Inverter Technology in Refrigerator

Inverter Technology in Refrigerator is the latest innovation that has taken the electronics world by a storm. This technology is known to help save big while ensuring that your device remains ‘healthy’ for a longer time. The consumer base has taken a deep fancy for the all-new inverter-backed technology that allows a win-win situation for all. Speaking of which, the refrigerator of this kind is a major bestseller. So, what is the inverter technology in the refrigerator? Let us find out:


A compressor is one of the main parts of a refrigerator and deals with the main aspect of ‘keeping it cool’. This is the part that is responsible for the conversion of the refrigerant from gas to liquid. Have you noticed the ‘hum of the fridge that switches ‘on’ and ‘off’ regularly? This is because the compressor gets to work when the device needs cooling and switches-off when the required temperature has been achieved. Mostly, the refrigerator models are the ‘single-speed refrigerator’ types. Also, within the refrigerator lies a tiny yet important part known as the ‘Thermocouple‘. The ‘thermocouple’ advises the Compressor on when to switch ‘on’ or ‘off’. However, ‘You’ control the Thermocouple by pre-setting the required temperature on the device.

The Standard Compressor

So, what ‘triggers’ the Compressor into work? And how does it cools the refrigerator? Let us take a peek at the insides of the refrigerator. Mainly, once the insides of the refrigerator have turned ‘hot’ enough, the Compressor gets to work. This continues until the insides of the refrigerator have cooled-down enough. This is when the Compressor ‘shuts off’. This turning on and off continues as a cycle as long as the conditions are required. However, the important aspect is that whenever the Compressor gets to work, it causes a spike in power consumption. It is then that you hear the monotonous ‘Hmmm. Also, this regular switching on and off often leads to the wear and tear of the refrigerator.

Advantages of Standard Compressor

    • The standard compressor does not comprise of any breakable elements.
    • Are used widespread and are often included in most fridge model.
    • Quite economic in comparison.

Disadvantages of Standard Compressor

    •  Cause wear and tear in the fridge design.
    • Does not detect the ‘amount’ of power required to be consumed according to the need.

The Inverter Compressor

This is much like the regular Compressor, except it has an added feature of the reduced speed of rotation of the shaft. This way, the refrigerant keeps circulating, without ever stopping, according to the temperature required. This results in energy savings and also increases the life of the machine by 20 – 30 years.

Working of an Inverter Compressor

The varying input voltage determines the speed of the inverter compressor. At the start of the cycle, the AC is converted into DC via a regulator. Later, the DC is converted back into AC due to its ability to change its frequencies. This is how the variable frequencies of the voltage are supplied by the inverter to the Compressor. Thus, the Compressor can operate at varying ‘speeds’. As a result, the Compressor speeds up only when the required cooling load is higher. This way, one can save up to 50% more energy as compared to the regular Compressor.

Advantages of Inverter Compressor

    • Offers better control over the temperature.
    • Is not as noisy as the regular compressor and does not vibrate either.
    • Offers a better life span to the device.
    • Offers Higher power factor. It is 1 Unit in the case of the inverter motor.

Disadvantage if Inverter Compressor

    • Slow cooling offered.
    • Safety issues reported in some models.
    • Is expensive.

Standard Compressor Vs Inverter Compressor

How is an Inverter Compressor different from the Standard Compressor? Let us find out:



Is a noisy option

Is a silent option

Abrupt switching on and off, thus, causes wear and tear over a while

Starts at a slow pace and gathers momentum gradually, thus prevents damages

Requires full power for operation, either turned on or off

Has the feature to adjust according to the requirement. Thus, reduces unnecessary power consumption

Can cause over-cooling

The varied temperature range to offer optimal cooling

High energy consumption involved

Significantly cuts down energy consumption

How Does the Inverter Compressor Work?

THE PRINCIPLE: To start with, the speed of the inverter compressor is regulated according to the variable frequencies of the incoming voltage. 

THE WORKING: The cycle of cooling starts with the conversion of the AC electric supply into the DC electric supply. Later on, the DC gets converted back into AC due to its ability to change its frequencies. Thus, a variable frequency of voltage is supplied to the compressor by the inverter. Consequently, the compressor can efficiently operate at ‘various’ speeds. As a result, the inverter compressor needs to speed up only when a load of cooling has increased. This is how you end up saving around 50% of your energy compared to the regular Compressor.

How an Inverter Compressor helps in Saving Electricity?

The best part about an Inverter Compressor is the fact that it can adjust according to the situation. Any change in temperatures due to any reason is quickly ‘detected’ by the Inverter Compressor. Thus, it senses this change and changes its speed accordingly. However, when it needs to speed up, it does so without utilizing any extra power. Consequently, in various situations when less workload or less cooling is required, the inverter takes on a ‘saving mode’. Hence, your power supply is not ‘wasted’ when it is not required to. This is excellent savings, during the Winters or the night times when cooling is not ‘lost’. Thus as much as 30-50% of the energy is saved in the process.

The Benefits of Using an Inverter Compressor

The benefits of Inverter Compressors are quite a few and very much worth considering:

  1. Energy Efficiency: It helps save big. This is great as the inverter compressor makes sure to run consistently and within controlled speeds. Thus, it helps save energy. 
  2. Freshness: The Inverter Compressor never completely stops; thus, the freshness of the raw food ingredients is maintained.
  3. Silent Operation: As it does not completely turn off or on, this Compressor type is quite silent. 
  4. Durability: Regular Compressors start and stop during their cycle. Hence a good amount of wear and tear occurs. But in the case of Inverter Compressor, it runs constantly. Thus, it does not cause much damages in the long run. 

Inverter Technology in Refrigerator: The Conclusion

An inverter Compressor is a smart choice as it helps save more. Though the initial investment is quite high in comparison, eventually, it helps save in the long run. Also, it is a smart choice; after all, why spend much when you would rather save. Any which ways, Indians have an in-born love when it comes to budget; and the inverter compressor is just that.

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