What is Triple Inverter AC? | Advantages & Disadvantages

The Triple Inverter AC is the latest tech trend on the block. While most might shrug it off as yet, another useless feature one can barely understand, nevertheless, this one is something you might want to take a look at. To start with, the Triple Inverter AC is here to help you save huge on the electricity bills at the end of the month. We all know that during the hot Summer months, especially in a country like India, using the Air conditioner can be quite taxing when it comes to electricity consumption. So, what do you do? Well, perhaps the Triple Inverter AC can be your solution. But what is this latest technology all about? Let us take a closer look:


First things first. The Triple Inverter AC helps cool the space 67% faster as compared to the regular Air conditioner types. The best part is that this is done irrespective of the temperature outside; it might be close to 54 degree Celsius, and you can still expect the same kind of functioning from the Triple Inverter AC.
The regular Air Conditioner works on the two rotary systems; however, the Triple Inverter AC utilizes the revolutionary 8-pole triple inverter technology. This is far better than the regular 4 Pole technology. This is because the 4 Pole technology reduces the resulting vibrations, as not much of a torque fluctuation is produced. Thus, the system grows more efficient.

The Advantages Of Triple Inverter AC

Let us take a look at some of the benefits of the Triple Inverter AC:

  • The technology ensures that the system is more efficient as the 8 Pole motor utilized in this is far more efficient than the regular 4-pole, which is a common feature in dual inverter Air Conditioners.
  • As the vibrations are greatly reduced, this allows for a silent operation and more peace due to this particular technology.
  • The compressor’s lifespan is greatly increased, as the torque fluctuations are immensely reduced.
  • With 67% quicker cooling and being able to save up to 69% more on electricity bills, one can expect a good amount of savings.
  • The designs offered on these Air conditioners are some of the best. These tend to suit most interior types.

The Disadvantages Of Triple Inverter AC

Let us now take a look at some of the cons of the Triple Inverter Air conditioner:

  • The cost of repairs on this technology type is much higher.
  • Overall, these Air Conditioner types are quite costly.
  • The services, spare parts, and repairs for this technology type are quite a task to manage.

Triple Inverter AC: The Conclusion

So there you have it, friends; these are a few aspects when wondering what Triple Inverter AC is all about. This might be new technology; nevertheless, it is here to stay. As the Triple Inverter AC offers more savings and faster cooling, it is sure to suit Indian Summers. Some of the top brands offering this latest technology are Samsung, Nokia, and Haier, among others.

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