Pedestal Fan Vs Table Fan- Which is Better and Why?

We hardly ask ourselves the question regarding Pedestal Fan Vs Table Fan. But, this is vital for our understanding of the appliance. This is important because a clearer understanding of the difference will help us know about their functionality. It will also make it clear if we require the home electronic or not. Many of us barely ponder the specification and end up with a product that we hardly need. But before we get into the major aspect, let us take a closer look at a fan as a whole. 


A walk through the ‘Fan Museum‘ located in Greenwich will fill you up with awe. The entire space offers a glimpse into the journey of the modest ‘fan’. It took 3000 years for the fan to cross borders, undergo changes, and finally ‘meet’ electricity. This one gadget has somehow united both the East and the West worlds.
According to historians, the fan is hardly a neglected piece of electronic that it is today. Long ago, a fan directly represented the social status of its owner. The kind of craftsmanship is displayed, and the adornment that went into it was a direct depiction of wealth. These first appeared in Japan, China, and Korea. While the fans were known to be items of possession, their basic function was to ‘cool’ the air about it. It was through the merchants and traders that the fans reached the Western shores. The European world could not hold back its excitement. They embraced the Eastern inspiration with enthusiasm, and the fan soon made a permanent fixture in their lifestyle. Just like the Eastern world, the Fans in the Western were meant for the royals and the nobles. It was during the VI Century that various inspirations such as Arts, Calligraphy, Islamic influence, and the Fan made their debut in the Western world.


It was during the Seventeenth and the Eighteenth Century that fans were notable items in society. As mentioned earlier, the fan was more than just a cooling device. It was largely used by people across all classes and depicted the status of its owners. These were primarily of two types: the Fixed type and the Foldable Type. At first, it was the ‘Fixed fans’ that made its impact, which was soon replaced by the ‘Foldable’ type. However, the East Indian Company of Holland has been credited to have imported the original fans directly from Eastern lands. Also, due to its growing popularity, the fans were soon manufactured across Europe. This led to it being available to a wider population as well. Now, the Fans were cheaper and more accessible. It also managed to ‘break’ the barriers of social differentiation.
By the 19th Century, the Fans reduced in size and were more ‘user-friendly’. Even the export quality from China soon adopted this trend, and the products were reduced in size. But, it was at this time that exceptional artists were appointed to design the fans. The paintings depicted elaborate details of Biblical stories, fantasy, Mythical stories, and more. Now, as more and more events were held across mansions and palaces, the fans once again found their place of importance. These were also used as ornaments of display of wealth by the women and men alike. However, the latter part of the Century held major influences on the Japanese arts and the artists painted the ‘impressions’ on the leaves of the fans.
The 20th Century favoured the practicality of life. The Fan was more or less an item of the rare exhibition. But, these were never out of style and depicted the Art Nouveau” style.


Today, electric fans are an essential fixture in all our homes. Once again, an electric fan can be seen across all cultures, backgrounds, and countries. Likewise, according to their functionality, the fans are available as Pedestal, Table, Ceiling, and Tower types. It was during the years 1882 and 1886 that a Scientist by the name of Schuyler Wheeler invented the Electric powered fan. This was commercially marketed by the American firm Crocker and Curtis electric motor company. Philip Diehl created the first-ever ceiling fan in the year 1882. 

Today there are various models, designs, and patterns that have been manufactured by multiple companies across the world. This has led to the debate of Pedestal Fan Vs Table Fan continues. Let us explore the differences:

What is a Pedestal Fan?

pedestal fan

These are fans that have a long detachable stand that can be moved about in any direction. To be more precise, the following are the parts of basic pedestal fans:

  1. Round base
  2. Outer pipe
  3. Height adjustment control collar
  4. Set screw
  5. Control panel
  6. Motor
  7. Rear Grill
  8. Fan blade
  9. Front Grill

How Does Pedestal Fan Works?

The Pedestal fan also exhibits an Oscillating mechanism for uniform distribution of air about it. This is bought about by the ‘Clutch Member’ that adjusts the angle of oscillation. This is powered by the motor after the electric supply is initiated. The Rotating Torque, thus, induced is smaller than the rotational resistance of the Clutch member. This acts as the driving force for the oscillation of the fan’s movement. However, the Control panel comprises of two switches that can allow the user to choose between ‘Oscillation’ and the ‘Standard’ function.

The motor is both AC and DC type and functions to provide ‘power’ for the functioning of the fan. The Blades are designed to extract air from the backside and push it to the front side at a stable speed. The blades are positioned above the motor shaft with the help of a ‘Key’.


    • The Pedestal fans are portable.
    • They can be used for events and moved about and placed as required.
    • They oscillate to offer air across the room in a uniform manner.
    • They provide better coverage as compared to the Table fan type, as they have a long shaft.


  • Is expensive in comparison to the table fan.
  • More power consumption in comparison.
  • Higher chances of ‘tumbling’ down.

What is a Table Fan?

Table Fan

A table fan is much like the Pedestal fan but has a shorter shaft. The design and the workings of the table fan are much like the Pedestal fan, except it is designed to be placed on top of the table or a high surface. However, the main difference is that the Table fan utilizes a single-phase induction motor. The electric current travels to the motor and then to the coil, which is wound across the core. As electricity is generated, the blades start to move.


    • It’s perfect for small spaces.
    • Can be carried about as and when required.
    • Is compact in comparison and can be travelled with.
    • Low power consumption.’
    • Is an economical choice when low on budget.


    • Cannot offer extensive coverage .
    • Is not child safe.

Difference Between Pedestal Fan And Table Fan

what is the difference between Pedestal Fan and Table Fan? Let us take a closer look:



Is comparatively expensive

Is less expensive

Is of larger size

Is of smaller size

Are lightweight in comparison

Are heavy weighted in comparison

These are multifunctional

Is functional for a limited person use

50-55 Watt of power consumption

35-75 Watt of power consumption

Is not easy to travel in comparison

Easy to travel with

Better coverage

Less coverage in comparison

The Conclusion- Which one is better?

Both the Table fan and Pedestal fans are important in our lives. This is evident from the fact that both the designs are very much ‘active’ in the market. But depending upon our need, we have to understand what suits us the best:

EASY TO MOVE WITH: The Table fan is a perfect choice if you have to travel a lot. Or you have recently moved in and waiting for the right ‘fittings. The table fan is a perfect companion for such short schedules and can be stored aside for future use. This design is perfect if you have a small space and budget or temporary living arrangements.

FOR AN EVENT OR LARGE SPACE: If you have an event or a program to organize, a Pedestal fan is perfect for it. This can be placed at the right places as per your preferences and requirement. Also, these can be moved about accordingly. The coverage offered by the Pedestal fan for large open spaces is appropriate to its function. 

Whatever your requirement might be, understand your requirement and invest in the right design accordingly. With the appropriate functionality, one can have satisfactory results as required. Also, other factors like Brand, make, design go a long way in affecting your overall experience.