Washing Machine Power Consumption Calculator [2022]

Washing Machine Power Consumption Calculator can give the individual a perfect idea of how much electricity consumption is taking place by the appliance. While most might not notice much, there are environment-conscious, budget-conscious individuals for whom it is necessary to know exactly how much electricity an appliance consumes. Not just that, but as responsible individuals of society, we must have a certain ”control” over how much electricity our homes take up every time a switch is turned ON somewhere.

Coming back to how many watts does a washing machine consume? Well, this can be done simply with the help of an automatic calculator.


The power consumption can be done by simply entering the required field below with the appropriate data as per your area, Units, and currency:

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How To Use The Power Consumption Calculator For Washing Machine:

The power calculator can be used by understanding the following:

The Rated Power of the Washing Machine: This can be easily retrieved from a sticker pasted at the back of the machine. If you have somehow missed out on this data, you can still find it on the carton the product came in or the manual that arrives with the machine.

The Usage of the Machine: This is one of the major aspects of considerations, as the power consumption entirely depends upon the kind of usage your washing machine undergoes. Some homes use the machine daily, while others use it only two or three times per week.

The Tariff in Your Area: Where you reside greatly impacts the electricity consumption of your electric appliances. This information can be easily found on the power distribution company’s website.

How to Decipher the Output?

Once you have entered the required data, the output of the calculation can be inferred as follows:

  • The daily electricity consumption of the washing machine in kWh or units.
  • The monthly power consumption in kWh.
  • The annual power consumption in kWh.
  • The contribution of the electricity bill to your total monthly electricity bill.

Tips on How to Save Power When Using the Washing Machine

Most times, we are not responsible for the power consumption and the resulting wastage when we run an electric appliance. However, it is very much possible to offer some kind of control over the rate at which you run your appliances. As for the washing machine, here are a few ways in which to minimize electricity consumption regularly:

  • It is recommended to ensure that the load you pile into the washing machine does not exceed its stated limit. While most of our machines come with sensors that can easily ”detect” the weight of the wash at the time, nevertheless, it is advisable to ensure that you keep it within safe limits. As most of the latest models comprise pre-set detergent and water quantities, it is still our responsibility to ensure that we use these resources with responsibility.
  • Did you know that the heating element in the washing machine leads to a spike in electricity consumption? However, if you must, it is advisable to opt for the model that has a separate inlet and outlet for cold and hot water. This greatly helps in reducing the electric consumption of the inbuilt heater that the appliances will have.
  • Despite the initial costs, inverter-based washing machines are always better than non-inverter models.
  • There are simple and small habits of maintenance of the washing machine that go a long way in ensuring that the machine’s efficiency is maintained. Aspects such as cleaning the wash drum, keeping a check on the inlet pressure of the pipes, and removing the clogs from the drain pipes, can go a long way in ensuring the smooth running of the washing machine.
  • It is advisable to opt for the ”Star rating” of the electronic appliance, as this directly showcases the appliance’s energy efficiency. Ratings start with a minimum of ”One Star,” and up to the maximum of ”, 5 starts”. Hence the more stars your appliance has, the better its energy-saving efficiency.
  • Do not run the machine on a small load or partially fill. It is advisable to ensure that you load the machine to its requisite capacity and run in the shortest cycle.
  • Another great tip we foresee most times is that you need to unplug the appliance when not in use. Did you know that the machine continues to utilize 5 to 10 W of electricity when not in use but plugged in?
  • More the number of cycles, the larger the electricity consumption of the washing machine; hence it is advisable to run small or fewer cycles at a time.

Manual calculation of the Power consumption of a Washing Machine:

While the automatic calculator might be of great help, one must also be able to manually calculate the power consumption. For this, we can make use of the following formulae:

[ kWh = Wattage x operating hour / 1000 ]


As for the monthly consumption, one can do so by:

[ kWh = Wattage x operating hour / 1000.]


For the yearly consumption, one can do so by: 


[kWh Monthly = 365 x Wattage x operating hour / 1000.]


Mixer Grinder Power Consumption Calculator: The Conclusion

So, there you have it, friends; these are some tips, tricks, and methods for calculating the power consumption of a washing machine. Hence, it is advisable to ensure that you run your little research when purchasing an electric appliance.