Smart TV Vs Android TV-Which one You Should Buy?

Smart Tv Vs Android TV does that sound like a dilemma you have been facing lately? Well, gone are the good old days when TV was an event at home. People from the neighbourhood and all families would gather together for their common love for a certain program. In India, the ‘Doordarshan-era’ was a phenomenon that bought together with the entire nation under a single time slot when the ‘Mahabharat‘ was relished. Somehow it unified the diverse nation, and everyone seemed to love the epic mythological saga that primed on Sundays. Of course, who can forget the ‘Chitrahaar,’ a chart show that ranked the Bollywood songs according to their current popularity? For most millennial kids, these are ‘fables’ and tales from the bygone era that they get to hear from the previous generations. But, it determines one single fact; we love entertainment. And we almost worship our television. Today, it is not the TV programs that confuse us, but the TV types themselves that are too many to choose. With Science and technology in a race against each other, the latest TV technology is worth a fight. So, how is an Andriod TV different from a Smart TV? Wait, aren’t they supposed to be the same? Not at all. Let us take a look at some of the major differences between the two and what makes each one special.

Smart TV

A smart TV is known as a ‘Smart TV.’ Well, to be more elaborate, a regular traditional TV works by ‘tuning the tuner’ and decoding the broadcasting signals. However, the smart TV is a step ahead, where it can load more content via the internet also. So, if you have a set-up-box, an Internet connection, and a TV, you can converge the three to make your TV ‘smarter.’
The Smart TV is much like your computer, without the ability to type. Most Smart TV can access the Ethernet connection and also the wi-fi. Various Smart TV platforms utilize the Software Development Kit or the SDK. This makes it easier for the developers from the third party to ‘create’ applications for it. Thus, these applications can be easily accessed by the users as and when required through the method of installations.
The other ‘smart’ aspect of the Smart TV is the fact that it can also connect to other compatible devices and form a ‘network.’ It utilizes the technology of LAN for this and various services like Video-on-demand, Gaming, access to social media, and Multimedia applications can be accessed.

Advantages of Smart TV

    • The Smart TV is simple to use.
    • Has an all-in-one application.
    • No installation required.

Disadvantages of Smart TV

    • Apps cannot be upgraded, with the introduction of newer apps.
    • The updates are less frequent.

What is an Android TV?

android tv

In simple language, bringing your phone to your TV is Android TV, except you cannot make calls via the television. This TV type is easy with navigation, has a truckload of entertainment to choose from. Also, the interactivity of the Android TV is quite good. The main idea of this TV type is to be able to offer an interface that is easy to recognize and use. Not just that, with the help of this TV, you can also utilize voice control, as it is integrated with Google Assistance, and you can also control other ‘smart’ devices like your Android phone, smartwatch, and more. The main reason for the popularity of Android TV is the fact that you can choose the content you like.
Consequently, the developers can also develop various apps, and they can be used by the customers through an easy process. The interface is an easy one with a top row that comprises the content Discovery bar. This is where the content suggestions occur, and you can easily access what you wish to watch. Just like your Android phone, the TV also supports voice search. With this TV set, you are also provided with remote control with a built-in mic. The TV also comprises Google-supported apps like Amazon Instant Video, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Google Play store, and more. However, the ‘cherry on the cake is the fact that the Android TV comprises a built-in Chromecast.

Advantages of Android TV

    • Has many apps.
    • Can continuously update apps.
    • Is a Google product; hence, it can connect with Google Play, Movies, and more.
    • Comprises of Google Assistant.

Disadvantages of Android TV

    • Has a comparatively complicated interface.
    • Has only a limited manufacturer.

Difference Between Smart TV and Android TV

smart tv vs android tv

What is the difference between smart tv and android tv? Let us explore further: 



This is expensive

This is an affordable option

Has a limited number of apps support

Can support over 7000 games and various apps

Will have to purchase a brand new TV to access a new app

The users can easily install updated apps as and when it happens

Comprises of good sound quality and high resolution

Does not have high resolution or good sound quality

Is easy to navigate, even by beginners

Is not all that easy to navigate

Is easy to install

Is tough to install

Smartphone access is available on specific modes

Smartphone access is available on all modes

No frequent updates

Regular OS updates available

The remote is complicated to use

The remote is simple to use

More reliable

Less reliable

Smart TV Vs Android TV: The Conclusion

Smart TV Vs Android TV, which one is it going to be? Let us help you make a better choice:

Cool And On A Budget: Are you tech-savvy and need a cool new buddy in your living room? Well, Android it is. Not only is the product suave and latest when it comes to apps, but it is also within your budget. An Android TV is a fine investment if you wish your entertainment to be as you like it. You can get hold of all the content that you like as per your needs and requirement. Also, the updates are pretty easy. 

Hot And Happening: Do you have a panache for all things hi-tech and luxurious? Well, smart people make the ‘smart choices. Go for the ultra-hot Smart TV and ‘fire-up; your entertainment quotient. It is sleek, smooth, and of course, ‘smart.’ 

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