Latest Air Conditioner(AC) Technology [2022]

The latest air conditioner technology can help users decide what product to purchase and which to miss out on. As each one has different needs and preferences, it is obvious that the manufacturers have come up with some of the best technologies to help us live better. These have been designed to ‘customize’ the machine according to the man’s needs. Some of these technologies are also ‘climate and region specific’ that have been specifically featured to ensure the required services as per the prevailing conditions that cannot be avoided in the case of a climate or a place. So, what are some of the latest AC technology you can opt for when purchasing an Air conditioner? Here is our comprehensive list.

latest air conditioner technology

Compressors are the most important parts of the Air conditioner. However, these are all the more important as the majority of the machine’s work occurs due to this particular part. The main work of the conventional Compressor is to run at full power till the temperature in the room reaches the pre-set temperatures. After this is attained, it automatically switches off and allows the unit to function normally on its own.

However, once the temperature within the closed space rises again, the Compressor kicks off again. This can lead to a lot of power consumption every time the Compressor kicks ON or OFF. Meanwhile, certain brands have introduced the all-new Inverter Compressor. The main difference between the conventional Compressor and the Inverter compressor is that the latter can run at variable speeds. Hence, it only consumes power according to the speed with which it runs; hence this is one of the best considered latest air conditioner technology. However, the inverter does not switch off when the Air conditioner is not working, but it does work at variable speeds.

2. Dual Inverter Compressor

This is also known as the Dual Cool technology, as these Air conditioning units also feature advanced BDLC motors. This is one of the new technologies in air conditioners and comprises rotary systems. The main aspect of the dual inverter compressor is to be able to maintain the required temperatures without too many fluctuations. This helps in saving electricity bills and protecting the machine and is also a safe choice to protect the entire home and family from circuit mishaps. The dual-tone AC can work at the tonnage range of 40% and 110% capacity. This also depends upon the climatic conditions and the temperature requirements.

3. Triple Inverter Compressors

This is yet another of the latest air conditioning technology introduced by the tech-giant Samsung. While most might assume that this technology comprises three rotary motorshowever, this technology comprises of 8-Pole inverter technology. This is quite different from the 4-Pole technology that is applied in the dual inverter. The best part about the Triple Inverter Compressors is that they help save up to 69% of more energy and cool 67% faster. One can expect a cooling effect even if the outside temperature is 54 degree Celsius. The other benefits include noise reduction and vibration effects. This is also one of the best in the latest split ac technology in India.

4. The Use Of AI in Air conditioners

The introduction of Sensors in Air Conditioners has revolutionized the working of Air conditioners to a great extent. These help in providing smart and efficient cooling. The latest in the LG air conditioner comprises the revolutionary ADC sensor- Ambient, Condenser, and Discharge. These go a long way in ensuring safe operations.

Ambient sensor: this sensor is used to provide comfort to the user. The function of this sensor is to sense the outdoor temperature and decide the required temperature. It also controls the operation load to adjust the thermostat accordingly.

Discharge Sensor: This sensor is responsible for managing the cooling cycle and adjusting the discharge temperature accordingly. 

The Condenser Sensor: This sensor monitors the discharge pressure to regulate the refrigerant flow. Thus, it is responsible for improving the Compressor’s reliability.

5. The Image Sensor Technology

This is a revolutionary technology introduced by the tech-brand Hitachi, also known as ‘iSee.’ This technology senses the number of people in the room, their activity, and their location, hence adjusting the temperature accordingly. The remarkable aspect of this technology is that it also estimates the room size and shape to regulate the ‘swing angle’ and optimize the cooling. Likewise, this technology also senses the absence of people in the room; hence, it shuts down or regulates the temperature accordingly. Hence, helps save big on electricity bills.
Likewise, the iSense technology offered by the same brand is specially designed to ensure temperature comfort at night. In case of the absence of active members in the room, the sensor instructs the unit to decrease the temperature by 1 degree Celsius every hour for two hours.

6. The Penta Sensor Technology

This is yet another great split ac new technology by Hitachi. This technology is governed by an advanced microcontroller and is designed to offer the best cooling solutions during hot summer days. This sensor is also known to optimize the cooling effect according to the load and hence protects the critical components of the Air conditioner. Along similar lines is the unique ‘Follow me’ feature that works in the ‘remote.’ In this case, the unit receives the instruction from the remote; hence, the temperature is adjusted accordingly. Finally, the Blue Stars Precise Cooling Technology is also worth mentioning, which adjusts the unit’s internal temperatures with a precision of up to 0.1 degree Celsius.

7. The Rapid Cooling Technology

This is yet another latest technology in split ac that works by cooling the room quickly at a fast speed. This technology is known as the ‘Himalayan Cool Technology’ in the LG AC units that offers rapid cooling solutions within 30 minutes. The best part is that the savings are not compromised in this case.

Latest Air Conditioner(AC) Technology: The Conclusion

These are some of the new windows air conditioner technology and some of the latest in the Split AC types. So, now you know what is in the ‘tech-trend’ and what is best suited for your particular purposes. Finally, it is time to purchase what you prefer the most and select the unit type you want.