Inverter AC Vs. Fixed Speed AC: A Detailed Comparison

Inverter AC Vs. Fixed Speed AC can offer a lot of insight into better choice-making. However, to know better, we need to understand the main difference between the two. But first, we need to know that both these Air conditioner types are quite similar in their function, and the main difference lies in the compressor technology applied. To be more precise, the main function of the compressor is to expand the refrigerant liquid and allow the required cooling to take place for the incoming air. For a better understanding, let us take a look at some of the main features in detail: 

Inverter AC Vs Fixed Speed AC

In order to know better about Fixed Speed AC Vs. Inverter AC, let us take a look at the speed of both of them. As for the inverter AC, it comprises the variable speed compressor hence allowing the user better control over the operation according to the requirements. Hence it is better to be able to regulate the temperature of the air conditioner as well. 

As for the fixed AC type, the appliance comprises a regular start-stop compressor that either switches ON or OFF to produce the required cooling results. However, if it cannot adjust the compressor’s speed, then the energy consumption is more during operations. 

2. The Efficiency

When it comes to efficiency, the Inverter Vs. Fixed Speed, Air Conditioner debate is won by the inverter air conditioner. Likewise, it is also more smooth in operation and more economical than the fixed-speed air conditioner. Also, the electricity consumption is quite less than the fixed speed version, making it good for the environment. 

3. The Noise

Is fixed-speed AC good? Well, not when it comes to the noise emerging from it. Here, the inverter Air conditioner offers silent operation as it does not turn-Off and is ON once the set temperature is reached. This is because the required temperature is adjusted accordingly, hence producing less to no sound. 

4. The Cost Price

Which ac is better, inverter or fixed speed? Here the inverter Air conditioner is more expensive in comparison to the fixed-speed AC. However, the maintenance and operational costs are low; hence these are a wise investment in the long run. 

What is the Difference Between Fixed-Speed AC and Inverter AC?

Well, now that we know the main differences between the two air conditioner types, let us understand how to make the right choice for our homes.

The Right System for Our Home

In order to make the right choice between the two types, we need to consider aspects like the floor plan, building size, energy range, and price. However, most current models of Air conditioners are Inverter models. Let us take a look at the working of the two Air conditioner types:

The Fixed Speed Air Conditioner Type

This type is also known as the non-inverter or the standard air conditioner. It comprises of the single speed motor operation: On or OFF. In this case, once the desired temperature has been reached, the machine automatically turns OFF and later turns back ON as the temperature rises to the required levels. Hence one can understand that the compressor always operates at full speed or stops completely according to the temperature demands.
One can say that this is a great option for people who are on a budget and wish to cut down on upfront costs. Also, as there are no components to deal with, the repairs and maintenance costs are greatly reduced, so you have much less to worry about. Also, the overall repair costs are quite low for this Air conditioner type.
Also, the fixed-speed air cons, the ON and OFF cycle, utilize a considerable amount of electricity. This makes the Fixed Speed Air conditioner type less efficient than the other modern technologies. As the system is riddled with various types of limitations, it fails to maintain a constant temperature.
As a final note, this is not a great choice regarding flexibility, performance, and energy efficiency.



Less power consumption as compared to the traditional AC 

Is more expensive compared to the traditional air conditioner of any type. 

Offers effective cooling 

Has expensive repair and maintenance 

Is suitable for both small and large rooms 

Is an environmentally friendly choice.

Offers silent operation

The Inverter Air Conditioner Type

This air conditioner type is considered to be the better of the two varieties as it is best for domestic or commercial air performance. Here, the machine controls and varies the speed of the compressor, much similar to that of the car. In this case, the outdoor unit’s compressor does not need to switch On and OFF regularly. Instead, the Air conditioner causes the compressor to speed up and down as required in order to maintain the required temperatures at all times.
Also, due to the efficient operation, the compressor and the rest of the Air conditioner parts are under less stress. Hence one gets to save a lot of money on electric bills and maintenance. Finally, the inverter Air conditioner enjoys a better Energy rating than the non-inverter types, making it environmentally friendly too.

The Pros and Cons of the Inverter Air conditioner Type:



More budget friendly 

Hefty electricity bills 

Is best suited for large rooms and spaces 

Is quite noisy

The maintenance and repair costs are quite low. 

Inverter AC Vs. Fixed Speed AC: The Conclusion

So, now you know the main differences between the Inverter Air conditioner and the fixed-speed Air conditioner. However, there are various considerations to consider when making the right choice for your requirement. 

ON A BUDGET: If you have a tight budget to consider, it is recommended that you select the Inverter Air conditioner for yourself. 

LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: When it comes to low power consumption, it is recommended that you opt for the Fixed Speed AC. 

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