Sujata Dynamix Mixer Grinder Review

Sujata Dynamix mixer grinder review is here to help the users better understand the appliance and what it promises. To start with, Sujata is not an unknown brand; it is quite a well-known name when it comes to the domestic market. This kitchen appliance and electronics company in India has managed to stay relevant despite the cut-throat competition. Today, the Sujata Mixer Grinders are among the best in the market and can offer some good competition to the best brands.
As for the Sujata dynamix mixer grinder, this is quite a fine product in the Mixer Grinder category. However, let us dive directly into the various specs of the appliance to review it better.

SUJATA Dynamic Mixer Grinder Review

The Various Parts and Attachments of the Product

The package comprises three different jars for various grinding purposes. These are made of stainless steel and Aluminum base. The lids are made of Polycarbonate. As for the motor, it is an impressive 900W powerful machine that can easily grind some of the toughest ingredients instantly. Also, it is quite easy to maintain and quite sturdy.
Included within is the 400 ml Chutney jar that can also be used for dry grinding of Turmeric, masalas, and other chutney preparations.
The 1L dry grinding jar is also included, exclusively for dry grinding purposes. But, it is the 1.5 L Wet grinding jar that is one of the most widely used by the users. One can also use this for basic juice preparations and also the batter for idli and dosa.
As mentioned earlier, the jars are fixed with Polycarbonate lids that also allow the user to keep watch of the process going on. The lock lid feature in the Wet grinding jar makes it a clean and easy-to-handle aspect. The lids also include a rubber gasket that helps place the lid tight enough for the process to occur efficiently. The ergonomic handles on every jar make it possible for easy handling of the product, hence accomplishing all the well-thought features required for easy use. Other aspects of the product include:

  • A gouge of 0.8mm of thickness is featured in the jar, and the blades are 1.2 mm thick.
  • The blades are featured close to the base of the jar; hence uniform and perfect grinding is experienced.
  • Along with the regular blades, the brand also offers chopper and Whisking blades as additional attachments.

The Performance

Sujata dynamix 900-watt reviews need to talk about the performance of the product. With an impressive rotation speed of 21000 RPM, the 900W motor is quite a beast. This allows a swift grinding experience of the product in a few minutes. Not just this, but the best part is that, as one does not have to grind for too long, the flavors and aroma of the various ingredients are retained. This was tested out for Onion and Garlic, and the result was a smooth paste sans the lumps; what’s more, the flavour and the aroma were intact, something that is quite important in Indian cuisine. The same was observed for the Turmeric and other Garam Masala ingredients. Hence, one can rest assured about the dry grinding efficiency of the product. As for the Wet grinding, one can easily prepare some great smoothies and milkshakes; however, the same cannot be said about the Juices.

Speaking about the performance, the Sujata Dynamix can run continuously for 90 minutes. This makes it one of the best options for large amounts of idli and dosa batter preparation. The best part about the motor is that it does not turn ‘hot’ after elongated use. The same cannot be said about the other products in the category where heating up of the base was observed after 30 minutes of continuous operation.
The Flow Separator arrangement is one of the product’s unique features as it ensures the elimination of air bubbles and hence, better grinding. Hence, to ensure good results, the user needs to use the spatula to move about the preparation occasionally during the operation.
With three adjustable settings, one can easily select between low, medium, and high speeds. Also included in the Pulse operation for effective use. This can be used for whipping eggs and cream with the help of the whisking blade.

The Copper winding syncs this product with the ‘safe technology.’ This allows for better performance and heat dissipation, hence better appliance longevity.
Speaking of drawbacks, we need to mention the absence of the overload protector switch. Also, vacuum feet are missing, which most users find quite uncomfortable to deal with. However, one can make do with the minimum amount of vibration and movement of the appliance during operation.
Speaking of the blades, the general blades help grind and mix the product well during operation. The Chopper blade is handy for chopping veggies, and the Whisking blade can easily be used for the preparation of Buttermilk, puree, and egg beating.
As for the noise levels, well, it is quite noisy. With decibels high at 75 to 80, the machine can be a nuance.

The Maintenance

Sujata dynamix review is incomplete without the mention of the maintenance and ease of cleaning. The good news is that this appliance is easy to maintain, and people can continue to use this for years to come. However, the same cannot be said about the blades, as these require maintenance. But, one can easily get replacements, and removal of the blades is simple and easy. 

As for the cleaning, this can easily be done after the simple removal of the blades, gasket, and caps, and then proceed to clean the jars, using regular soap and water, so no brainer there. As for the lids and jars, the absence of any complicated grooves makes them easy for smooth cleaning. For a better cleaning experience, one can simply pour in some dishwashing liquid and water and run the appliance a couple of times; voila, your jars are as good as new. 

As for the base of the jars, these are quite sturdy and strong, as these are made from Aluminum. Nevertheless, peeling-off of White paint has been observed in the case of the product after a couple of years. There are also present some well-placed vents that allow for the heat to escape during operation; hence the issue of overheating is taken care of. 

The Safety Features

As mentioned earlier, this is quite a strong and sturdy product. With minimum to no vibration and movements, this offers good stability. However, the absence of vacuum feet makes this product a bit uncomfortable sometimes. Also absent is overload protection, as with the feature being a common one in most brands, Sujata needs to amp up its game.
The plus side is the presence of the clamps on the side of the wet grinding jars, which have been designed to hold the lid in place. However, the same is absent in smaller jars, but the thick gasket more than makes up for the feature.

Warranty and the After-sales

With the 2-year warranty, one can ensure a great experience. This covers all the components, including the motor. But the plastic parts are not covered by this warranty.
However, the after-sales services are not as great as expected, and there have been complaints of poor service from the manufacturers. This is mainly because the brand does not have too many service centers across India. However, the spare parts are easily available, so one does not have to worry too much. However, the best part is that most of the repair work can be easily done at any service shop in the country.

Sujata Dynamix Mixer Grinder review: The Conclusion

This is all that we need to know about in the Sujata dynamix 900w review. Much like its name, the product is straightforward. One can easily opt for this product with basic applications and high efficiency. It is more than good when taking care of some of the most important food–prep work in the kitchen. Overall, a good product if you are on a budget.