ‘ball-float’ located at the start of the outlet pipe. The main purpose is to ensure unwanted washing-off of the detergent as the first cycle starts.


With the increase in the amount of foam, clothes do not wash well, as the friction between each piece is greatly reduced. With the all-new Foam control technology in the IFB washing machine, the user can expect cleaner clothes. This feature comprises Sensors that are designed to detect extra foam. In this case, the additional foam is diluted by the influx of more water as required.

Triadic Pulsator

This feature comprises Soft Scrubs, centre punch, and Swirl jets. This is to help scrub off the more stubborn stains with ease. Also, the Swirl jets work by dislodging the grime, and the centre punch helps squeeze all dirt out.

Samsung Washing Machine

This is a South Korean brand that was founded in the year 1938. The Electronic branch of the brand was launched in the year 1960, and since then, there has been no turning back. One of the most trusted brands when it comes to the washing machine, Samsung is a leader in bot Front loader and Top loader. The capacity of these machines from Samsung ranges from 6- 10.5 Kgs and falls in the price bracket of INR 9000- INR 70000. Before we decide upon ifb vs. Samsung vs. LG washing machine, let us take a look at the top features of the Samsung washing machine.

Exclusive Features of Samsung Washing Machine

The Ecobubble Technology

This feature offers an efficient blending of the water with the detergent, which helps in the effective infusion of the detergent within the fine fibres of the cloth, hence a better cleaning action. The detergent chamber is activated and allows the proper mixing of the detergent with the water without being affected by the water tension. Hence, a more effective manner of stain removal is achieved.

Digital Inverter Technology

This is one of the breakthroughs when it comes to being energy efficient. According to the electricity supply, the motor can speed up and down as required. This is especially effective in ensuring energy conservation using less electricity as and when needed. Digital technology is also effective in noise reduction, less friction, and smooth function.

Hygiene Steam

Going a step further in ensuring a 100% germ-free wash, the tech giant has launched the Hygiene steam. This feature is located at the bottom of the wash-tub, thus allowing 99.9% removal of the allergens, germs, and bacteria.

Diamond Drum

This is an exclusive feature of the Samsung machine, which allows the wash with love effect without damaging the fabric. The Diamond drum comprises the ‘soft curl’ design for a gentle wash cycle and effective cleaning results.

LG Washing Machine

Another South Korean tech giant made its launch in 1947. LG has had a widespread presence across and the world, especially in India. The company is well-known for the manufacture of Smart TVs, Soundbars, refrigerators, AC, Dishwashers, Microwave oven and more. However, it is the washing machines from this brand that has been able to capture the user’s attention. With a hoard of some of the best in technology along with budget-friendly options ranging between INR 13000 – INR 75000, these are pretty popular. The LG washing machines weigh around 6.5 KG to 11 KG; let us take a look at some of its prominent features:

Exclusive Features of LG Washing Machine

Turbo Wash

One of the much-talked-about features, this feature screams efficiency in every way. This feature combines Spin, Rinse and drain in record time to offer a clean wash using less time and electricity. With the increasing temperature of the water as the cycle progresses, the Turbo wash is all about washing the cloth in every direction for perfect cleaning solutions.

LG ThinQ

This is the exclusive LG app that allows the user to operate the washing machine wherever and whenever required. Also, the user can get notification regarding the progress of the wash as and when it is happening, thus, offering you a hands-up in the control feature.

Auto-Restart/ Auto Clean

This is a game-changer when it comes to relieving the user from restarting the machine every time a power cut-off occurs. This way, the cycle starts exactly where it stopped before the power-cut off. With the Auto Tub clean, one can be sure about the hygiene of the inner tub, and hence the cleanliness of the clothes being washed hence-forth.

6-Motion Drum Movement

This offers the user the freedom to combine various wash-types as per requirement. This includes Scrubbing, Swing, tumble, rolling, filtration, stepping. This way, one can be sure about the care required for a certain fabric and its overall conditioning.

LG Vs IFB Vs Samsung Washing Machine: The Comparison

IFB Vs LG Vs Samsung Washing Machine






6 wash motion

Eco Bubble

Air Bubble


7 KG

7 KG

7 KG

Direct Drive Motor




Inverter Motor




Mid-Cycle Laundry Add




Independent Wash Temperature Selection




Tub Clean




Child Lock





2 years overall + 10 Years on Motor

2 years overall + 10 years on the Motor

4 years overall

IFB Vs LG Vs Samsung Washing Machine : Conclusion

Now that we have gone into the depths within each brand, let us take a look at how to make the perfect pick:

For Some Serious Stain Removal: With its 6 wash motion feature, one can be sure about both the cleanliness and care that is required for happy clothes. Also, this machine offers Silent operation, as it comprises the Direct Drive technology.

For the Soaking Action: If you are more into soaking the clothes for stain and dirt removal, it is the Samsung washing machine for you. Also, the exclusive Diamond Cut Inner Drum makes for a great feature when it comes to efficient dirt removal.

For Hard Water Environment: Hard Water is another major prevailing factor governing most Indian homes. This often leads to both appliance and clothes facing major wear and tear before time. For such a case, IFB is recommended, as it helps cleanse the Fabrics gently.