What is 8K TV? Simply Explained!!

8k Televisions (TV) is what brings all the difference to the television viewing experience. For the lovers of ‘image’ and vision, the 8K television is the ‘it thing. But before we turn into the details, let us take a look at what the ‘8K television’ means in technical terms. 8K TV comprises 7,680 horizontal and 4,320 vertical pixels, giving a total of 33 million pixels. As for the ‘K’in the terminology, it is for the ‘Kilo’ or 1000. This means that the television has acquired a horizontal resolution of 8000 pixels.

8k Televsision(TV)

8K is the highest resolution in television and falls within the group of Ultra High Definition television. It comprises four times more pixels as compared to the 4K TV and displays sharper and more detailed images. The results are fine mainly because the 8K pixels are so tiny that they are almost indistinguishable even from close up. This way, the images are all the more realistic. The resolution of the 8K TV is four times better than the UHD TV and 16 times better than the full HD TV. The 8K pixels comprise more pixels that make up the entire screen, as these are more densely packed. Thus, the images appear more sophisticated and ‘real.’ The term Pixel Per Inch or PPI is used to describe the total number of Pixels in a certain area. So, the higher the PPI value, the higher is the Pixel Density, with a minimum of 50 PPI to enjoy all types of content, like in that of some 8k UHD TV.

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What Makes 8K Resolution So Special?

The unique aspect about the 8K television is that all of these, irrespective of the brands, features Upscaling technology. It was in the year 2019 that the Samsung 8k Qled TV was introduced. This comprised of the 8K AI upscaling technology. This technology comprises the technology that utilizes a method to collect a large variety of content as per type and then store them in the database. Later, the technology utilizes the database to process similar images over again when required, thus, ‘upscaling them’ in the process. 

Why 8K Technology Matters Today?

Be it the LG 8k OLED tv or any other tv brand. The technology has caught the fancy of various brands and manufacturers alike. The ‘state-of-art display panel technology, exclusive picture quality, and semiconductor technology offer the 8k the ‘edge.’ This has caused some top brands to apply technology to their products. The increasing demands have led to the emergence of some of the ‘cheapest 8k tv’. As for the trend, it is very much here to stay and is the future of viewing. However, the current concern is about the ‘content’ being shot on 8K. This implies that more and more streaming, broadcasting, and physical media need to be shot in 8K. This includes systematic distribution in the 8K format for the technology to ‘succeed.’ However, there have been a few significant bodies of work done by the BBC and NHK in the 8K format. But, according to the analysts, there is a future for the 8K format in the next few years. The expert’s forecasts see significant streaming services in 8K format from Amazon, Apple TV+, Netflix+, and Disney+. There are also talks of the launch of the 8K-compatible physical media, namely the 8k optical discs or the solid-state media. 

The 8K Standard

The standard for the 8K television or any other television for that matter is ‘set’ by the 8K Association or the 8KA. This is a body that works to manage the workings and the development of the 8K ecosystem. The 8KA has outlined some of the more specific public specs for the 8K TV to look and appear like. This includes 7,680 x 4,320-pixel resolution, the input frame rates of 60p, 30p, and 24p, more than 600 nits peak brightness, the HEVC support, HDMI 2.1, among others. The 8KA offers a certified logo to mark out the 8K TVs that qualify a certain standard. This includes an 8k Samsung tv price within a reasonable bracket and 22 other companies included. 

Likewise, the LG 8k TV, or LG for that matter, has merged with the Consumer Technology Association to standardize the technology. Cheekily, LG has come up with the eyecatching and though evoking by-line of ‘Real 8K’ for its product, implying everything else might not be.  

Others joining the bandwagon are Sony, with the launch of the Sony 8k tv price at reasonable brackets. Its flagship, the ‘Z line,’ utilizes the all-exclusive full-array LED lighting. It is much like the LG 8k OLED tv from its signature ZX range, making it a bit heavier on the pockets. 

Other brands to watch out for are Toshiba, TCL, and Hisense. 

8K Televisions (TV): FAQs

Yes, 8K TV is four times better than its 4K counterpart.

You can wait for a couple of years for the heavy price tag to ‘lighten up a bit

Samsung’s QA82Q900RBKXXL is the cheapest 8K Television (TV) yet. 

Yes, a few contents have been shot and streamed on the platform.

Yes, 8K TV is four times better than its 4K counterpart.

Yes, the latest PS5 supports the latest 8K technology.

The console can output the 8K 60 FPS across the HDMI 2.1 port. This essentially implies that the 8k content of the future can be ‘applied’ on the PS5. For this, you will have to:

    • Click open the ‘PS5 settings’ on the top-right corner located on the dashboard.
    • Now select Screen and Video.
    • Click on Select resolution under Video Output.
    • Now, change the settings to 2160p from Automatic

8K Televisions(TV): The Conclusion

8K Televisions are the future of TV viewing and are here to stay. However, one might want to wait a while before you purchase the brand-new technology. Brand, Price, and other such details should be considered before one finally decides on what 8K TV to get home. However, for now, you can easily plunge on your 4K Tv; it is nearly as good. 

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