Reasons Why You Should Stop Buying Water Bottle?

Reasons Why You Should Stop Buying Water Bottle are plenty. While it was quite a savvy style statement about a decade ago to fling bottled water, the opinions have changed massively in recent times. The recent surge in the backlash has been due to the rise in environmental concerns. Plastics are toxic, and the planet has been suffering due to their non-biodegradable nature. Also, there have been recent studies from reliable sources that mark out the health issues that arise due to prolonged consumption of food from plastic containers. So, let’s go in-depth to explore the reasons to Stop Buying Water Bottle:

reason why you should stop bottle water

And you dint even realize it. While it is always ‘cool’ to purchase bottled water, it nevertheless costs you more than you perceive. It is recommended or even advised to keep oneself hydrated, but not if it amounts to unwanted expenses at the end of the day. As water consumption greatly depends upon your activity rate, gender, and age, this consumption can go a few notches higher up. For such a vital investment, water in a bottle is not a sound solution.

2. Not A Sustainable Idea

It is a no-brainer that plastics are more than toxic to the planet. This is because manufacturing the same requires the utilization of Plasticizers, Benzene, Bisphenol A (BPA), and Styrene. These are major reasons for almost choking the life out of various species of plants and animals. Also, one of the most harmful aspects of plastics is that it directly harms the consumer. Despite the environmental regulations bringing a major screech to the involvement of toxins in the manufacturing of Plastics, there still are substantial implications of the chemicals in the making process. As plastics take over a thousand years to biodegrade completely, a huge chunk of the junk makes its way into landfills. This further makes the way to the marine ecosystem, thus poisoning the marine wildlife in the process.

3. It's Contaminated

You should StopBuying Water Bottle, not just for the sake of the planet, but also for yourself. How sure are you about the safety of the water in your bottle? Some reports have proved bottled water to be nothing but tap water. Sometimes the manufacturers might go a step ahead and simply filter the Municipal supply water and bottle them up. Some of the additives to be worried about are moulds, algae, bacteria, and others. However, bottled water made shocking headlines when particles of glass and Crickets were discovered in them. The FDA has a limited reach when it comes to manufacturing and selling packaged drinking water in a state. Therefore, it is important that the user takes it as their responsibility to ensure the safety of the drinking water.

4. Not Exactly Clean

Why we should avoid bottled water? Well, it is not as clean as you thought it to be in the first place. Of course, it is easy to decipher it to be a better alternative to most sources available out there; nevertheless, this does not rule out the toxic nature of the water in the bottle you just bought. The purity and hygiene of bottled water is a marketing ploy in most cases. There are strong chances that the water you are ‘happily chugging’ down is as good as the tap water from your kitchen sink.

5. Energy Consuming

Massive energy consumption is among other main reasons to Stop Buying Water bottles. Did you know the amount of energy that goes into manufacturing plastic bottles? Mostly, the plastics are made from PET- polyethene terephthalate. This, in turn, is made using large quantities of oils. Thus, a large portion of fossil fuels also goes into the manufacturing of Plastics. It has been estimated that about 450 million barrels of oil are used to manufacture plastic bottles each year around the world. This can be used to fuel 25. 5 million cars for an entire year.

6. Other Options

Stop Buying Water Bottle today, as there are other alternatives as well. It is increasingly important for us to try and seek out other alternatives to store and use our everyday drinking water stock. A nice and efficient water tap filter is greatly appreciated both in terms of one’s health and for the environment as well. With the advancement in technology at our side, there are various options available for us. You could also use special water filter jugs or even ultra-cool water filter bottles. A nice steel water bottle is recommended when you are on the go for a quick water storage option.

Reasons Why You Should Stop Buying Water Bottle?: The Conclusion

Why you Stop Buying Water Bottle could have various reasons to it. To start with, we owe it to our only planet. As there is no turning back, once we have exhausted the ecosystem, we need to place some degree of responsibility upon each one of us. According to the Association of Plastic Recyclers, 2015, plastic bottles have reached a 31.8%, with a 1% increase every year. Though the figure might be appreciative, it does not take away the fact that about two-thirds of the plastic bottles do not make their way to recycling at all.

According to Peter Gleick, the author of ‘Bottled and Sold,’ the manufacture and selling of the water bottles are more energy consuming than the actual waste is caused. A whopping 2.5 million plastic bottles are used in the USA alone every hour! Not just that; there have been reports that suggest that the BPA from the Plastics make their way into the water contained in them. This has a major impact on the lives of the people consuming them. More shocking are the effects the BPA has on the fetus and young children, with direct effects on their mental development.

The President’s Cancer Panel has concluded that it is advisable to filter out or find possible methods to safely use the tap water itself for our everyday consumption. This can greatly reduce the effects due to the Carcinogens and Endocrine-disrupting chemicals on the human body. Finally, it is essential to bear in mind why bottled water is bad because the so-called recycled PET bottles pose their own set of threats to the human body. These include exposure to Phthalates that are known to have harmful effects on our endocrine systems.

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