7 Types Of Mixer Grinder Blades [2022]

Types of Mixer Grinder Blades and the knowledge about each of them go a long way in ensuring you have a highly efficient experience utilizing the machine. Most times, the Mixer-Grinder, or lovingly called the ‘Mixie’ in most Indian homes, is a neglected piece of ‘metal’ that does the job for you. But, if only you could give it the attention it deserves, you’d be surprised with the results it offers in return. While the idea of the machine is to ease the workload for the user, nevertheless, most times, the users are unaware of the right manner in which to ‘best utilize’ the machine the right way.

Coming back to our beloved ‘Mixie,’ we are too familiar with the machine. This comprises a set of jars set up of varying sizes that are powered by a motor within. Likewise, these also include various kinds of blades that are designed in a specific manner for particular functions. So, what are the different types of mixer grinder blades? Well, here is a comprehensive guide for you to follow:


The different types of Mixer Grinder blades are:

1. The Dry Grinder Blade

You might have easily missed out on this one. But, this can be of great help when dry-grinding ingredients into powdered forms. The main characteristic design of this blade type is that it is a ‘Blunt’ on the front and comprises two arms only. However, one need not be misled by the ‘innocent-looking design, as the Dry Grinder blade can easily chop and grind tough dry spices like Turmeric, Cloves, Coriander, and Black Pepper, among others.
Now, as the Indians cannot live without their spices, you can imagine the kind of importance this particular blade type has for Indian cuisine. What’s more, you can also use this very blade to grind up the coarse sugar into finer forms to be used for various dessert preparations.

2. The Wet Grinder Blade

As the name suggests, this is used for the preparation of the water-based Masalaa we require for our Indian curries. This is perhaps one of the most important fixtures in Indian homes as it is widely used. The Wet Grinder blade comprises Three or Four arms and comprises fine, sharp-edged blades.
These blades are fixed within 1L jars, 1.5 L in size, as these are used for wet grinding. The wet grinder blades and jar are used for the batter preparation for dosa, Idli, Vada, and more.

3. The Chutney Grinder Blade

Yet another great fixture in most Indian homes is the Chutney blade and jar. Chutney is a major addition to most Indian cuisines because we love our spices and spicy foods. However, this required special lades and appropriately sized jars that can grind the Chutney to the required form and consistency.
The Chutney blade is a ‘hybrid’ version of both the Wet and the Dry blade, as it is required to mimic the ‘mortar Pestle’ function of being able to prepare the Chutney. The Chutney blade comprises two arms and is accompanied by jars sized from 0.3 L to 0.6 L.
One can easily prepare Coconut Chutney, Coriander Chutney, Ginger Garlic paste, and more.

4. The Juicer Blade

As the name suggests, this is the blade responsible for the Juice-preparations. But, since Indian cuisine and eating habits are widely devoid of the concept of ‘Juice consumption,’ this particular blade remains neglected.
This is the Four-armed blade that is dull and does not have any sharp edges. These are accompanied by jar sizes of 1L to 2L. These are meant to function as the act of juicing the ingredient accompanied by a large number of grating actions as well.

5. The Blender Blade

This is yet another mixer grinder blade type and is used to blend various food ingredients. In fact, for a seasoned cook, this is one of the most efficient blade types. It can be used for fruit juice preparations, preparing smoothies, milkshakes, Ice cream, and other Drink preparations. So, if you are one of those, who love to indulge in a great number of beverage preparations, then this is the blade type to watch out for.

6. The Mincer Blade

The Mincer blade is used for various meat processing purposes like Keema and others. This is used for mincing the meat product into finer textures and sizes. These blades are characterized by sharp edges to tear down the meat portions into smaller ones. The best part about the Mincer blades is that Mincer blades can be used to grind ice also into finer form. This particular blade type is one of the most sturdy of the lot and hardly seems to wear off when the other blade types have weathered off.

7. The Whipper Blades

This is more of an attachment than a blade and is used to blend Cream and other semi-solid forms of ingredients. This is the ‘blade type’ that you need to get hold of if you need to blend Milk, Cheese, butter, or anything similar. This attachment is designed like a circular plate and comprises holes on the surface. This attachment type is unique, and a few selective brands include this in their product models.

Types of Mixer Grinder Blades : Conclusion

So, there you have it, people. These are the various types of blades in a mixer grinder and their specific purposes. Our much-loved ‘Mixie’ is more than just a kitchen appliance; it is an important member of the family and offers an unappreciated hand in everyday ‘masala-making’ chores. However, it is essential to ‘educate’ yourself about the product’s various parts, jars, and attachments to be able to make the most of this machine.

Also, when selecting a particular Mixer-Grinder, one needs to bear in mind the make, manufacturer, brand, and size accordingly.