Washing Machine Drum Types in 2022-Which is Better?

The washing machine drum types is hardly something we wonder about when considering a washing machine. One can safely believe that the washing machine drum is often eclipsed with more importance given to the machine type, technology involved, and the brand. But did you know that the Machine drum type greatly affects the way your clothes come out at the end of the wash cycle? However, with the advent of technology over the horizons of comfort and options, the top brands are offering a great importance to the make and the type of the drum. So, let us take a sneak peek into the types of washing machine drums and what makes them special:

washing machine drum types

1. The Diamond Drum

This is the special drum-type manufactured and promoted by Samsung. This comprises holes that are 25% smaller as compared to the regulars. Also, the namesake arises from the diamond-shaped engraves where the holes are settled into. This ensures protection from damage by preventing the fabrics from sticking out. Along with the washboard surface, this drum type ensures that the textiles are offered a gentler form of washing and offer a safe wash of up to 34%.

The Advantages of the Diamond Drum Type

  • No entangling of the clothes.
  • Less damage due to wash.
  • Suitable for all fabric types.
  • Has a gentle spin cycle.

2. The Turbo Drum

This is a premium drum-type from the brand house of LG and comprises two drums rotating together. This ensures that there is no entangling of the clothes as they get washed. In the case of the Turbo drum, its direction is opposite to that of the Pulsator that enhancing the washing experience. Thus the overall wash experience is great considering the lifespan and the condition of your clothes during washing.

The Advantages Of the Turbo Drum

  • A complete wash experience is achieved as the Pulsator and the drum rotate in the opposite directions.
  • Also, a great deal of entangling of the clothes is prevented in this drum type.

3. The Crescent Moon Drum Type

This drum type has been manufactured by IFB and comprises of the ‘Crescent shaped’ casts all over on the insides of the drum. The purpose of the cast is to protect the clothes from hitting on the walls of the drum. This comes quite in handy, especially during the tumbling process. The unique aspect of this drum type is that it also changes the direction of the water flow, forming a ‘Swoosh pattern’ that provides cushion-type protection for the clothes. Overall, this is among the best type of washing machine drums, as it helps enhance the overall condition of your clothes.

The Advantages of the Crescent Moon Drum type

  • Gentle wash experience.
  • Safe wash experience without causing much damage to the fabric of the clothes.
  • No entangling of the clothes.

4. The Stainless Steel Drum Type

Though expensive but worth your hard-earned money. These are sturdy and last longer as compared to the usual plastic types. Also, it has been found that the Stainless Steel type drums offer better wash experiences in comparison to the other types. Not just that, but the Stainless steel drums, unlike the Plastic ones, do not attract bacteria and germs into them. Lastly, the stainless steel drums are far easier to clean and maintain as compared to the other types.

Advantages of the Stainless Steel Drums

  •  Is a long-lasting option in comparison to the others.
  • Is easy to maintain.
  • Do not wear off with use.

5. The Vario Soft Drum

Nothing beats the tech-giant Bosch when it comes to attention to details to get to the next-level innovation. Likewise, the Vario Soft Drum comprises of unique water drop design that is ‘scatter arranged on the inner side of the drum. This is to ensure that the water flows in a bumpy manner to offer better wash results. Also, the clothes are prevented from being pushed against the walls of the drum, thus helping retain the overall condition of the clothes. The Vario Soft Drum is also available in slight variations. The protrusion is also available in different shapes and sizes, all to protect the clothes from severe damage as a result of the wash cycles.
This works by the drum spinning in a particular direction and having the flat side of the paddle move at the opposite angle. This also occurs in the opposite direction of the drum movement, with the steep side of the paddle offering more rigorous results.

The Advantages of the Vario Soft Drum

  • This type enhances the wash experience, thus offering a better cleaning experience.
  • The clothes are not rubbed onto the walls of the drum.

6. The Wave Drum Types

This drum type was introduced by Seimens and is quite like the Vario Soft Drum from Bosch. This drum type also comprises wave paddles that are quite similar to those present in the Bosch washing machine. Hence, once again, this drum type offers wonderful wash results.

The Advantages of the Wave Drum Types

  • Efficient wash results.
  • Protects the quality and the condition of the cloth.

Washing Machine Drum Types: The Conclusion

As you see, there are various drum types available to choose from. One must always be able to understand the feature and function of each drum type and what suits your needs. Also, one must understand that drums also need to be replaced and maintained.
Usually, a drum has a lifespan of about six years or more. Beware that the plastic drums have moulds developed all over them if not checked. If the condition does not improve, you will need to replace the drum. Finally, there is no denying that the steel drums survive longer and are stronger as compared to the Plastic ones. Hence, it is advisable to opt for the stainless steel drum washing machine and enjoy many years of blissful wash cycles yet to come.