What is Ocean Black Protection in LG Air Conditioners(AC)?

Ocean Black Protection, what is that? A new Hollywood flick? A Secret Service technology? Well, it is a revolutionary new tech that can make your Summers a lot less hot. Currently, LG or Lucky Goldstar is our ‘Summer saviour,’ which has introduced the all-new ‘Ocean Black technology’ to enhance the life span of our Air Conditioners. Needless to say, LG has created a niche for itself in the air conditioning market by ensuring customer satisfaction as its top priority. The brand has also grown synonymous with quality, service, and innovation. Also, the ‘comfort cooling’ offers cooling by modulating according to the body’s metabolism! Now that is true ‘breakthrough technology.

Moreover, LG has established itself among the top brands in the country, mainly because it is OEM, i.e.,’ original equipment manufacturers. This way, the company does not have to depend upon the imports for its spare parts. With the import duty advantage, the LG air conditioners are much more economical as compared to the other brands. Not to forget that LG was the first brand to introduce the ‘inverter technology AC,’ which has changed the way the cooling technology works forever. 


Coming back to Ocean Black Protection, the technology is designed to help preserve your Air Conditioner under harsh climatic conditions. This is a huge advantage, as most Air conditioning units wear away due to the natural environment it has to endure round the clock. Speaking of which, the prime focus here is the weather conditions in the coastal areas. While this might sound ‘mundane’ to most, for countries like Australia, this is a true breakthrough. Closer home, this could find big-time application in cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Cochin, and Kolkata. Not just that; with the hospitality industry seeping onto the coastlines for the obvious ‘tourist attraction’ that it offers, the Ocean Black Protection has some big-time takers.

Simply put, the Ocean Black technology offers protection from corrosion that the Air conditioners are subjected to in the Coastal regions. So, how does it works? Let us find out. 

How Does The Ocean Black Protection Work?

The Air Conditioners that comprise the Ocean Black protection mainly include Ocean Blackfin with dual coating for protection. This corrosion-resistant technology comprises the Ocean Blackfin for heat exchange at its core. Each fin, before being assembled onto the air conditioning unit, is treated with corrosion-resistant black coating along with Hydrophilic coating. The other components that are included are the base pan, Service valve protection, fan motor bracket, outer panels, control box. Each of these is also covered with dual protection coatings. It is worth mentioning that the Ocean Black protection from LG is ISO certified by UL. The ‘salt spray test (ASTM-B117) of the LG AC components showed 50-90% longer sustenance as compared to their ordinary counterpart. The other major advantage of this technology is the fact that it has ‘auto-cleaning properties. This occurs as the heat exchanger dries up; thus, the interior of the unit undergoes cleansing. Finally, the nano-ions from the Ionizer sterilize the heat exchanger, thus, inhibiting the growth of Mold and bacteria.

Sea Breeze, Corrosion, and the HVAC

The Sea breeze is unlike your regular breeze. It is laden with high proportions of Ozone and greatly affects the Humidity and its effects. This is the reason why the structures and buildings next to the Coastal region wear away rapidly. This also includes your HVAC system, as Ozone is known to accelerate the process of corrosion. Likewise, the high degree of Salinity in the air is known to increase rusting in the metals nearby. In no time, your all-new Air Conditioning unit transforms into metal junk. In due course of time, the efficiency of your machine is greatly reduced along with its lifespan. For this, Ocean Black Protection comes to play. This way, not only is your machine protected, but it also has an enhanced lifespan.

The Benefits of The Ocean Black Protection Technology

So, what are the benefits of this technology, and why should you opt for it soon? Let us find out:

    • Enhanced corrosion resistance for the metals and machines.
    • Increases the durability of the Air Conditioning unit.
    • Long-lasting performance for the coastal regions with high Salinity in the air.
    • This technology is also known to minimize the moisture build-up.
    • With this, the cost of repairs, replacements, and services are greatly reduced.

Ocean Black Protection: Inside Out

Your air conditioner is one machine that endures the constant wrath of the environment while trying to cool the interiors of our home. Meanwhile, this causes long-term wear and tear of both its exteriors and the internal parts as well, specifically the coils and the Fins. For this, the Ocean Black Protection is much needed for the ‘Pollution-times’ today. The other term that we might come across is the Gold Fin technology. This is also a mode of protection for the air conditioning units that further enhances efficiency and longevity. There is a tough contest between the Ocean Black and the Gold fin technology when it comes to holding the customer’s attention. However, one must understand that the Ocean Black Protection is practical, economical, and designed specifically for the Indian weather.

Ocean Black Protection: The Conclusion

Ant-corrosion technology is the latest much-wanted technology recommended by the experts. These might sound sophisticated, but they are simply designed to protect your machine from harsh environmental conditions. With the ever-growing increase in the pollution levels globally, it has become necessary to ‘protect’ not just yourselves but also your machine. For this, many manufacturers and brands have come up with the latest in technology. Ocean black protection is not just ‘hype’ but also much recommended. Pollution is bad, both for the man and the machine, so better gear up for better protection strategies. It not only saves your unit from corrosion and wasting-away; but also is energy efficient in the long run.