Mixer Grinder Power Consumption Calculator [2022]

Mixer Grinder Power Consumption Calculator can offer you many ideas about how much you can save while using an essential kitchen appliance. The mixer, more lovingly called the ‘Mixie,’ is more of a background noise we have grown accustomed to. Without a thought, this hardworking machine simply works to order, grinding, churning, beating, and mixing the ingredients for us. We, as Indians, have a special place for the Mixer Grinder. It goes without saying that in the modern world, the Mixie is a saviour that helps us get as close to the original recipe of our mothers and grandmothers as possible. But, savings is also another major aspect of the Indian culture. Hence we need to check the bills that keep piling up; the electric bill is a major part of it.

The Mixer Grinder energy usage, or the control of the same, can help us save big in the long run. Not just that, as responsible citizens of the world, it is our responsibility to ensure we spend our resources sensibly. So, it is only right to be able to calculate the bill you might be expecting at the end of the month due to a certain Mixer Grinder model. Hence before you finally purchase the particular product, you can calculate the bills. Here’s how:


Rated Power Of Your Appliance (Watt) *
1 Kilowatt = 1000 Watt
Hours / Minutes Used Per Day *
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Electricity Tariff *
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Electricity Tariff Per Unit (Works With Any Currency)

How To Use The Mixer Grinder Power Calculator?

Using the above calculator, one can easily determine:

  • The daily electricity consumption by the appliance is represented in kWh.
  • The Monthly electricity bill consumption represented in kWh.
  • The Annual Unit consumption also represented in kWh.
  • The overall monthly bill consumption due to the Mixer Grinder.

How To Use The Automatic Power Consumption Of Mixer Grinder?

To be able to use the automatic power calculator, you will need to:

  • Enter the Power of your appliance in Watts.
  • The number of operational hours.
  • The electricity tariff of your region.

Tips On How To Save On Energy Usage Of Mixer Grinder

So, now that you know exactly how to calculate the power consumption by the Mixer Grinder, let us take a look at how to save on the bills:

  • It is advised to moisten the food ingredients before you pop them into the machine. This is especially important when we are preparing Chutneys. You might have realized that dry food ingredients require more power to be reduced to the right consistency.
  • Try and operate the Mixer Grinder at low power at first. Low-speed settings consume far less energy than medium and high speeds. This way, you will also be able to get your work done without using much energy.
  • Be sure not to overload the machine with ingredients. This leads to the machine motor having to work harder, consuming more electricity.
  • Be sure to service, repair, and replace the damages in a Mixer Grinder, as this step ensures you do not end up spending a bomb on the bills.

The Terms You Need To Know When Calculating Power Consumption And Energy Usage Of Mixer Grinder:

Wattage: This is the rate at which your appliance uses electricity per hour. It is represented in (W)

Operational Hours: The number of hours used by the Mixer Grinder in a household.

The Electricity Tariff: the amount the electricity provider charges in your region or location. It is represented as kWh.

The Unit of Electricity: This is the power the electric appliance consumes. kWh is the representation for this.

Manual calculation of the Electricity consumption of the Mixer Grinder

If you need to calculate the electricity consumption manually, you need to follow the following formula: 

For the daily Power consumption:

E(kWh-Mixer) = Mixer Wattage x Operating Hours per day / 1000

For the Monthly Power Consumption:

E(kWh-Mixer) = 30 x Mixer Wattage x Operating Hours per day / 1000

For the Yearly Power Consumption:

E(kWh-Mixer) = 365 x Mixer Wattage x Operating Hours per day / 1000

Mixer Grinder Power Consumption Calculator: The Conclusion

So, there you have it, people; these are the methods to calculate the power consumption and energy usage of the Mixer Grinder. Calculating the kind of bills you will be generating at the end of the month is always recommended. This will help you make the right decision about what product to opt for your requirements and budget.