Livpure Glo Pro++ Vs Pep Pro Plus: Detailed Comparison

Livpure Glo Pro++ Vs Pep Pro Plus can offer users a better insight into what to purchase for your particular use. As for the brand itself, Livpure is one of the best brands to have in your home and kitchen. The brand is the leading and trusted one across the country, with over 1 million satisfied customers and counting. Livpure has expertise across various categories of appliances and electronics. One of the main reasons for the brand’s success is that it is a perfect blend of technology and expertise to bring about the best in performance. Some of the leading categories of the brand are Mattresses and sleep accessories, Smart home solutions, and Purifiers, among others. 

Here, let us compare livpure glo pro++ and livpure pep pro plus, two of the brand’s leading products. So, let us dive deeper into the details by comparing the features of the two products and how each is different or better than the other:

Livpure Glo Pro++ Vs Pep Pro Plus

1. The Missing Filter

To start with, UF or Ultra Filtration is one of the main components in the latest models of water purifiers. It is essential as it helps remove bacteria, Viruses and other impurities and pollutants from the water source. Nevertheless, the filter does not affect the dissolved salts. This is an important filter that is missing in the Livpure glo pro P ++. Hence, if you are in a region that utilizes borewell water, opting for LivePure Prep Pro Plus is advised.

2. The Missing Mineralizer

While water filtration is an essential aspect, it is also responsible for eliminating some of the essential minerals and salts. Hence having a mineralizer in a water purifier is a major necessity. The main function of the mineralizer is to help retain the important minerals even after the filtration process has taken place. Here, the Liveprure Glo has the mineralizer feature within, which is missing in the Livepure Pro Plus. Hence, in case you are residing in a place with serious water issues, opting for the Glo model of Livpure water purifier is recommended.

3. The Taste Enhancer

The main function of the taste enhancer is to allow a nice taste in the water that has been purified. This is done by removing all the organic compounds from the water that is the main cause of bad taste. Hence when it comes to livpure pep pro plus vs livpure glo pro ++, it is recommended to opt for the former model as it is missing from the Glo. So, if you wish for your water to taste just as good as it appears, then go for the Pep Pro model. 

4. The TDS Levels of the Water Source

According to the specifications, the Livpure Glo Pro ++ can handle TDS levels of up to 1500 ppm (parts per million). As for the Livepure pep pro Plus, it can work for TDS levels of up to 2000 ppm. Hence go for the Pep Pro model if you are dealing with a region that is high on the TDS.

Livpure Pep Pro Plus Vs. Livpure Glo Pro ++: The Comparison Table





7 Liters 

7 Liters 


RO + UF + UV 


Filtration Stages 

6 stage 

6 stage 




Taste Enhancer 



Auto Shut Down 



TDS level 

2000 ppm 

1500 ppm 

Clean water Rate 

12 litres per Hour 

12 litres per Hour 


1 year 

1 year 

How to Maintain the Water Purifier At Home?

Now, owning a water purifier is one of the most essential aspects of housekeeping. However, the responsibility of the user does not end here. After you have installed the appliance, you also have to take good care of the same. Here are some of the main tips to consider when maintaining the water purifier at home:

1. Regular Filter Changes

One needs to ensure that you get the filters checked once every three months. This is because it has a lot of contaminants that clog the same over time. Hence getting the gunk out of the surface is important, or replacing it Is also recommended.

2. Drips and Leakages

Sometimes, the water purifier might suffer from drips and leakages. Hence, it is recommended that you get a professional to help you out whenever this occurs.

3. Sanitization of the Tank

This is an essential step as it requires you to look at the pipes repeatedly. As this is a water purifier, hence it comprises plenty of pipe works. Therefore, get a professional to come over and look at the pipes now and then, as you do not want to be drinking contaminated water.

4. Replacement of Parts

There are times when we wish to have certain parts replaced altogether. Hence do not hold back on the process of timely replacements and repairs, as it is an essential step to ensure you continue to get clean drinking water regularly.

Livpure Glo Pro++ Vs Pep Pro Plus: The Conclusion

It is undeniable that the brand is synonymous with quality. Launched by some leading, experienced professionals, the brand aims to bring some of the best wellness products to the market: Today, Livepure Smart Homes Pvt. Ltd is a leading name and aims to transform our lifestyle.

For the Essential Minerals: If you wish to lead a healthy lifestyle and the presence of minerals is important for you, then you need to opt for the LivPure Glo Model. 

For the Bore Well Water: In case you are dealing with a bore well water source, then you need to go for the Live Pep Pro Plus model. 

So, you see, the pep pro plus vs glo pro ++ has its own set of takers according to your needs and requirements. 

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