Top Mount Vs Bottom Mount Refrigerator|Which One to Pick?

Top Mount Vs Bottom Mount Refrigerator is a debate most are contemplating as more and more options in refrigerator technology are emerging. With the ease of use growing to become among the top priority for the manufacturers to come up with the latest, it is the user who ends up all the more confused. Nevertheless, we at ATB are in a constant quest to help you make the right choice. Here you will find some of the finest details regarding the two product types and what makes each of them special. So, which is better, Top Mount or Bottom Mount Refrigerator? Let us take a look:

TOP MOUNT REFRIGERATOR vs bottom mount refrigerator
top mount refrigerator

This is the regular traditional design of the refrigerator we have been grown up with. The best part is that all brands across the globe manufacture this particular product type. The width of this machine is 28-32 inches, and the height is 61-66 inches, and the depth is between 28-34 inches. This refrigerator type is most widely preferred due to its versatile price range.

Advantages Of The Top Mount Refrigerator

Let us take a look at some of the major advantages of the top mount refrigerator:

  • Huge storage space. With impressive dimensions, this is the regular go-to option for most people.
  • The lower shelf is easily reachable.
  • This fridge type is generally within most price range.
  • Is Top Mount better than Bottom Mount Refrigerator? Well, when it comes to energy efficiency, it sure is.
  • Frequent freezer use is not an issue in this refrigerator type.
  • Here, the user can select from various colours, styles, designs as the options are innumerable.
  • In this type, the compressor can run even on an inverter.
  • Being frost-free version, you can rest assured of the ice accumulation problems.
  • One can avail the best from either the free-standing or the built-in types.

Disadvantages Of The Top Mount Refrigerator

Let us take a look at some of the main disadvantages of the top mount refrigerator type:

  • Reaching out to fetch the fruits and veggies is a task every time. You have to bend down and search-out your ingredient.
  • The organization options are few and far between in this refrigerator type.

The Bottom Mount Refrigerator

bottom mount refrigerator

As the name suggests, this comprises the freezer at the bottom. Despite the innovative idea, this model type has been making its way steadily into Indian homes lately. Also, the best part is that this model is available in both free-standing and built-in model types. So, is Bottom Mount Refrigerator better than the Top Mount? Well, when it comes to having to bent every time to reach out at the veggie’s section, it sure is a better bet.

As for the meat-lovers, the freezer compartment is of utmost importance. It has to be able to withstand frequent visits and easy access. This is the reason for the growing popularity of the Bottom Mount refrigerator. Now, you will be able to easily reach out for the raw ingredient every time you need to cook up a meal. Also, the tremendous task of sorting out and arranging the various cold-cuts, meats, Chicken, and Fish is easy in the bottom mount refrigerator type. You simply have to sit down and get the task done as comfortably as possible. The users have well-received the design, making tech giants like Whirlpool, LG, Hair, and Samsung follow suit. Nevertheless, one needs to understand that the ‘technology’ remains the same for both the refrigerator types. It is only the compartmentalization that has been changed a bit.

Advantages Of The Bottom Mount Refrigerator

Let us take a look at some of the features that make the Bottom Mount refrigerator a favourable choice:

  • The raw non-vegetarian produce can be easily reached out at the bottom mount type.
  • It has been found that this refrigerator type is more convenient of the two when it comes to overall use.
  • People with less to no freezer use also find this refrigerator type quite useful, as you have all that you need at the ‘standing convenience.’
  • These are no doubt stylish; a must-have for the modern modular kitchen type.
  • There are also certain models in the bottom refrigerator types that comprise special drawers that have their independent temperature settings.

Disadvantages Of The Bottom Mount Refrigerator

Now, let us take a look at some of the not-so-favourable aspects of the bottom mount refrigerator type:

  • This fridge type is undeniably expensive. Owing to its unique features and capacity, this type is more expensive in comparison.
  • These are available in limited model availability.
  • The bottom mount type is less energy efficient in comparison.
  • The compressor featured in this type cannot function in connection with the inverter.

The Difference Between Top Mount And Bottom Mount Refrigerator

Now that we have weighed down all the aspects, features, and set-backs of the two models, let us take a look at the prime differences between the two:




Energy Efficient

Is a better bet

Not as efficient

The Freezer Position

Is better

Not as preferred

Eye-Level Fresh Food Section

Not as good

Is better


Is budget-friendly

Is expensive

Good to Look at

Not as good

Is better looking

Space Saving

Not as good

Is a better bet

More Options

Is better

Not as good

Style Quotient

Not as trendy

Is trendier

Organizing Options

Not as good

Better in offering organizing options

Inverter connection


Not Possible 

Top Mount Vs Bottom Mount Refrigerator : Conclusion

So, dear users, here are the prime difference between Top Mount Vs Bottom Mount Refrigerator. As cooling technology is an ever-growing trend, it is up to the user to select what works the best for them. While energy efficiency is a top priority for most users, style and ease of use are also major areas of concern for some users.

ON A BUDGET: If you are one of those people (which includes most of us), who like to save big, go for the top mount type. This is convenient, inverter compatible, and also helps save big.

STYLE AND SPACE: For the more stylish among you, the Bottom Mount are the best. These look good, offer more space, and are also accessible. Of course, a little bit of a splurge is worth it; after all, style comes with a price tag.