Latest water heater/ Geyser Technologies in India

The latest water heater/ Geyser Technologies in India is one of the major deciding factors when it comes to selecting the right product for you. Water heating or the ease of available hot water is a luxury in most cases. However, we have come a long way from the ‘bulky-buffalo-sized’ geysers that were scary-looking creatures staring down at us in our bathrooms. The geysers today are far more appealing (in the bathroom fixture sense) and quite smaller in size. Also, the geysers’ features and work have improved a great deal. You no longer have to wait for the water to heat up while you sat freezing on the cold tiles. The age of ‘instant’ allows you warm water in a matter of minutes. However, a lot depends upon the latest geyser technology in India to offer the user ease of use. So, what are some of the best technologies that we can look forward to when selecting the right water geyser? Well, here is a summary of some of the latest water heating technologies that are then you must be aware of:


Internal corrosion of the water tank of the geyser is one of the major issues related to its malfunctioning. However, to prevent or reduce this, some of the top brands have come up with the latest in the ‘Corrosion technology.’ This comprises the use of anti-corrosive coatings that prevent its internal weathering. So, what are the latest in the coating technology? Here is a tiny list to refer to:

Glass line Coating

This is exactly what it sounds like; glass lining the inner walls of the geyser to prevent it from rustingInterestingly this is done by applying Glass powder onto the metal surface of the geyser and heating it. This causes the glass to formally fuse into the metal surface, preventing it from corroding away.

Porcelain Enamel Coating

Another great option among the Latest water heater technology. This comprises using the dry Porcelain enamelling at high temperatures of about 850 C to create a sturdy layer. This is a European technology and is used by some of the top brands in India.

Titanium Enamel Coating

In this technology type, the inner surface is coated with Super Polymer High-Performance coating that prevents corrosion.

Induction Geyser Technology

This is among the new-age water heating technologies where the process of the magnetic induction process is applied. In this type, a larger tank surface area is heated up compared to the regular geysers. This is one of the most energy-efficient technologies (after the Solar-powered geysers) out there, where electricity consumption of up to 33% is reduced. This geyser technology comprises two basic units: the Generator Unit and the Storage Unit.

Working on the Induction Geyser

This is the process of generating heat in a metal surface through electricity induction. Here the main power source is the AC, to which the primary coil is connected in the geyser. Hence, a magnetic field is created in a secondary coil, as a result of which a different Voltage is created. This secondary coil is submerged inside the water tank, and this causes the rise in water temperature, hence heating it in the process. The fact that there is a complete absence of direct AC near the water in these geyser types makes it essentially a safer option.

These are best suited for small-time heating requirements, like the single shower and kitchen usage. It is also a practical choice to install an Induction Geyser in holiday homes, as these can be easily turned-On as and when required. With the rapid heating solutions in less time, these are one of the best. Some of the brands that offer this revolutionary new geyser technology are Bajaj, Anchor, Venus, and Lifelong.

The Smart Control Technology

This is among the latest water heater technology and is widely embraced by the current Urban population. This is fine orchestration of Wi-fi connect, Eco function, Auto diagnosis, and Smart Bath Logic. This heating system has managed to change how the geysers work. Here, the Smart Bath logic and Eco Function understand the user’s mannerisms and usage and hence, ‘set’ the temperature of the water accordingly. With the help of the Wi-fi connect feature, one can easily schedule the bath and water usage timings. Also, temperature scheduling can be done through Smart Control technology. Hence, one can expect a massive 30% savings in electricity bills.

The best part about this technology is that it allows the user to control the functions of the geysers from where ever they are. Not just that, but with the Smart control technology, you can also receive notifications that allow the user to know about the working of the geyser, its functions, repairs, and services if required. Lastly, with the help of this technology, you are also notified about the latest progress or changes in electricity usage and other such factors; right on your phone. Another feature worth a mention is the all-cool Auto Diagnosis which allows your appliance to remain under check and maintenance. With the Microprocessor feature inbuilt into this appliance, one can rest assured about the electric shocks or the geyser malfunctioning.

The Latest Tankless Water Heater Technology

This water heating technology allows water heating solutions without the ‘wait time.’ This essentially means that you get a hot water supply as soon as the water faucet is turned-On. This is done with the help of the heat exchanger unit. The rate of water supply on this one is 2-5 gallons per minute. Here, the gas-fueled tankless water heaters are way better than the electronic ones. The best part about the tankless water heating technology is that one does not have to wait for the tanks to fill up before you finally start using some hot water.

Latest water Heater/ Geyser Technologies in India : Conclusion

So, there you have it, people. These were some of the latest in the water heating system, where you can select from your choice of requirements and needs. Now, you can enjoy an un-disrupted and constant pleasure of a nice warm bath on Cold Winters without the hassles of the (unwanted side-effects of) technology getting in your way.

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