Types of Trimmers- How To Pick The Right One Types of Trimmers?

The Types of Trimmers and making the right selection for the same can be challenging for most gentlemen. But, ensuring that you end up with the right one is just as important as picking the right wife! Well, after all, you do not want to be stuck with regret and pain just because ‘no one told you so.’ So, how do you get it right? Well, you simply follow a few know-how, do’s, and don’ts to be able to pick out the perfect one:

Types of Trimmers

There are available different types in the trimmer, and the knowledge of the same is just as important. Why so? Well, simply because your body comprises differently textured hair. This requires you to be able to acquire the right kind of trimmer type to be able to eliminate them effectively. So, here are the various types of hair trimmers according to the area of concern:

The Hair Trimmer

This is the more ‘general trimmer type’ and can be used at all or any part of the body. However, one must beware that it is not recommended to use the hair trimmer on your face, as it is not designed for facial hair removal. 

What makes it special: is the versatility the hair trimmer of this type offers. You have a wide selection of hair length options to choose from, and hence, you can easily select the hair length type, adjust the speed accordingly and get your job done. 

The Beard Trimmer

This is among the most common types of hair trimmer and is also one of the most sought after. As the name suggests, the beard trimmer is responsible for trimmer the beard of an individual with swiftness and ease. The beard trimmer can be easily used on the facial hair, the chin area, and also the neck. 

What Makes it Special: Well, the fact that you can ‘tame your beard’ into the style that suits you the best. The best part is that you can easily adjust the settings to the hair length you wish to get rid of. However, it is best to avoid using this trimmer type anywhere else on your body, as it might do worse than good!

Ear and Nose Trimmer

This is yet another category among the different types of hair trimmers. Once again, as the name suggests, it is to take care of the extra growth in your nose and ears. 

What makes it Special: These are specially designed to be able to eliminate the hair from within the nose and ears, which are some of the most sensitive parts of our body. Hence, the Ear and Nose trimmer comprise specially designed features that help in the removal of hair from these delicate parts without causing pain. However, you can use this trimmer type over your eyebrows as well, in case you are the ‘metrosexual’ man who likes to keep ‘it all tamed and clean.’ 

Ultra-Sensitive Trimmer

When wondering about what are the type of trimmers, one often overlooks this type. But, hey, the makers have kept in mind that the body’s most delicate areas require the right kind of attention. 

What makes it Special: It is specially crafted to be able to remove hair from sensitive areas like armpits, Pubic area, and the Bikini line. It is a major no-no to use any other trimmer type on these areas, as it can cause major cuts and injuries. However, one must bear in mind that you cannot use this trimmer on any other body part as it will not be effective enough and can damage both the device and the area of concern. 

Trimmer And The Beard Trimmer: Are They The Same?

Both these types of trimmers appear to be the same; however, these are not meant to be ‘swapped in use.’ The main reason is:

  • The size of the blades is different in both the trimmer types.
  • The Attachment types are different in both the trimmer types.
  • The beard trimmer is meant to offer precision; hence, the blades are thin and cannot be used elsewhere.
  • The beard trimmer is not designed to be used on long thick hair types.
  • The hair trimmer is best suited for a smooth and clean look.
  • The beard trimmer is suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Trimmer And Razor: What Is The Difference?

Though they are the same dint you? They are quite different and should not be confused with each other. Here are a few facts about each of them:

  • The Trimmer can be used on specific hair lengths of up to 1mm.
  • The razor is used to offer a clean shave look as required by a few individuals.
  • The razor is the more traditional type of grooming tool which is widely used across the world for hair removal.

Types of Trimmers: The Conclusion

Well, there you have it, boys. All you need to know about all types of trimmers and what makes them special. Be sure to know what you are aiming for (quite literally) before you decide on the type. The grooming technology has come a long way, and you have all the suitable options to choose from. So, be sure to do your own learning and study’ before you decide upon what trimmer or razor you require. Remember, the main aspect of hair removal is safety and cleanliness. Hence hygiene should be kept in mind when making the proper selection. Also, as you need to look stylish as well, be sure to opt for the right kind of tool in doing so.