Type of AC filters in 2022 & How They Work?

Type of AC filters can greatly influence the quality of the indoor air you breathe. Most of us do not bother with the filters are fixed into our Air conditioners. But this goes a long way in ensuring our overall health. Most might believe the AC filters to be nothing but a piece of ‘rag on wires and plastics’ that came along with the main device. But only a very few of us understand the importance and application of a clean and hygienic filter in our AC’s. This is the main barrier of sorts that can stop germs, particles, and other harmful elements from entering your home. 

type of AC Filters

Before we jump onto the main workings of the AC filters, it is essential to understand how they are structured and made. The main fibre of the filter is a porous structure that is designed to block the entry of harmful particles. As a result, the importance of the AC filters is a major aspect to one’s health as it protects your indoor environment from harmful pollutants and more. Made from exclusive ‘fibreglass’ fabrics, some of the particles that are blocked via AC filters are :

  • Dead skin ( yes, these do exists)
  • Fur
  • Pollen
  • Mold
  • Pollutant particles

So, now you know just how important to know more about the types of filters used in airconditioning. Without any further delay, let us take a look at some of the major types of AC filters:

HEPA Filters

HEPA or High-Efficiency Air Filters can efficiently remove about 99.9 % of pollutants from the incoming air. These are vouched to be one of the best out there by the US Department of Health and are much recommended. The best part is that the HEPA filters can effectively remove microbes as small as 0.3 microns.

  • Is highly efficient in effectively removing harmful particles from home.
  • Is cost-effective
  • Can eliminate the fur
  • Needs yearly changing
  • Cannot remove the odours, fumes, and gasses
  • Can wear out due to heavy-duty

UV Filters

Much as the name suggests, these filters utilize UV rays to eliminate the bacteria and viruses from the air. This functions as the particles enter the HVAC unit, and the UV lamps function to eliminate the harmful pollutants. This is the reason why the UV filter is best known for killing allergens, microbes, viruses, and Bacteria.

  • These are the best when it comes to eliminating the virus and bacteria
  • Is recommended for dealing with respiratory issues
  • The UV filters can convert the Oxygen into Ozone, which is hazardous to health
  • Cannot screen against dust
  • Are expensive

Electrostatic Filter

This is a simple yet genius filter type that comprises Cotton and paper fibres to attract dust and particle. These ac filters working depends upon the Static force that acts as a magnet to attract the airborne substances. This makes it the perfect choice to get rid of allergens. 

  • Is one of the most budget-friendly options out there
  • No need for replacements
  • Helps improve indoor air quality
  • Not successful in filtering out the larger particles

Washable Filter

These are the washable filter type that is eco-friendly and also great on your pockets, in the long run. Though an initial investment, these go on to ensure you do not have to shell out on any further investments and replacements. However, one must bear in mind that maintenance is the key to be able to use this filter type. Drying after washing is a major aspect of being able to use washable filters.

  • Needs to be bought just once
  • Helps reduce waste
  • Is high on cleaning and maintenance

Media Filters

The working of ac filters of this type is devoid of any side effects or static pressures. Having large surface areas offer better filtration options, thus is proved to be more efficient. The best part is that the filtrates are ‘trapped in the filter’ and are not allowed to re-circulate in the airflow.

  • Low maintenance
  • Increased surface area
  • Trap the pollutants
  • Need professional assistance to install

Spun Glass filters

The function of ac filters of this type is to filter out the pollutant in the most efficient manner possible. This is why its popularity makes it one of the most sought-after filters of them all. The Spun glass filters are also cost-effective but can only filter out dust and allergens. 

  • These are perhaps the most cost-effective of them all
  • Can capture lint and dust
  • Cannot filter out the smaller filtrates
  • Have a smaller surface area

Pleated Filters

These are made of Polyester fabrics, or Cotton folds are used to make the Pleated filter. However, these are low on air filtration and offer less resistance to smaller pollutants. But it is the presence of the pleats in this filter type that offers to increase the resulting surface area. The best part is that this filter type is available in both reusable and disposable types. Also, bear in mind that this filter type causes your AC to work a notch higher.

  • Is great to catch up and trap the debris in the air
  • Are the long-lasting options
  • Can be recycled
  • These are expensive as compared to the others with equal or better efficiency
  • Can lead to bigger electricity bills

Type of AC Filters: The Conclusion

So, here we are with the different types of ac filters that you can get hold of to enhance your overall health care. While most of us might believe the filter to be ‘just another’ attachment, nevertheless, these are perhaps ‘THE’ most important part of your AC and well-being.