Sandwich Maker Vs Toaster | What’s The Difference?

Sandwich Maker Vs Toaster, wait; don’t we need both? Well, read on to find out why and how the two appliances are different and how to make the right choice. The Toaster is an old classic, while the Sandwich maker is relatively the ‘new-kid-on-the-block. But when you do need to pick just one, what is it going to be? For that, you might want to take a look at the features and applications of each of these kitchen appliances and pick the right one accordingly.

sandwich maker vs toaster
sandwich maker

A Sandwich maker is a ‘Clamp-like’ appliance with hinges and a cavity in between where the bread goes. The device is designed to shut together and heat the sandwich/sandwiches in between, sealing them in the process. After a set timing, the user can open the maker and extract the sandwiches from within.

Advantages of a Sandwich Maker

    • Perfect for quick sandwiches for the entire family at breakfast.
    • The appliance can double-up to heat/grill meat, veggies, eggs, waffles, and more quite efficiently.
    • The appliance itself comprises overheating protection, which makes it a handy appliance that is simple to use.

Disadvantages of a Sandwich Maker

    • With time, the Sandwich makers’ loosen up, depending upon the quality and the make.
    • Also, the shutters might fail to close, thus, resulting in faulty operations with time.
    • The Chord length of the appliance is often restraining, thus limiting its usage and applications.

What is a Toaster?


The Toaster is one of the oldest known ‘modern appliances’ that was introduced to help women with a quick breakfast in the kitchen. The Toaster comprises of a set up where bread slices were ‘popped’ into the slits, and the lever was pushed down. This heating element is activated, and the bread gets toasted as a result. After a set time, the automated mechanism causes the bread to ‘pop’ out, thus, delivering you hot, crispbread slices for breakfast.

Advantages of a Toaster

    • The Toaster is perfect for getting hot slices of bread slices first thing in the morning.
    • This appliance is perfect for both a budget-buy and as a hi-end investment for quick breakfast options.
    • Toasters are safe and almost accident-proof.
    • The device is also relatively simple to use, thus, making it a common fixture in the kitchen.

Disadvantages of a Toaster

    • The manual Toaster can be a menace, as it can result in the bread slices burning up.
    • Sometimes, the setting of temperature can be an issue tough to understand.
    • Cases of burning can occur that can damage both the food, the user, and the appliance.

Comparison Between Sandwich Maker and Toaster

To better understand the Difference between Sandwich maker and Toaster, let us take a look at the precise variations: 



Is comparatively expensive

Is more budget-friendly

Prepares Sandwiches

Toasts bread slices individually

Can be used for various purposes of heating, grilling

Can only be used to toast bread slices

Is relatively safe

Can burn the bread slices, in case of manual toasters

Is comparatively sleek and compact, as it is a foldable device

The toaster is quite bulky in comparison

Utilizes less electricity

Utilizes more electricity

Uses 700 W of electricity

Uses 1200 W of energy

Toaster Vs Sandwich Maker | Some Important Things To Know

he two appliances are often mistaken to be the same; nevertheless, these are quite different and have different applications. 


As mentioned earlier, the Sandwich maker can be used to prepare quite a few recipes. You can heat food items, make open toast Pizza, eggs, meat and Veggie grill, and more.

Toasters generally have a limited application, as they are only used to toast and heat bread slices. 

Value For Money:

 When it comes to value for the money spend, the Sandwich maker loses the race. This is mainly because an average-sized sandwich maker can prepare only two sandwiches at a time. This can be a tremendous task when it comes to feeding a large family (ask a housewife who has to feed a large family early in the mornings!). 

A toaster can accommodate a maximum of six slices of bread at a time. The six-slices toaster type is quite common and can be easily bought within a decent budget. 

The Recipes:

Toaster Vs sandwich Maker war over the recipes usually favors the Sandwich maker. Not many know this, but a smart user can utilize the sandwich maker in more than one way. It can be used to heat things (much like a hot plate during your hostel days), grill a decent preparation, and much more (also heat a kettle of water!).

The Technology:

The sandwich maker is a much modern device. This appliance is compact, sleek, and can be used and traveled along with. The maker comprises interchangeable plates, indicators, temperature control, and more. Some of the more advanced models are sophisticated enough to offer you varying options for various preparations accordingly, thus, making it a wonderful company in the kitchen. 

The toasters have been around for quite some time now but have remained majorly unchanged on the overall basis. It still is a device used to toast bread, at the most. 

Power Consumption:

Sandwich makers utilize powers according to their design and models. But, on average, a sandwich maker uses 700 to 1100 Watts of power. 

On the other hand, a toaster utilizes around 800 to 1500 Watts of energy for six slices of bread for 12 minutes. 

Sandwich Maker Vs Toaster: FAQs

As per overall utility, a Sandwich maker is just the thing for you

As a matter of fact, you can.

Not if you used too much oil/butter.

Sandwich Maker Vs Toaster: The Conclusion

The difference between toaster and sandwich maker can be plenty. But a smart user understands its application accordingly. For those of you who are confused, here is a little ‘nudge’

The All-Rounder: The Sandwich Maker is one such appliance that can be used for various purposes of cooking, heating, and grilling. It is a perfect kitchen partner that can easily be used to prepare a complete meal. It is also a great device to ensure you eat a healthy, filling, and nice breakfast without slaving away in the kitchen.

The Quick ‘pop’: A nice golden slice of bread just the thing for you? Maybe you are a light and a no-fussy eater and would like a simple toast with tea. Well, a basic toaster is what you should opt for. 

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